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Aquatec Bath Lift: Features, Specs and Pros & Cons

By Maurice

Aquatec Bath Lift

Finding an affordable and reliable bathtub lift can be challenging as there are many options available but not all of them are made of quality materials. The Aquatec Bath Lift is a good choice though, and it is a popular product used by thousands of satisfied customers.

Because this lift’s backrest remains in an upright position until it is completely lowered and will only then recline, it’s ideal for people who need back support when they bathe.

The suction cups that come with this product will help ensure that it remains securely in place and avoid slipping while used. Also, the suction cups are self-releasing so they won’t be difficult to remove.

The non-slip mat adds to the overall safety of this bathtub lift, this mesh-like cover is easy to keep clean. It lowers to 2.5 inches above the floor of the tub and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Many people are scared that they’d get stuck when their bathtub lift runs out of battery power, but this model has a safety feature that makes sure the lift won’t lower if there isn’t enough power to raise it again.

If you’re looking for a bathtub lift that is sturdy and strong but also easy to use, you’ll love the Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift.

Features of Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift

This is a robust, well-made, safe, comfortable, and reliable bathtub lift that can easily support up to 300 lbs with ease. It is able to rise high enough to make getting into the tub very easy and goes low enough for a nice and highly comfortable bathing experience. The Aquatec can go down to 2.5 inches above the surface of your tub.

There are several safety features that make this a really good bathtub lift. The mesh-like material helps to prevent slipping and accidents during your bath time. Also, the suction cup feet keep the lift securely in place.

Once the lift has been lowered, the backrest is able to recline up to 40 degrees. That means you can wash your hair or relax in the bath without worrying about safety.

Something that really stands out about this bathtub lift is that it has a safety measure in place that will prevent it from lowering if there isn’t enough battery power to raise it back up. As such, there’s no need to stress about getting stuck.

The controller is also designed to be safe and is waterproof and will float should it fall into the water. However, there is no charge level indicator to show how much longer the battery has to be charged until it is full. This means you may have to guess when it's done, or do some online searching to determine how long the battery has to charge until it's at full power again.

Lowering and raising the lift are done smoothly and without much effort from the user, so it's a good lift for folks who live alone. It lowers down to 2.5 inches from the surface of the tub, so you get a full bathing experience.

While being a great bathtub lift, this model might not be suitable for bigger bathtubs, unfortunately. Still, it's a really good option for smaller and medium-sized tubs.

Specs of Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift


15 x 19 x 24 inches

Chair Height (Back)

26 inches

Base Width

11 inches

Weight Capacity

300 lbs

Backrest Recline

40 degrees





Grey and blue

Pros & Cons of Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift

Although the Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift is well-designed, it is still not completely perfect and comes with a drawback amongst the many benefits.


  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Reliable and safe design
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth lowering and raising action
  • Controller will float
  • Reclining backrest


  • Not suitable for very big bathtubs

Who the Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift is Best for

This is the perfect bathtub lift for people who need a combination of comfort and practicality. The ergonomic design and easy-to-use controller ensure a worry-free and relaxing bathing experience, and the sturdy frame will keep you secure and safe at all times.

One Competitor Product to Consider: Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

Should you not want to use the Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift, you can always consider the Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift. This lift has a higher weight capacity of 375 lbs, making it a bit better than the Aquatec in that regard. It is battery-powered and easy to install and use as well.

The recline and height functions make this a comfortable and efficient bathtub lift ideal for all kinds of users, regardless of their reason for needing it. This lift also has a safety feature that won’t allow it to lower if the battery doesn’t have enough power to raise it up again once you’re done bathing.


Overall, the ease of use and safety features of this bathtub lift make it a really good option. It can be used by most people quite easily, and its ergonomic design ensures that users are as safe and comfortable as possible while bathing. The weight capacity makes it available to more people, and the sturdy frame means it's not going to break within the first few months of use. 

Aquatec R Bath Lift, Battery-Powered Bathtub Chair with Reclining Back, Safe & Independent Bathing

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Also, because the controller is waterproof and can float in water, there's no risk of discomfort or safety issues should it fall while you bathe.

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