Best Value Mattress Brands

Best Value Mattress Brands: 9 Best Mattress Brands for Seniors

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Best Value Mattress Brands

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Buying a mattress isn’t anyone’s favorite activity. They’re expensive and heavy, and there are simply too many mattress brands, showrooms, and salespeople all vying for your attention.

But if you need a new mattress soon and you’re feeling frustrated or lost in your search, you’re in the right place! We put together this guide to the best value mattress brands for seniors; take a look, find the brand that works for you, and experience peace of mind and deep sleep in your new mattress!

9 Best Mattress Brands For Seniors

1. Best Memory Foam Mattress Brand: Purple

Purple uses innovative technology and engineering to create mattresses that last longer and feel better than almost any other. On top of that, most of Purple’s mattresses are actually quite reasonably-priced. They’re not cheap, but they cost about 30% less than similar mattresses from other brands.

Purple’s mattresses are very soft, so they might not be a good fit for people who like a firm sleeping surface. Then again, no memory foam mattress will be suitable for firm sleepers, so don’t count that against them! If you’re someone who values plushness and soft mattresses, you’ll find your ideal mattress from Purple- without sinking to the bottom.

That “sinking” feeling is one of the biggest drawbacks of memory foam mattresses. When they aren’t made well, they can feel like being trapped in a foam pit. Luckily, Purple seems to have solved that problem with the unique design features they use, including their famous “egg crate” layers!

2. Best Air Mattress Brand: Saatva

Saatva is a luxury mattress brand that only offers one air mattress model, the Solaire, but it’s a winner. With 50 different firmness/softness settings, there is little chance that you’ll be unable to find a setting that contributes to deep and restful sleep.

The mattress uses 6 different layers of material, including an organic cotton pillow top, to create a truly unique and luxurious mattress designed to satisfy. The only negative is the high price tag- more than $2,000- associated with the comfort. But, if you can stomach the cost, you’re virtually guaranteed better sleep (or, as Saatva promises, your money back)!

3. Best Innerspring Mattress Brand: Avocado Green

This organic mattress brand stormed onto the scene in 2016 as one of the only choices for truly organic mattresses and bedding that outperformed the competition. They’re some of the softest and most comfortable mattresses in the world, and the people at Avocado Green know it. That’s why they offer a 1-year trial period and a 25-year warranty on all their mattresses!

Mattresses from Avocado Green start at around $1,400, which means they’re right in the mid-to-high price tier. The good news is that you get a surprising amount of value included in your mattress purchase from Avocado Green! These mattresses are some of the highest-rated on the market, not just from buyers but also by Consumer Reports. They’re known for being very gentle on the back, allowing the spine to fully decompress as you sleep!

4. Best Latex Mattress Brand: Sleep on Latex

Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress - Firm - Queen (GOTS Certified Organic)

Who better to provide a high-quality, affordable mattress than a brand named “Sleep on Latex”? This company was started by true believers in the benefits of latex mattresses. What are those benefits? First, they’re much more supportive than traditional memory foam.

Whereas memory foam has a singular density throughout, latex foam is thicker toward the bottom and softer at the top. This allows latex mattresses to provide the same softness and feeling of memory foam while being much, much more supportive and firm for people who need it. Furthermore, latex foam is much more effective at regulating temperature and is great for hot and cold sleepers alike!

Sleep on Latex makes great latex mattresses and charges hundreds of dollars less for them than other brands’ latex models. If you’re curious about the benefits of sleeping on a latex but high price tags make you wary, this is the mattress brand for you! This brand is known for providing excellent levels of comfort, stability, and value; if you’re looking for latex, this is it!

5. Best Orthopedic Mattress Brand: Casper Mattresses

Casper is another young brand, like Avocado Green, that leverages innovative technologies to create mattresses that double down on comfort and benefits. While not technically an “orthopedic” mattress, you shouldn’t count that against them. This is because there are very few mattresses that are designed for orthopedic uses only, but many mattresses that have excellent orthopedic capabilities. Casper is one of them.

Casper mattresses are shipped right to your door, rolled up into a box. All you need to do is pull the rolled mattress out of the box, gently cut the plastic wrapping, and let the mattress expand and settle. Once it’s fully expanded, you’ve got yourself one of the world’s best mattresses for back pain, sciatica, and joint health.

If you find that you typically wake up feeling tight, stiff, sore, or simply tired, it’s likely that your mattress is the problem. By upgrading to an orthopedic mattress like a Casper, you can ensure comfortable and restful sleep for years to come! Casper mattresses also come with a 100-night trial period and a ten-year limited warranty, a big plus for internet-based mattress brands.

Best Affordable Mattress Brands

This online-only brand has a reputation for making mattresses that perform just as well as their higher-priced competitors without charging nearly as much. Classic brands has a range of mattresses, from memory foam, to hybrid, and traditional innerspring. While they don’t boast the same type of premium, ultra-luxury materials or make wild promises like other brands, they do provide years of comfortable sleep- usually for less than $1,000!

Classic Brands has a series of very popular “cool gel” mattresses that people value for their comfort and temperature regulation. They combine the softness and “floating feeling” with small bits of gel that help to draw heat away from the body. If you’ve used a memory foam mattress in the past and felt it was just too hot, you’re not alone- but you can find solace in a gel mattress from Classic Brands.

Nectar is a little-known mattress brand by most accounts, but their reputation for value and comfort grows each year. The most you’ll pay for a Nectar mattress is about $1,000, and most cost less- closer to $500. Even better, Nectar features a lot of different sales and promotions throughout the year, allowing you to save even more on your mattress purchase!

One of the best features of Nectar mattresses is their durability, a strength that few low-priced mattress brands share. They’re soft, comfortable, and will last for years without breaking down. While we might not recommend Nectar for heavier users, they’re a great option for nearly any senior who wants to get a new mattress but cannot afford the steep prices of premium brands.

8. Best Luxury Mattress Brand: Sleep Number

Forget affordability, what if you want the best of the best? No doubt about it, the best luxury brand around is Sleep Number. These mattresses are sort of a hybrid between memory foam and air mattresses and can be adjusted by very small increments to the user’s exact liking. The result is a mattress that works perfectly for anyone, no matter whether they prefer a highly firm or plush sleeping surface.

Sleep Number beds are also usually adjustable, able to move into a reclining position as well as the coveted “zero gravity position” that makes the user feel like they are almost weightless. The zero-gravity position helps distribute weight evenly across the body and is helpful for people who have back, neck, and hip pain. Keep in mind, though, that this luxury brand carries a steep price tag.

The average price for a Sleep Number bed (mattress and adjustable base) is about $3,000. You can get the mattress alone for about $1,600, which is still quite expensive although much more affordable. However, you do get one of the best sleep experiences around, so there is a lot of value for your money.

9. Best Mattress Topper Brand: Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic doesn’t just make phenomenal mattresses, they also make mattress toppers that the competition just can’t beat. This brand is dedicated to developing products that people use to help deal with all sorts of aches and pains. Their products do an exceptional job at taking pressure off of the back and joints, allowing you to have a peaceful night of deep, undisturbed sleep.

Mattress toppers are a great way for people who want to improve their sleep but don’t have the necessary funds to buy a brand new mattress. Furthermore, not every person’s mattress should be replaced; some just need a high-quality mattress topper to prolong their useful life. If you’re looking to improve your sleep quality but don’t want to spend $1,500+ to do it, get a mattress topper from a trusted, benefit-focused brand like Tempur-Pedic!

Tips For Finding the Best Brand and Model of Mattress for Your Needs

What Type of Mattress Should You Get?

There is more than one type of mattress that deserves consideration; each mattress type offers a different set of benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most common types of mattresses:

Memory Foam

Possibly the most popular type of new mattress, memory foam mattresses are extremely soft and gentle on the body. They contour to the shape of your spine and, for most people, are the most comfortable mattress type. On the downside, they do a poor job of regulating heat and can be too soft for some people.


These are sometimes called “traditional” mattresses because they were the only type of mattresses most people could buy for decades. Made using foam and a metal innerspring frame, these mattresses are long-lasting and bouncy. Many people find that they feel sore using them, though- especially in the lower back. However, if you prefer a firm sleeping surface, innerspring mattresses are the way to go.


These quasi-memory foam mattresses use small, individually-placed coils rather than the metal coil grid that innerspring mattresses use. This gives them the bounce, temperature regulation, and stability of innerspring mattresses with the softness and luxury of memory foam.


These are made in the same vein as memory foam, but with a different material. Liquid latex is poured into a mold; when it cools and settles, it is denser at the bottom than it is at the top. This gives the mattress a unique ability to support the body and cradle it at the same time. Additionally, latex is naturally hypoallergenic and regulates temperature very well.


These mattresses are typically found either in luxury mattresses or for use with hospital beds. The biggest advantage of an air mattress is that it allows the user to find the exact level of firmness or softness that works for them. They are very customizable and therefore more comfortable for people who find that no standard mattress truly works for them. On top of that, air mattresses are effective in preventing pressure sores, a major source of pain and frustration for many seniors.

The Deciding Factor in Choosing a Mattress

These days, there are so many different mattresses and features to consider that buying a new mattress can feel overwhelming. For this reason, it’s important to remember the most important factor when it comes to choosing a new mattress.

The #1 signal that your body is a good fit for a mattress is comfort. It’s like a “green light”- your body letting you know that you’ve found the right mattress. This sounds oversimplified, but it’s actually true- your body needs to be comfortable to rest and recover, and you should listen to it!

Buying a Mattress vs a Mattress Topper

Looking at the price differences between buying a brand new mattress and simply adding a mattress topper can tempt you in the wrong direction. After all, why not spend $200 on a mattress topper that will give you the same benefit as a $1,600 mattress?

There is a time to buy a mattress topper, and a time to bit the bullet and get a brand new mattress. If your current mattress is relatively new, undamaged, and simply uncomfortable, a mattress topper is a cost-effective way to get better sleep.

Mattress toppers cannot, however, solve all the problems of a degrading, worn-down mattress. It’s like trying to plug one leak in a boat with dozens of them- you’ve done something, but accomplished nothing! In these situations, you should start shopping for a full mattress, not just a topper.

Conclusion: Best Value Mattress Brands

Buying a new mattress can feel intimidating, especially with the ever-increasing number of mattress brands. We’ve discussed some of the best brands; each brand carries value for the money, comfort, and trustworthiness. Which mattress brand do you think you’ll choose? Have we left any great brands off of our list? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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