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Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Review

Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Review (2021): Affordable + Comfortable + Great Massage Features

By jwilder

Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Review

Adjustable beds are one of the best ways for seniors to improve their sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Too many seniors don’t get enough sleep- and the sleep they do get leaves them feeling exhausted and even sore!

If that describes you, the L600 from Lucid Mattress is a great adjustable bed that you should consider. It’s affordable, comfortable, and has great massage features to help you unwind.

Read our Lucid L600 adjustable bed base review to learn more about this bed and the ways it can help you sleep even better!

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Full

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What We Like:

  • 10 year warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Bluetooth
  • Massaging options
  • Zero-gravity recline

What We Don't Like:

  • Legs are not height-adjustable
  • Mattress tends to slip

Our Conclusion: The Lucid L600 is one of the most comfortable and affordable adjustable bed options for seniors. It comes with all the features (like relaxing massage and zero-gravity recline) that make adjustable beds such a big upgrade from your old mattress and box spring.

Overview - Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Full

This adjustable bed base (and optional mattress combo set) offers supreme comfort, durability, and temperature regulation at a very reasonable price. More than that, the Lucid L600 comes with one of the most comprehensive and longest-lasting warranties in the business.

If you are looking for comfort, affordability, and luxurious massage in your adjustable bed, the Lucid L600 is right for you. It isn’t the nicest or most fully-featured bed in the world, but it isn’t intended to be. Rather, it is designed to be highly functional and “no-nonsense” giving seniors the comfort and features that they need without resorting to flashy gimmicks.

Features - Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Full

Hybrid Mattress Option

You can buy the bed base itself, or you can opt for a 12-inch hybrid mattress to be included with it. This mattress is made by Lucid to perfectly fit the L600 base, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not the bed will fit.

Memory foam mattresses aren’t perfect for everyone. They can be both too hot and too soft for some users. Hybrid mattresses combine the metal coils of traditional mattresses with modern memory foam, creating a supportive, plush mattress that anyone can benefit from.

Hybrid mattresses offer a wonderful combination of bounce, softness, and breathability. They do a great job of keeping you cool when sleeping and don’t wear out quite as fast as memory foam mattresses because of their inner coils.

At the same time, the hybrid mattress avoids the pitfalls of traditional mattresses. The coils are minimal and do not prevent the mattress from bending with the adjustable bed base, which makes this the ideal mattress for the Lucid L600 adjustable bed!

Massage Control

Most adjustable beds come with some type of massage function, but this one outdoes almost all of them. On the King-size model, there are massage motors on each side for the head/back and legs/feet areas. Each massage motor has 3 different speeds and 3 different massaging modes for you to choose from.

This gives you and your spouse total control over how you choose to unwind at the end of the day. This isn’t just for fun or convenience; studies have shown that a 15-minute massage at the end of the day helps to loosen your muscles and let you drift off to deep, restful sleep.

Child Lock Button

This isn’t the most revolutionary in the world, but safety features don’t need to be groundbreaking in order to be valuable. This adjustable bed has a child safety button, similar to the door and window locks that protect kids in cars.

One of the biggest dangers of adjustable beds is what can happen if a pet or grandchild is under or on the bed when they shouldn’t be. If your dog or cat is underneath the bed and you go from a reclining position back to a flat sleeping position, they can be hurt- or worse. Similarly, a smaller child may not understand the risks of playing with the remote that controls the bed.

The Lucid L600 has a child safety lock that will prevent accidental position changes that could put pets or children at risk. Again, this isn’t state-of-the-art technology per se, but it is a valuable feature for people with pets, children, or grandchildren!

Multiple Sleeping/Reclining Positions

Every adjustable bed has multiple sleeping and reclining positions; the L600 has all the standard positions, each programmed into the remote to help you relax, unwind, and sleep in previously unattainable comfort:

  • Zero-Gravity Position: This is one of the most powerful features of any adjustable bed. This position shifts your center of gravity, putting your knees just slightly above your heart. It also displaces your bodyweight evenly across your entire back; this lets your spine decompress and can relieve chronic back pain.
  • TV/Book Position: A simple but convenient preset that lets you sit upright with your feet reclined. If you like to read or watch TV in bed, it’s nice to have this option available at the push of a button.
  • Anti-Snore: Adjustable beds are very helpful for people who snore or have sleep apnea. Research revealed that you can significantly reduce snoring and experience relief from sleep apnea by simply elevating your head a few degrees when you go to sleep.
  • Lounge: Similar to the TV position, this preset on the L600 remote reclines you at an angle that is designed to relieve tension on your lower back. If you are among the millions of Americans who experience chronic lower back pain, this preset could be your absolute favorite!
  • Memory Preset: Despite having all these options, you’ll likely want to customize the position you relax and sleep in a little bit more. The L600’s “memory” button lets you program in your favorite adjustable bed position; no more guesswork, just instant and customized slumber!

Dimensions & Specs - Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

Full-Size Base Dimensions

52.5 inches wide, 74.5 inches long


15 Inches

Height-Adjustable Legs



10-year limited

Bed Base Materials

Steel and Polyester

Massage Functions

3 Speed, 3-Pattern (Wave, Pulse, Vibrate)

Video Overview of Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

Pros and Cons of Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base


  • Ten-year warranty on each part of the bed far exceeds other companies’ warranty offers
  • Very affordable; you get a bed base and mattress for the same price as you’d pay for the bed base alone from a different brand
  • Can be controlled from your phone via BlueTooth
  • Massaging options help you relax at the end of the day and are more effective than on most similarly-priced beds.


  • Legs are not height-adjustable; can make the bed unsuitable for taller/shorter users with mobility limitations.
  • Mattress tends to slip when adjusting, a common issue for adjustable beds

Warranty of Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base

All Lucid beds, including the L600, come with a 10-year limited warranty. Since most people keep their mattress and bed base for about 8-10 years, that length is exactly what you need.

What does this warranty cover? In the first 3 years of the warranty, any replacement parts, servicing, or full replacements are completely covered at no cost to you. For years 4 through 10 of the warranty, you will be responsible for 14% of the cost of any replacement parts or repairs, as well as shipping.

This is, compared to most other companies, a pretty stellar warranty. Some adjustable bed warranties only cover certain parts for one year; after 12 months, you are left out to dry. Getting 10 years of parts and labor for one bed purchase should give you all the confidence you need to buy the Lucid l600 without worry!

  • Warranty Limitations

The warranty does have a couple of important limitations, though. First, before you can get anything paid for by the warranty, you should follow the troubleshooting instructions in your bed’s Owner’s Manual. If you haven’t taken that step yet, wait to contact customer support until you do.

Second, the warranty is voided if the bed is used commercially, recklessly, or outside of the United States. The warranty is only honored if the problems arose from faulty manufacturing or workmanship on the part of the company. These are very standard conditions that protect the company from paying for beds that are used outside of their intended purpose or intentional damage by the user.

If you choose the option with an included mattress, you should know that the warranty does not cover wear and tear, as this is a natural result of normal usage. It will cover abnormal loss of softness or thickness; for example, if the mattress loses 3 inches of its support in one spot, they will send a replacement. Don’t count on getting a free mattress, though- mattresses break down naturally and it’s much more likely that you’ll never have cause to use the warranty on the mattress!

Who the Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base is Best For?

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Full

This is a great bed for people who have back pain and trouble sleeping because of its great massage options. There are dual motors, each with three different modes and intensities. If you often feel stiff, sore, or otherwise in pain at the end of the day, you can work out that tension just before bed. This helps you sleep deeper and lets your body recover from daily wear and tear while you’re asleep.

It’s also a great bed for people who want to avoid spending too little on a bed that won’t deliver on its promises but still want to save money. For just under $1,000, you can have a high-quality bed base and mattress that compares in comfort and function to beds that cost $1,750-$2,500! That kind of value is hard to ignore for any senior, regardless of their budget.

Owner’s Manual and Where to Buy

  • Lucid does not have a downloadable manual available for the L600. However, the l600 is very similar to the l300, and you can access that manual here. Also, Lucid has a Youtube channel with several helpful videos for the L600 including setup and troubleshooting. You can find their videos here.
  • Buy the Lucid L600 online by clicking here!
  • If you’d like to purchase a Lucid mattress or bed in-person, you can check if they are in stock at your local Bed Bath & Beyond, Mattress Firm, or Wal-Mart. Remember to call ahead and make sure the location nearest you has them in-store before heading out!

Classic Brands Gramercy Euro-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 14-Inch Mattress & Adjustable Bed Base - Full

The Gramercy is an adjustable base and hybrid mattress combo from Classic Brands, one of the most popular makers of modern beds. The bed base is more or less the same as the Lucid L600, though it doesn’t have the same massage quality level. The massaging on the Gramercy is still good, it just isn’t as impressive as the L600’s massage. All of the other features, though, are roughly equivalent.

The real treat of this bed is the mattress that comes with it. It’s a high-quality hybrid mattress that does an exceptional job of regulating temperature and holds up to wear and tear like a champ. The Gramercy mattress represents an exceptional combination of support and softness as well. You’ll feel the plush top layer gently cushion your body while the minimal inner coils hold you up and reduce pressure on your spine.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed with a great mattress, it’s going to be hard to find a better option for the price. It’s also worth mentioning, though, that you can get the Gramercy in a mattress-only configuration. This means you can combine the strength of this mattress with the strength of the Lucid L600 adjustable bed base for a truly luxurious sleeping experience!


  • Great mattress for hot sleepers or people who need firmness
  • Option to buy mattress only and use with other bed bases
  • Easy to set up and use


  • Lacking the strong warranty of the Lucid L600
  • Doesn’t have the same quality of massage as the Lucid L600

Review Town's Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Review


Are you ready to make the switch from an old mattress and box spring to a luxurious and beneficial adjustable bed? Do you have any more questions about the Lucid L600 adjustable bed? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

LUCID L600 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Hybrid-Mattress - Full

Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed (Click image for more info)

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