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Molly Bather Bath Lift: Features, Specs, and Pros & Cons

By Maurice

Molly Bather Bath Lift

The Molly Bather is a unique bath lift designed to offer the support you need without taking up too much tub space. In this review, we cover everything you need to know about the Molly Bather Bath Lift to make an informed buying decision.

Overview of the Molly Bather Bath Lift

Like many traditional bath lifts, the Molly Bather will gently lower you into or lift you out of the tub, all with the push of a button.

But unlike bulky bath lifts that take up half of your tub space, the Molly Bather is designed to allow you to enjoy the full length, width, and even depth that your bathtub has to offer.

The Molly Bather’s motor sits on the outside of your tub to allow you more space in the tub's interior. The motor is also topped with a soft seat cushion to make it easier to transition onto and off of the belt lift. You'll also receive a sturdy handrail and belt-lift attachment to mount on the wall on the opposite side of your tub.

To use the Molly Bather, simply run the flexible belt lift from the motor on one side of the tub to the wall-mounted attachment slot on the other. Then, position the padded slip cushion atop the belt, take a seat, and use the waterproof remote control to lower you all the way to the bottom of the tub.

Unlike larger bath lifts, the Molly Bather is backless, which allows you to enjoy utilizing the full length of your tub to recline and relax.

Best of all, anyone you share your home with can still use your tub without the Molly Bather. The lift belt can be easily unclipped and rolled up for storage until you’re ready to use it again.

Features of Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift

Each Molly Bather Bath Lift is hand-crafted by a small family-run business based in England. But don't worry if you're not based in the UK, because the Molly Bather is also available for sale in North America and Australia.

Let's take a closer look at the unique features that combine to make the Molly Bather one of the most unique bath lifts on the market.

Full Soak Design

The Molly Bather lowers and lifts you into and out of the tub on a sturdy, backless belt lift designed to take up minimal space inside your tub. This allows you to lower yourself all the way to the bottom of your bathtub before reclining to enjoy its full length.

Detachable Anti-Slip Cushion

Each Molly Bather Bath Lift comes with a comfortable, anti-slip cushion that you can attach to the top of the belt lift. Not only does it make using your lift more comfortable, but it can also be easily detached and washed for convenient cleaning.

Waterproof Remote Hand Control

Controlling the belt lift is as easy as using the push-button remote control, which comes complete with a suction attachment. The remote is specifically designed for simple use, even for users with arthritic hands.

Long-Lasting Rechargeable Battery

The Molly Bather's motor runs on a long-lasting battery that can perform 20+ lifts between charges. It comes with an easy-to-use charger that you can use to fully recharge your battery fully overnight.

Specs of Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift

Exterior motor and drying seat height

18" to 23" from the floor on the exterior of your tub

Maximum tub width

33" (optional components may be available for larger or smaller tubs)

Maximum weight supported

310 pounds


19 pounds

Lifts per battery charge


Pros & Cons of Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift


  • Takes up very little space, allowing you to enjoy the full length, depth, and width of your bathtub
  • The sturdy, padded sitting stool makes it easier to transfer on and off of the belt lift.
  • It's anti-slip cushion is easy to remove for easy cleaning and storage.
  • The lift belt is controlled with an easy to use, waterproof remote control.
  • The lift-belt easily detaches and rolls up when not in use.
  • Removable battery lasts for 20+ lifts


  • May not be suitable for those who need extra back support
  • Not the best choice for those who need help reclining or sitting up

Who the Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift is Best for

The Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift is an excellent choice for those with mild to moderate mobility or pain issues. It's easily detachable belt lift is perfect for those who share a tub with someone who may not wish to use their lift.

While the belt lift design and accompanying cushion are among the most versatile on the market, they may not be suitable for all users. Those who deal with more advanced mobility issues should not use the Molly Bather unsupervised and may want to consider an option that offers more back support.

One Competitor Product to Consider

If you're looking for a bath lift that provides more back support, then we'd recommend looking into the Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift. It provides additional back support with a tri-folding seat that can be adjusted to lay flat along the top of your tub to make lateral transfers easier.

Aquatec R Bath Lift, Battery-Powered Bathtub Chair with Reclining Back, Safe & Independent Bathing

It can reach as low as 2.5 inches from your tub's floor and automatically transitions into a comfortable U-shape as it lowers. It comes complete with suction cup feet to prevent in-tub slipping, as well as a reclining backrest to assist with shampooing or simply relaxing.

The Aquatec Powered Reclining Bath Lift is easy to control with the included floatable, waterproof hand control. It's a great choice if you or someone you love is looking for a bath lift that offers full body support and comfort.


Overall, the Molly Bather Full Soak Bath Lift is definitely worth looking into if you're in search of a solution that doesn't take up as much tub space as a traditional bath lift. Its unique design offers just the right level of support without sacrificing the ability to enjoy a full-length bath. Its rollaway belt can be unattached or reset in seconds, making it the ideal product for those who share a bathroom with family members.

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