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Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift: Features, Specs, and Pros & Cons

By Maurice

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

The Archimedes Bath Lift combines affordability, comfort, convenience, and safety. Easy to assemble, operate, charge, clean, and transport, this bath lift provides lumbar support, lowers nearly to the bottom of the tub, and has a solid, waterproof remote that never requires a change of batteries.

Product Features of Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Combining value and practicality, the Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift offers a great alternative for those with limited mobility who want a unit that easily operates with a durable, waterproof hand control unit and can be quickly disassembled into three pieces for travel elsewhere or for storage when not immediately needed. With four firmly gripping and quick release suction cups to brace the bath lift's base, this unit provides individuals a relaxing experience while in the bath.

One great feature of the Mangar Archimedes is its ease of placement in the bathtub. Inspect the tub surface areas where the suction cups will sit to make sure the areas are free of residue or bath oils. The suction cups may not anchor on some non-slip surfaces, so check the grip after moistening the suction cups and placing the unit near the tub's back slope. If placed in this area, the unit should offer sufficient leg room for most users.

Once firmly installed, the Mangar Archimedes offers a safe, easy-to-use bathing unit. The suction cups prevent this bath lift from sliding while in use, and an emergency stop button allows the unit to halt if necessary. A safety detector prevents use of the unit for lowering into a tub unless the lift has enough charge to lift again, so the bather does not find themselves getting stuck in the tub. An anti-pinch design on the bath flaps helps to minimize the risk of the user's skin getting trapped between the flaps and seat while moving one way or the other.

The comfortable features available when using the Archimedes will please nearly all users. From its simple-to-fit design to its waterproof remote control, the bathing experience will be an ease from beginning to end. Once on the chair, the bather can lower the seat to within a few inches of the tub's bottom.

The supportive steel base can handle up to 364 pounds, yet the entire unit weighs only 22 pounds. Those who may have struggled in the past while trying to bathe will appreciate the convenience that the Archimedes offers them with a sturdy backrest and lumbar support not found in low- or no-back models.

Cleaning the Archimedes is easy. Simply apply nonabrasive cleaners. Regular cleaning maintains the unit's durability, and is most effective when the base and seat sections are separated. Disinfect as necessary with antibacterial cleaners to maintain a sterile, clean seat.

Product Specifications of Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Maximum user weight

364 lbs (165 kg)

Minimum height

2.5" (8 cm)

Maximum height

17" (45 cm)

Back/headrest length

26" (66.5 cm)

Total product weight

22 lbs (10 kg)

The product usually arrives with three distinct parts, along with the user guide: the bath lift, a hand control, and a battery charger. For convenient storage and transport, the bath lift has the ability to separate into three sections: the seat and base sections, and the actuator.

The hand control comes in a sealed unit with a rechargeable, non-changing battery. An indicator light with green, flashing green, and red displays visible when pressing the 'down' or 'up' button lets the user know whether the controller is ready to use, needs to be charged soon, or requires charging before use.

In addition to the manufacturer, there are other vendors that serve as a source for replacement products.

Pros & Cons of the Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift 


  • Easy to fit in most tubs
  • Fully waterproof hand control
  • No electric cables need to be near water
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Unit will not lower unless it has a sufficient charge to raise
  • Suction cups allow for easy removal of the unit


  • Relatively thin plastic seat may not offer support for certain users
  • Those with stability/steadiness issues may want to consider another product
  • Be sure to confirm bathtub dimensions
  • Chair base may be too heavy for the physically infirm to lift

Best Fit for Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift 

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

Functional and easy to operate, the Archimedes lift works for a variety of individuals who may encounter or experience mobility or disability challenges. The ease of removal, disassembly, and reassembly allow for the storage of this unit or use while traveling to locations that may not have facilities for those who require extra support or assistance while bathing.

With the Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift, an individual may maintain their comfort and dignity while using an affordable lowering and lifting device that costs less than redesigning their bathroom. Crafted for long-term use, this durable and lightweight bath lift from Mangar serves those who have experienced difficulty using their bathtub, especially those wanting or needing extra back support.

An Alternative to Consider

The Manger Bathing Cushion Bathtub Lift is another portable and lightweight option worth considering. Able to handle up to 336 pounds, the inflatable cushions in this unit allow the bather to adjust the air pressure to ensure maximum comfort and a natural bathing experience. Greater independence is provided since the bather can enjoy the entire length and depth of the tub, inflating and deflating as they choose.

Mangar Bathing Cushion Bath Lift

Similar to the Archimedes lift, the Bathing Cushion model is an economical alternative that offers a cost-effective way to enjoy a safe bathing experience without the need to remodel the bathroom. This product also has the same safety feature with a cable-free, battery-powered control that prevents use to lower into the tub unless sufficient charge remains for the unit to lift to its upright position. The Bathing Cushion is an excellent alternative for those who want to lie down on the bottom of the tub on a comfortable and easy-to-move unit.

Closing Thoughts

A safe choice and amazing value, the Archimedes lift works perfectly in most settings.


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