Best Reading Pillow (2020): Top 15 Pillows for Reading in Bed (& More)!

By Maurice

Best Reading Pillow

Why a Reading Pillow?

From reading your favorite book before you go to sleep to finishing off your home or office assignment on your laptop, your bed is perhaps the only place in your house where most people prefer to rest. And as you sit back and relax, maintaining the right posture for your spine is almost impossible. Inadequate posture and struggling with positions to find out the right one for yourself can be a challenge. And when you sit for an extended period, it is natural to experience muscular spasm and other musculoskeletal issues in your neck and back. To reduce the risk of problems associated with inappropriate posture, you need a reading pillow.

A reading pillow is a handy and functional thing that you can have at home. Reading pillows are usually harder compared to regular pillows that you use for sleeping or as couch cushions. The feature adds to spinal support as you sit for an extended period. So once you have a reading pillow, you don’t need all the crudely stacked pillows for body support. Moreover, some reading pillows also feature armreststhat can be used to keep your arms in a comfortable position as you hold a book or your laptop.

Given the variety of reading pillows available on the market, choosing the right one for your spine can be a struggle in itself. After all, they all look similar both from the inside and outside. But when you take a closer look, you will find out numerous differences and to be able to find the right reading pillow, you need to consider several factors. In this post, you will learn about the best 15 reading pillows available on the market followed by a discussion on what factors you need to consider when you are purchasing a reading pillow. In the last section, you will find out answers to several frequently asked questions related to reading pillows. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Best Reading Pillow: 15 Pillows for Reading in Bed & More

Husband Pillow - Dark Grey, Big Backrest Reading Bed Rest Pillow with Arms, Plush Memory Foam Fill, Remove Neck Roll Off Bungee, Change Covers, Zipper On Shell of Bed Chair for Adjustable Loft

The giant reading pillow is designed to support men and women of all shapes and sizes. With a micro plush outer, it is one of the best and most comfortable reading pillows that you can find on the market. The outer material is a breathable and you don’t need to worry about the sweat even when you spend longer number of hours reading your favorite book. The Husband Pillow is not only sift and comfortable from the outside but it is made with extremely comfortable premium shredded memory foam that gives the perfect support and comfort for almost everything, including reading and working.

Moreover, it is bigger and better compared to several other reading pillows. Its sturdy back provides support to your neck and thorax like no other pillow. But that does not mean it is heavy and is not portable. It is super easy to handle and you can take it wherever you want. Lastly, it comes with an adjustable loft that allows you to shift the foam in certain areas where you need extra support.

Features include:

  • Larger dimensions,
  • Built-in side and back pockets for extra storage,
  • Detachable neck,
  • Changeable cover which is available in several colors,
  • Portable
  • Can also be used as a nursing pillow
  • Inner zipper for individualized comfort.


  • Larger size,
  • Provides sturdy support to the entire spine,
  • Detachable backrest allows multiple uses,
  • Offers individualized comfort,
  • 100 day, 100% money back guarantee,
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Additional round pillow does not provide comfort and support.
  • Unpleasant odor that stays for a few days.
  • The quality is not exceptional.

Best For?

People who prefer portable comfort not only for reading in bed for also for watching TV in the lounge, nursing and several other activities.

Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with Support Arms, Pockets, Memory Foam. Perfect Back Support Cushion for Adults Reading/Watching TV/Sitting Up in Bed – Extra Foams Incl. Customize Softness-18

When high quality memory foam combines with a super soft and luxurious velvety cover, you get the Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow. From using your laptop or reading a book in bed to watching TV in your lounge, this reading pillow provide sturdy support and promotes healthy posture regardless of your activity.

Its large and wide size offers adequate comfort and a detachable neck bolster, ergonomically designed armrests, and built-in side pockets are some of the other desirable features of this reading pillow. The Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow works with a blend of premium shredded memory foam combined with therapeutic memory foam alternative toprovide enhanced support and balance. Moreover, it is due to this combination that the pillow retains its shape regardless of extensive use. Furthermore, you get an extra 200 grams of shredded foam that you can adjust in the zippered inner shell to get the comfort you deserve.

Perhaps the only undesirable feature of the Vekkia Reading and Bed Rest pillow is that it is slightly heavier compared to other reading pillow which results in portability issues. Moreover, some customers complain about shorter arms that provide inadequate arm support while sitting. In all, it is an excellent choice that offers high quality foam, stitching and comfort.

Features include:

  • Soft shredded memory foam reading pillow that takes up to 48 hours to fully expand,
  • Adapts to body’s natural curvature while retaining its shape,  
  • Convenient handle for better portability,
  • Inner shell for individualized comfort,
  • Multipurpose and versatile,   
  • Built-in side pockets for extra storage,
  • Detachable neck,
  • Removable and washable super soft, velvety cover,
  • Additional 200 grams of shredded foam.


  • Larger size can accommodate people with above average weight and height.
  • Superior quality foam and stitching,
  • Comes with extra shredded foam for personalized support,
  • Detachable neck,
  • Built in side pocket
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed.


  • Small arms provide inadequate arm support.
  • Slightly heavier compared to other reading pillows.

Best For?

Individuals who are struggling with finding the most comfortable position while reading, sitting or lounging. Also, it is a great choice for individuals struggling with back pain and other health conditions such as GERD.

Linenspa LZ26SVSFRP Shredded Foam Pillow Perfect for Back Support While Relaxing, Gaming, Reading, or Watching TV - Soft Velour Cover, Standard, Stone

Looking for a comfortable, affordable and easily portable reading pillow, then go for LinenSpa Shredded Foam reading pillow. It is a blend of CertiPUR US certified shredded memory foam and support foam so no matter how you treat it, this reading pillow will retain its shape and continue to provide you the support you need. It is soft and provides you comfort as you lean against it but easily bounces back to its original shape when not in use. The LinenSpa reading pillow is compressed when shipped so you will need to allow 48 hours before the pillow can get into its proper shape.

The velour fabric cover is super soft and breathable. Moreover, its double stitch adds to strength and durability of the cover. However, the cover is not removable but you can still maintain it if you spot clean. It is available in three sizes and is a great choice for people of all ages and size. And lastly, it comes with a three-year warranty so it is a perfect combination of affordability, comfort, support and durability.

Features include:

  • Available in three sizes to cater to varying size needs,
  • Full expansion in 48-hours,
  • CertiPUR US certified shredded memory foam blended with support foam for durable support,
  • Top handle for convenient handling,
  • Soft and durable velour cover,
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • Comfortable, durable and pocket friendly,
  • Provides adequate support for reading, working and lounging,
  • Soft velour cover,
  • 3-year warranty,
  • Available in standard, large and X-large sizes.


  • No neck support,
  • Spot cleaning cover that is not removable,
  •  Slightly larger in size if you want to store it.

Best For?

Reading, working on laptop and lounging. Also a great choice for individuals recovering from surgery.

Milliard Reading Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam, Great as Backrest for Books or Gaming - 24x16inches (Sit Up Pillow)

Another great choice for reading pillows is the Milliard reading pillow that comes with shredded foam. It is available in three sizes ranging from petite, to extra-large so depending upon your needs and of course your size, you can pick the right one for yourself. It is super soft and comfortable and allows you to curl up on the couch or read in bed or literally do anything else. If you think it is too firm, you can adjust the firmness by removing some of the shredded foam but if it is super soft for you, you can do otherwise. The pillow comes with handle on the top so you can carry it wherever you want.

The Milliard reading pillow has a removable velour outer cover that adds convenience and ease of cleaning. It is machine washable and you can also purchase covers separately. The product is vacuum packed for freshness however, this leaves a chemical smell that can bother its users.

In all, it is a great company for relaxing, working and recovering and is one of the best reading pillow that you can find in a reasonable price range.

Features include:

  • Decent quality in a reasonable price range,
  • Ideal structure for providing support to neck, back and arms,
  • Firmness adjustment for personalized support,
  • Easily portable,
  • Removable and washable zippered velour cover.  


  • Affordable,
  • Comfortable,
  • Lighter in weight compared to many other reading pillows,
  • Easily portable,
  • Removable and replaceable outer cover,
  • Comes in several size options ranging from petite to extra-large,
  • Machine washable pillow and cover and
  • Gives you the flexibility to insert or remove foam to get the support you need.


  • Vacuum packaging leaves a chemical smell in the pillow.

Best For?

Reading, lounging or sleep upright due to GERD or nasal congestion. It is also a great choice for patients who are on bed rest and need extra support for added comfort.

Nestl Reading Pillow, Petite Bed Rest Pillow with Arms for Kids & Young Adults – Premium Shredded Memory Foam TV Pillow - Ivory

As you sit back after a long day, your entire spine including the lumber region needs support. With the Nestl reading pillow you get sturdy support along with the cozy warmth of a velvety pillow. Its super soft and comfortable velvet cover is plush on the outside and on the inside, it is filled with premium shredded foam that is bound to last for years. The zippered cover is machine washable, and is available in 12 different colors so you can choose a pillow that matches your personality. Nestl reading pillow comes with two detachable soft pillows that are designed to provide support to your neck and additional support to the lumbar region so even when you work for longer hours, your neck and back get the support they need. The large back pockets add more to convenience and coziness as you snuggle up to watch your favorite TV show.

Moreover, a zipper on the inner shell allows you to adjust firmness according to your required support. And when you think that the foam is no longer providing the support you need, you can easily replace the entire filling and get a new one. But that is not going to happen too fast.  With every Nestl purchase, you get a three-year limited warranty along with a 100% money-back guarantee if the product fails to meet your expectations! And that says a lot about the durability and product quality.

Features include:

  • Premium shredded memory foam,
  • Ultimate relaxation and comfort,
  • Large back pocket for extra storage,
  • 12 colors to choose from,
  • Super soft, zippered velvet cover, and
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Affordable,
  • Large size,
  • Super comfortable and durable,
  • Machine washable Zippered cover,
  • Supportive armrests,
  • Available in multiple colors, and
  • Has a large back pocket.


  • Distinct smell when you first open the package,
  • The detachable pillows may feel too soft to provide adequate support to the spine.

Best For?

Individuals looking for a comfortable and durable brand that is not too expensive. Great support for reading, watching TV and can also be used as an added support by individuals recovering from surgery.

ZIRAKI Large Plush Shredded Foam Reading and TV Relax Pillow - Perfect for Adults, Teens, and Kids - for Bed Rest, Arm, Back, Pregnancy Lumbar & Head Neck Coccyx Lower Back Support Cushion

As you sit down to start reading your favorite book over the weekend, you feel the comfort is missing?Does that happen often? You need Ziraki Large Plush Shredded Foam Reading and TV relax pillow. The reading pillow is available in standard size but is large enough to provide complete spinal support as you read, watch TV or work on a laptop. And despite its large size, it is easily portable as it comes with a built-in handle for easy carrying.

The Ziraki reading pillow has a soft plush velour cover that gives you a cozy and comfortable feel as you lean against the pillow. While it’s cover is not removable, you can easily clean using detergent and damp cloth when it gets dirty or you end up spilling your favorite drink on it. Moreover, its shredded foam adds more to comfort and support. So whether you are watching TV or simply relaxing on your couch, this Ziraki pillow can be a perfect partner.

Perhaps the only feature that is not liked by its users are the shorter arms. Armrests are too short to provide adequate support.

Features include:

  • Premium shredded memory foam,
  • Soft and breathable plush velour cover,
  • Comfortable and sturdy support for the entire spine and arms,
  • Easily portable,
  • Easy spot cleaning and
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed,


  • Super soft, comfortable and durable,
  • Provides support to neck and back along with arms,
  • Built-in handle for easy portability,
  • Expands in just 24 hours, and
  • 100% money back guarantee if the product fails to meet your expectations.  


  • Cover is not removable that makes cleaning difficult,
  • The arms are too short.

Best For?

Bed time readers looking for a portable and high quality, durable reading pillow.

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow - Bedrest Pillows with Arm Rests and Neck Roll for Reading Watching TV in Bed, Floor or Sofa - Big Bedrest Pillow with Neck Roll Pillow, Navy

Next on the list for best reading pillows is the ZOEMO bed rest reading pillow. The extra-large, ultra-supportive backrest is not just a great choice for reading and lounging but can also be an amazing companion as you recover from spinal surgery and therapy or need extra care during pregnancy. The thoughtfully designed cushion provides the right support and comfort through its premium quality cotton filling and its super soft velour cover. It comes with a detachable ball fiber neck roll and an expansive backrest that can be adjusted for firmness depending upon your personal preference using the convenient zipper.

In all, your ZOEMO bed rest reading pillow is a great choice given its breathable, hypoallergenic memory and cotton support foam, combined with a detachable neck roll washable super soft velvet cover. Its wider and longer armrests offer greater arm support. If you are still not convinced try it out and in case you are not satisfied, the product comes with a 100% refund along with a 3-year warranty.

The only feature that customers often complain about is the shorter zipper on the bottom which adds to inconvenience as you remove the cover.

Features include:

  • Purposeful construction for greater lumber support,
  • Customized memory support foam,
  • Detachable ball fiber filled neck roll,
  • Breathable velvet cover made from hypoallergenic material for added comfort, and
  • 3-year warranty and 100% money back guarantee.


  • Ultra supportive back, neck and armrest build with hypoallergenic material,
  • You can adjust the firmness as per your needs,
  • Extra-large size and bigger armrests for extra support,
  • Built-in side pockets,
  • Removable and washable cover with a zipper opening at the bottom.


  • Removing and replacing cover is difficult.

Best For?

Relaxing, lounging and reading. Is a great choice during pregnancy care and recovering post cervical or spinal surgery when you are required to maintain posture.

Brentwood 557 Corduroy Bedrest, Black

Are you planning to purchase a bed rest pillow with arms? Go for Brentwood 557 cordburoy pillow with arms. Filled with polyster fiber and enclosed in plush soft cordburoy fabric, this bed rest pillow can be a perfect addition to your bed. It is available in six colors so you can go for the one that best reflects your personality. The cover is not removable yet it is super easy to clean any spots or dirt using a damp cloth and detergent.

The soft cordburoy reading pillow is ergonomically designed to provide the best support to your back. However, it does not offer flexibility to adjust the firmness. When your reading pillow is worn out, then the only option you are left with is replacement. But that is not going to happen any time soon. The Brentwood reading pillow is super durable. Moreover, it comes with longer armrests for greater arm support. It also comes with built-in handle for easy portability and is lighter in weight compared to several other reading pillows with similar features. And it is not only lighter in weight but is also more pocket friendly compared to other bed rest pillows.

And despite being super comfortable, and sturdy, this bed rest reading pillow provides inadequate back support due to its shorter height and lacking neck roll for cervical support.

Features include:

  • Available in six different colors.
  • Great value for money,
  • Sturdy and comfortable,
  • Portable, and
  • a perfect addition for relaxation as you read or work in your bed.


  • High quality durable material,
  • Sturdy built-in handle for better portability,
  • Complete spinal and arm support,
  • You don’t have to wait till the pillow is filled up, and
  • Comes with 9 inch long armrest.


  • Cover is not removable,
  • No option for adjusting firmness,
  • Insufficient back support for taller individuals,
  • Does not come with a detachable neck roll.

Best For?

Everyday relaxation. Is also a great choice for nursing and maternity support.

Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow - Folding Memory Foam Incline Cushion System for Back and Legs - Triangle Shaped for Reading, Support - Washable

If you are currently recovering from a spinal surgery or are planning to get one, then it is a good idea to invest in the Xtra-comfort bed wedge pillow. And while it is a great choice for people with medical concerns, this wedge pillow is an equally comfortable option for people who do not have any health problems. The 3-in-1 versatile design allows inclination adjustment so you can sit upright or get into a comfortable reclining position for the adequate comfort and support. And its standard dimensions (22” wide and 12” deep) can easily fit into any bed.

The wedge pillow is constructed using sturdy, high quality memory foam that provides optimal comfort while retaining its original shape. Moreover, its zipper cover is easily removable and washable. The Xtra-Comfort wedge pillow provides optimal spinal support and is an excellent pillow for people with acid reflux and other gastrointestinal troubles. However, it can also be used to reduce pressure from your feet after a long day at work.  

Features include:

  • 3-in-1 versatile design for inclination adjustability,
  • Sturdy yet comfortable,
  • Breathable memory foam, and
  • Hassle-free maintenance with a removable and washable cover.


  • Soft yet firm memory foam for required comfort and support,
  • Adjustability inclination,
  • Removable and machine-washable wedge cover, and
  • Easily fits into a standard bed.


  • It comes with a distinct, unpleasant odor.

Best For?

Individuals going through medical treatment for spinal problems, nasal congestion or GERD. Equally effective for people who do not have any medical conditions.

ATX Snuzzy Pillow - Bed Reading Pillow with Arms - Backrest for Sitting Up in Bed - Watching Tv, Gaming, Studying, Working - Extra Large Size for Adults

The super comfortable and supportive ATX Snuzzy Backrest Pillow with arms is another great choice for reading pillows that you can find on the market. Made with microplush on the outside and shredded memory foam on the inner side, this reading pillow has literally everything that you need to enjoy your late night reading and TV sessions.

It comes with a zipper access that allows you to adjust the firmness of your pillow and has a removable and machine washable cover. The reading pillow also has side and back pockets that provide shortage options. Moreover, a detachable neck roll and a built-in handle allows easier portability. The extended armrest gives adequate support to your arms and lastly it offers lifetime warranty without any conditions. What else can you wish for?

However, it is vacuum packed and can take up to 48 hours to get into its true size.

Features include:

  • Vacuum packed, durable and super comfortable reading pillow.
  • Extended armrests,
  • Detachable neck roll,
  • Removable cover,
  • Firmness adjustment and
  • Extra-large size.


  • High-quality, durable reading pillow that comes with a lifetime warranty,
  • Detachable neck roll for more comfort,
  • Zipper that allows firmness adjustment and
  • Removable cover for ease of maintenance.


  • Heavier compared to other reading pillows,
  • Armrests are positioned far apart so they fail to provide adequate arm support and
  • Can take up to 48 hours to get in the right form.

Best For?

Relaxing, reading, lounging and nursing.  

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow, Big Bedrest Pillows with Arm Rests and Neck Roll Pillow, Armrest Pillows for Reading Watching TV in Bed Floor or Sofa (Star)

If you prefer extra-large size of reading pillows, then ZOEMO bed rest reading pillow can be an amazing addition to your bedding. It is filled with premium quality pure cotton filler that is not only soft but is sturdy and gives you the support you need. On the outside, you see an elaborate pattern on the removable velour cover that adds aesthetic element to your bedding along with comfort.

The bottom zipper allows you to adjust the degree of firmness so you can get the support you need. Other important features include side pockets, adjustable neck support and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Perhaps the only undesirable aspect of this reading pillow is its price. The reading pillow is slightly over-priced compared to other reading pillows that come with similar features.

Features include:

  • Extra-large size,
  • Filled with premium quality super soft, yet sturdy material,
  • Elaborate pattern on removable velour cover,
  • Side pockets for storage and convenience,
  • Versatile design and
  • 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.


  • Is suitable for all places including bed, couch, floor and car,
  • Offers adequate support and comfort,
  • Filler firmness is adjustable, and
  • Serves as an excellent nursing pillow.


  • Overpriced compared to other reading pillows with similar features.

Best For?

Multiple uses including reading, watch TV, working and also for nursing.

Brentwood Originals 2136 Plush Bed Rest, Chili Red,

For someone searching for the best reading pillow, the Brentwood Originals 2136 should be a worthy choice. It offers excellent support to your neck, back and arms. And it not only relaxes your body but also aids in alleviating stress and discomfort from various parts of the body.

The super comfortable reading pillow is easy to clean however, the cover is not removable. Moreover, it comes with a built-in handle for easy transportation to a variety of locations. With a width of almost 22 inches, this reading pillow can be used almost everywhere. However, its large size can make it difficult to store the pillow when not in use.

Features include:

  • 100% Polyester,
  • Built-in handle,
  • Extra wide design for greater support,
  • Versatile design, and
  • Easy to clean and transport.


  • Provides exceptional support to upper body,
  • Armrest offer adequate support to the arms,
  • Reduces the risk of slipping into uncomfortable position.  


  • Requires larger space for storage.

Best For?

Individuals looking for wider and extra supportive reading pillows.

mittaGonG Slim Waist Backrest Reading Pillow with Arms Back Pillows for Sitting in Bed Removable Cover Suited for Ladies

With a slim waist, the mittaGonO back rest reading pillow is especially designed for women who prefer sturdy support with comfort. Its versatile design makes it a suitable choice for a variety of locations. Moreover, its self-contained curve allows this reading pillow to offer greater support to your neck and back.

The soft plush cover is removable and can be machine washed. And while this reading pillow is sturdy, it is essentially slightly more sturdy than required. As a result, it can take some time before you can get comfortable with this reading pillow.

Features include:

  • Can work as both backrest and neckrest,
  • Especially designed for women,
  • Firm support and
  • Built-in side pockets.


  • Offers sturdy support,
  • Removable, soft pillow cover, and
  • Comes with convenient side pockets.


  • Is extra firm and you can get comfortable after repeated use.

Best For?

Women who prefer sturdy support.

Large Bolster Triangular Positioning Support Reading Backrest Wedge Pillow for Headboard Triangular Wedge Cushion Bed Backrest Positioning with Removable Cover (M-47.24x19.68inch, Dark gray)

The large bolster triangular reading back rest wedge pillow is a plush corduroy wedge that can be cushioned along with the headboard or separately. The gentle incline makes it a perfect reading pillow for people with varying sizes. Due to its ergonomic design, the wedge pillow offers sturdy support that allows better body positioning. This excellent body positioner is available in four size options so you can choose the one that best suits your existing bedding.

It comes with a built in side pocket and a removable zipper cover that adds to convenience however, this super sturdy looking wedge pillow is not as durable as some of the reading pillows you can find on the market.

Features include:

  • Triangle design that offers plush support,
  • Corduroy, removable cover,
  • Flawlessly complements every bedding and
  • Comes with vacuum packaging.


  • Inclined wedge shape for enhanced support,
  • Versatile in use, and
  • Available in several color and size options.


  • Product quality may be compromised.

Best For?

Working, reading and relaxing while offering support to individuals who suffer with nasal congestion, GERD or spinal disorders.

Moonase Triangular Reading Pillow Large Bolster Headboard Backrest Positioning Support Wedge Pillow for Day Bed Bunk Bed with Removable Cover,Reading Relaxing (Royal Blue, 31 inch/80cm)

And finally, the last on the list of 15 best reading pillows for 2020 is the Moonase Triangular Reading Pillow. The soft and comfortable wedge pillow is light in weight and can be used anywhere. Whether you are reading on your bed or slouching on the couch, this wedge can be a great partner.  The triangular design makes it an easy-to-fit wedge pillow on any type of bedding. Moreover, its removable cover and light weight aids in easy cleaning and portability of the pillow. And while it comes with several advantages, most customers complain about the limited support it has to offer. If you are looking for a wedge that is soft and comfortable, then there is nothing better than Moonase Triangular Reading Pillow but if firmness is what you expect, this may not be the right choice for you.

Features include:

  • Triangle design,
  • Removable cover,
  • Offers greater support and comfort for reading in bed and
  • Lightweight, versatile wedge reading pillow.


  • Comfortable and supportive,
  • Easily portable due to its light weight,
  • Adjusts well with any type of bedding,
  • Comes with a removable and washable cover for easy cleaning.


  • The wedge pillow is not sturdy and firm.

Best For?

Reading in bed.

FAQs – Pillows for Reading

What Is a Reading Pillow?

For most people, bed is not just a comfortable and soft surface for sleeping. Instead, it is a place for lounging, reading, catching up on text messages and emails or watching the favorite late night show. And if you spend quite a lot of time snuggling on your bed or in front of your laptop or TV, then you need a reading pillow. But what exactly is a reading pillow? Is it the same as a regular pillow you use for sleeping or does it have more to offer?

Very often, when we are on a soft surface such as a bed, it is difficult to maintain posture. And prolonged inappropriate postures can lead to several muscular and skeletal problems. A reading pillow is designed to help you find the most comfortable position as you sit upright or lie down in your bed. Unlike a regular pillow that offers support to your cervical spine, a reading pillow supports the weight of your upper body including your neck and thoracic region (right behind your chest) as well as your lumbar spine. Therefore, a regular pillow that you use for sleeping cannot be used as a substitute for a reading pillow. Apart from supporting your upper body, a reading pillow also offers support to your arms as you work on your laptop or tablet while lying on the bed.

What Are the Different Types of Reading Pillows?

When you start your search for the right type of reading pillow, you will surprised at the variety available on the market. However, almost all reading pillows fall into one of the two categories highlighted below.

Traditional Reading Pillows

Traditional reading pillows, also known as the husband pillows are specifically designed to support your entire spine. This type of reading pillows come with taller back support, additional/built-in neck roll and attached armrests so whether you use it as support on our bed or on their own, you will get the comfort and support you need to maintain the right posture. You can choose between basic traditional reading pillows that are portable and lightweight or can go for luxury models that come with features such as adjustable firmness, detachable neck pillows and side and back pocket for extra storage. In either case, the idea is to offer complete support to your upper body.

Wedge Pillows

Unlike traditional reading pillows, wedge pillows are orthopedic pillows designed in a reclining shape. This type of reading pillows are primarily used for medical reasons but can also be used for reading and sleeping especially if you prefer to sleep upright. Wedge pillows come in a standard design but offers varying levels of support with versatile inclination adjustments. This type of reading pillow is made from memory foam but you can also find polyfoam varieties. If you are planning to purchase a wedge pillow, it is best to go for the one that offers high incline.

Apart from the two types of reading pillows explained above, you can also find reading pillows that are designed to cater the needs of eReaders. You can find several popular designs that can provide adequate support as you use your mobile phone or tablet.

What Are the Benefits of Reading Pillows?

It is common for people to assume that use of reading pillows is associated with medical conditions. And while reading pillows especially wedge pillows are often recommended for health reasons, there are several other benefits of using reading pillows. Some of the benefits associated with the use of reading pillows are;

Provide Adequate Support

A reading pillow provides adequate support as you sit back and relax on your bed or couch. Since it maintains appropriate posture, regular use of reading pillow can significantly reduce the risk of several health problems caused due to inappropriate sitting positions.

Help You Unwind Comfortably

Your reading pillow can be your companion on the bed or on the couch. But it ensures that as you unwind, you do it comfortably without causing any damage to your spine.

Add Convenience to Your Favorite Place in the Room

You can place your reading pillow on the bed or on your couch and while it adds to support, it can also serve a decorative purpose. So regardless of where and how you use it, a reading pillows adds convenience to your favorite place.

Brings Along All the Benefits Associated with Reading

You can use your reading pillow for several reasons other than reading but if you religious use your reading pillow for bedtime reading, its use can bring many advantages. Reduced risk of dementia, improved sleep cycle and improved ability to focus and deal with stress are some of the advantages that reading can bring along.

How to Choose a Reading Pillow?

When you are planning to purchase a reading pillow, the choice can be overwhelming. Depending upon you intend to use it, it is best to evaluate reading pillows on the following considerations.

Inner Material

Reading pillows are available in different materials and it is better to know about it so you choose the one that is best for you.

Memory Foam 

Also known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam, memory foam is a dense contouring material that offers support to your head, neck and body. Generally, memory foam reading pillows are made from a single piece of foam that offers adequate support to the body while maintaining its shape.

Shredded Memory Foam 

Most of the reading pillows that you can find on the market are made from shredded memory foam. Such pillows are filled with small, shredded pieces of foam. Compared to memory foam are softer and retain lesser heat. Moreover, some of the reading pillows made with shredded foam gives you the flexibility to add or reduce the firmness so you can get customized support

Microfiber/Polyester Fiber

Also known as ball fiber, microfiber is a a synthetic material that gives a super soft feel to the pillow however, this type of reading pillow is not designed to provide the same level of support as memory foam or shredded memory foam reading pillows. Moreover, they are also not very durable.

Outer Material

The second most important consideration when choosing a reading pillow is the outer material. It not only affects the appearance but also influences the level of comfort that a reading pillow can provide. You can choose between several types of materials including velvet, velour, corduroy and faux suede. Each type of material comes with its set of pros and cons and it is best to identify your needs and preference. While all these materials are easy to clean, it is best to go for pillows that come with a removable and machine washable cover.

Type of Reading Pillow

Depending upon how you plan to use your pillow, you can choose between traditional reading pillows or go for a wedge style. Moreover, if you are an ereader, you can find several options that can cater to your needs.


The purpose of a reading pillow is to support your upper back and your pillow can fail to provide the right support if you donot consider the size. Make sure you give enough thoughtto the dimensions of your desired reading pillow. Additionally, do not forget to consider the size of your bed. You would not want a huge wedge pillow of a petite single bed.

Additional Features

It is a good idea to consider some additional features that adds to convenience and make your experience more comfortable. These features include:

  • Handle for easy portability,
  • Side and back pockets for storage,
  • Detachable neck roll,
  • Ease of cleaning, and
  • Durability.  

What Size Wedge Pillow Is Best for Reading in Bed?

Different people have different preferences and what might be best for you, may not be a decent option for someone else. So answering this question is slightly tricky. When using a wedge pillow for reading in bed, it is best to go with the standard dimensions. You can find wedge pillows with length and width ranging between 20 inches and 27 inches. So you can choose the one that best serves your needs. A wedge with length and width dimensions of 24 inches may be a decent choice. As far as the height is concerned, you can find wedge pillows with heights ranging from 4 inches to as high as 12 inches. Depending upon your comfort, you can pick up a wedge pillow with the desired height.  


Reading pillows are a great addition to your bedding products. With a comfortable reading pillow, you can read a book, watch TV or play your favorite game without worrying about improper posture and the resulting sore back and neck. But just like with every purchase decision, it is important to consider several factors before you make the final call. When it comes to reading pillows, it is important that you look at the inner and outer material along with several other features that make a reading pillow desirable.

This post is a good starting point where you can find out 15 best reading pillows available on the market. With that said, what may be best for you, may not suit the other person so only you can decide the best reading pillow depending upon your needs.

And with so much information about reading pillows, we are confident that you will make an informed choice for the best reading pillows. Happy shopping!

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