Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Best Mattress For Hip Pain (2021): 4 Top Models + Expert Buying Guide

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Best Mattress for Hip Pain

Waking up with hip pain can have a major effect on your day to day life. More often than not, your mattress is one of the main causes of that pain.

This guide to the best mattress for hip pain will show you the top models and give you all the knowledge you need to buy a mattress that will help, not hurt, your hips!

What is a Mattress for Hip Pain (And How do They Work)?

Hip pain affects many seniors, no matter whether or not they have a history of hip injuries or surgeries.

As your body ages, the cartilage in many of your joints deteriorates, which causes your bones to grind together. This is made worse by sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t appropriately fit your body. Depending on your sleeping position and preferences, the mattress you use right now can either be helping or hurting your hip pain.

Mattresses that are designed to treat hip and joint pain are commonly referred to as “orthopedic mattresses”. This means that they have surfaces and construction that decrease pressure on the bones and joints while sleeping, allowing for comfortable, pain-free sleep for seniors.

For the hips specifically, orthopedic mattresses should provide a good mix of support and softness exactly where the hips lay each night. This means that your hips won’t be feeling too much pressure from the mattress, but will still get enough support to keep your torso and spine well-aligned as you sleep.

Barring medical issues or injuries to the hips, misalignment of the skeleton while sleeping is the primary cause of pain. If you can find a mattress that helps your “sleeping posture” you’ve got a winner, no matter what type of pain you are looking to treat!

4 Best Mattresses for Hip Pain (2021)

Best Mattress for Hip Pain (Overall): Tempur-Pedic Pro-Adapt Firm

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt 12-Inch Firm Cooling Foam Mattress, King, Made in USA, 10 Year Warranty

This luxury mattress has everything that you’re looking for- unless you happen to be looking for a bargain. Tempur-Pedic is one of the only mattress companies that builds each of their products working side-by-side with real orthopedic specialists. This means the Pro-Adapt is engineered to truly work for you.

This mattress is firmer than most, which is actually a benefit for people with hip pain. Soft, overly plush mattresses might seem like a great thing, but they tend to sag quickly- especially in the area where your hips lie. Sleeping on a sagging mattress is a sure-fire way to wake up with hip pain; the firm surface in this luxury mattress should take care of you very well!

While it certainly is a great mattress, it isn’t going to be an option for everyone. It’s one of the most expensive mattresses on the market, and by far the most expensive on our list. If you’ve got the budget, though, this Tempur-Pedic mattress is as close to a guarantee as there is!

Best Mattress for Hip and Back Pain: Sealy Posturepedic Plus Medium Euro-top Mattress

Sealy Posturepedic Plus, Euro Pillow Top 14-Inch Medium Mattress with AllergenProtect, Queen, Grey

Sealy’s Posturepedic line of mattresses has a reputation for superior comfort, longevity, and orthopedic benefit. If you experience pain while sleeping/waking up in more than one place, a Posturepedic mattress is ideal for you. Plus, they’re about ⅓ the price of the Tempur-Pedic mattress above!

One of the best things about this mattress is the hybrid design- it combines the softness of memory foam with the much-needed support of an innerspring mattress. This model in particular has 1,072 individually wrapped coils that create a bouncy, luxurious surface that gently supports every part of the body. Topped with memory foam, the springs make this mattress perfect for treating body aches.

Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this mattress will be able to align your spine and hips and help you sleep easily. You can say goodbye to tossing and turning during the night and waking up feeling stiff and sore- nothing but deep and peaceful sleep!

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers With Hip Pain: Layla Hybrid Mattress

Side sleepers have a unique challenge when it comes to preventing hip pain while sleeping. The Layla mattress is unique in that you can use both sides of the mattress but get a different firmness. One side of the mattress is medium-soft; the other is medium-firm. In the center of the mattress is a 6-inch layer of individually wrapped coils.

Because hip pain and sleeping can be tricky to manage, having that level of versatility is a huge plus. If you buy a different mattress and find that the firmness isn’t right for you, you could be stuck with it. The Layla mattress gives you two chances to find a mattress that works, in the same purchase!

Also, senior’s bodies are prone to change; the mattress that feels best right now might not feel that way in 3-5 years. A double-sided mattress is exactly what some seniors need to treat hip pain that changes over time.

Two different firmness levels are not the only thing the Layla Hybrid has to offer. The soft side is copper-infused, which draws heat away from the body and is naturally antimicrobial. Finally, the Layla Hybrid comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night trial period. If you’re a side sleeper dealing with hip pain, the Layla Hybrid might be able to help!

Best Mattress Topper for Hip Pain: Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Mattress Topper

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Medium Firm Mattress topper, Full, White

Mattress toppers are, for many people, a better option than replacing their current mattress. Instead of spending $1,000+ on a mattress, you can spend ⅕ that amount and treat your hip pain with the same effectiveness. Provided, of course, there is nothing wrong with your current mattress other than it not being a good fit for your body!

This mattress topper has a medium-firm rating, which is slightly uncommon for mattress toppers; generally, the topper will always be softer than the mattress beneath it, not firmer. For most people who have hip pain, a medium-firm rating is preferable, making this a no-brainer for many seniors. It’s made from Tempur-Pedic’s signature memory foam, which contours to your body better and more comfortably than any other.

One of the major causes of hip pain while sleeping is an uneven distribution of body weight that causes pressure to concentrate in small areas- such as the hips. The Tempur-Supreme will evenly distribute and support all your body weight, preventing any concentrations of pressure in your hips, lower back, or shoulders. If you need to upgrade your mattress but don’t want to buy a new mattress, this topper is for you!

Best Mattress Topper for Back and Hip Pain: Lucid 5-Zone Lavender Mattress Topper

LUCID 3 Inch 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper – Plush- Calming Lavender – Targeted Convoluted Comfort Zones

Having multiple areas of pain while sleeping is a recipe for exhaustion. You won’t be able to sleep comfortably in any position, and you’ll be tossing and turning through the night. If you sleep on a mattress that leaves you feeling sore and stiff in more than one part of the body, it might be a good idea to replace the entire mattress.

If you don’t have the money for a full replacement, however, this mattress topper is your next best bet. It has five different zones on its surface, each designed to provide a different amount of support/softness for a different part of the body. Since your torso is the heaviest part of your body, this topper has extra firmness in that zone. The head/foot portions of the mattress topper are much softer, providing a lot of cushioning and a “plush” feeling where firmness isn’t needed.

The best way for a mattress topper to help you sleep better is to decrease pressure zones; that’s exactly what this topper is doing. By targeting different areas of the body individually, it avoids the issue of uneven pressure distribution.

This Lucid mattress topper is also perfect for people who are on a budget. It’s significantly cheaper than any of the other products on our list. If you look at the $3,000+ price tag on a Tempur-Pedic mattress and wince, this mattress topper is ideal for you! One more thing about the foam in this mattress topper- it’s been infused with a lavender scent. Lavender is known to help people relax and sleep, a minor but nice benefit for seniors!

Buying Guide: What to Look for In a Mattress for Hip Pain

What Kind of Mattress is Best for Hip Pain?

There are three main types of mattresses: memory foam, innerspring, and hybrid.

Memory foam mattresses are often too soft for people with hip pain, even though they’re comfortable for most other parts of the body. Innerspring mattresses, on the other hand, are incredibly supportive for the hips or the torso but are quite uncomfortable for most people otherwise.

Hybrid mattresses are the best type of mattresses for hip pain. They support the hips without neglecting the rest of your body, helping your hips and spine become aligned. When your body is well-aligned, you not only avoid waking up with pain but will also sleep deeper and feel more energized than you have in a long time!

There are some seniors, though, who might feel more comfortable in a different type of mattress. A lot of your personal preference has to do with your weight, muscle and bone density, and your specific medical concerns or conditions.

So, before opting for a hybrid mattress simply because they’re best for most people, you should try to test out different mattress categories if you can. This will help you determine whether your specific preferences are different from common advice or not!

What Firmness of Mattress is Best for Hip Pain?

Let’s start by saying that the best firmness of any mattress, for any needs, is the one that you prefer. Some people get too far into their research and end up getting a firm mattress that they hate when they should have bought a medium mattress instead. At the end of the day, your preferences should outweigh most expert recommendations, though advice is always helpful.

For most people, the main problem with their mattress as it relates to hip pain is sagging and sinking. If your torso (the area where a lot of body weight is concentrated) is sinking into the mattress but your head/shoulders aren’t, your body will be very misaligned. This makes plush, soft mattresses a bad idea for many people who experience hip pain.

Medium and firm mattresses, most of the time, will be the best for hip pain. They prevent sinking in the torso and give your body the support it needs to have a proper sleeping posture. You may find that firm mattresses don’t work for your hip pain, but getting a medium-firm mattress does help many people!

What is the Best Mattress Brand for Hip Pain?

We’d be tempted to say Tempur-Pedic, because they are the undisputed leader in terms of benefit and quality. However, since Tempur-Pedic mattresses routinely cost more than $3,000, most people cannot afford them. Sealy Posturepedic, on the other hand, is still a premium brand with tons to offer- but at much more reasonable prices. You can get most Sealy mattress models for less than $1,600, including orthopedic models that treat hip pain.

Sealy makes all their mattresses in the USA from high-quality materials. They carry models from all different categories, thicknesses, and firmness ratings. The Posturepedic mattress has a special extra layer of high-density foam right in the middle, covering only the places where your hips and torso are. This means your Posturepedic mattress will contour perfectly to the heaviest parts of your body, without being unnecessarily firm on the lighter parts.

So, while Tempur-Pedic mattresses might perform slightly better overall, it’s hard to justify the massive price difference they carry. If you have a small-medium budget and want a luxury mattress to treat hip pain, Sealy Posturepedic is the way to go.

How to Choose a Mattress for Hip Pain

Selecting a new mattress can be a real pain- almost as painful as the feelings in your hip that led you to this article! There are dozens of brands, confusing features and buzz words, and mattress salespeople all trying to get you to pay more. When shopping for a mattress for hip pain, keep these things in mind:

Firmness Matters

This is the most important factor in determining whether or not a mattress will help you feel less hip pain. Over 50% of your total body weight is carried between the shoulders and thighs; if your mattress is too soft, it will start to sag and eventually cause hip pain.

Though you may not want to, it’s almost always a good idea to choose a mattress that is slightly firmer than what you’re used to. If you find a firm mattress to be too uncomfortable on your shoulders or head, you can get a thin, soft mattress topper to even out the pressure distribution.

How Much to Spend on a Mattress

Even if you experience no pain while sleeping, the mattress you use has a large impact on your quality of life. This is even more true for people with hip or back pain- a good mattress makes a bigger difference than anything but medical treatment. Therefore, you should treat your mattress purchase as an investment in your health and well-being, not another annoying expense.

If you can afford a Tempur-Pedic mattress, there is no reason not to go for it. Of course, price isn’t the only indicator of quality, and you should test/research different mattresses as much as you can. However, your research and comparison should be focused on getting the best mattress possible in your budget, not finding the cheapest mattress that will still “work”.

With many purchases, “good enough” is, well, good enough. This is not the case with mattresses. Set your budget, stick to it, and try to get the absolute best mattress you can!

FAQs: Mattresses for Hip Pain

Can a Bad Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

Bad mattresses not only help cause hip pain, but they could also be the only cause of hip pain! If there are not any injuries, medical conditions, etc that could be the culprit, your mattress is almost certainly the problem.

Think about it: you lay on your mattress for about 8 hours per day- that’s ⅓ of your life! If your mattress is no good, all those hours of poor support and alignment really add up. If you’ve worked a labor job, have had hip injuries, or have any bone/joint conditions, your mattress could be seriously increasing the amount of pain you feel at night.

How Can I Tell if My Mattress Causes Hip Pain

If you’ve been noticing an increase of hip pain, it’s true that your mattress might be to blame. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should only blame the mattress. For people who have chronic hip pain, the first step is seeing a doctor. If you replace your mattress but fail to diagnose a new injury or medical condition, the new mattress won’t do much good.

If you don’t learn anything new at the doctor’s office, chances are pretty high that your mattress truly is the problem. There are many things that could cause hip pain that are unrelated to sleep, so you should do your best to deduce where the hip pain is coming from.

As Sherlock Holmes has often said, “whenever you remove the impossible, whatever remains… must be the truth”. If you can’t find another cause for your hip pain, you can feel very confident that the mattress you’ve been sleeping on is to blame!

How Does a Mattress Cause Hip Pain

Mattresses that don’t fit your body properly trigger pressure points. When the mattress isn’t properly contoured to your body as you sleep, these pressure points are where the majority of your body weight rests. Over time, this causes soreness, stiffness, and chronic pain.

Because your hips are often the widest and hardest part of your body making contact with the mattress, it’s natural that it is a major pressure point for a bad mattress. Even an expensive, brand-new mattress can be a nightmare if it isn’t the right fit for your body.

Old mattresses are a major problem for people who experience hip pain. As a mattress gets older, it begins to sag in the places where the most bodyweight is- exactly where your hips lie. This happens slowly over time and can be hard to notice until the pain presents itself. A sagging mattress is guaranteed to be more trouble than it’s worth. Once your mattress starts sagging, it’s time to replace it!

How to Fix Mattress Causing Hip Pain

If you’ve determined that your mattress is either causing or worsening your hip pain, you have three options. First, you might consider sleeping in a different position or putting a pillow between your knees while you sleep. The sleeping position that worked the best for you when you were younger may not be doing you any favors as your body has aged. Trying out a different position is a simple fix that could save you lots of money in the long run!

The reality is, though, that changing your sleeping position rarely works. It’s simply an option you have that won’t cost you any money to try. The most effective way to fix a mattress that’s causing hip pain? Throw it away. If you’ve had your mattress for more than 7 years, it has probably past its useful life. Once a mattress has degraded, there is little that can be done to rescue it. That means it’s time to bite the bullet and start searching for a new mattress!

If your mattress is still in good shape but just isn’t working for you, a mattress topper is the best solution. You’ll spend far less, get the comfort you need, and extend the life of your mattress.

Conclusion: Mattress for Hip Pain

If you’ve been experiencing hip pain recently that you can’t explain, getting a new mattress can provide much-needed relief. Mattress toppers, too, can be a great solution for hip pain. Which mattress on our list are you most interested in? Do you have any suggestions for other readers? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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