Best Comfort Bicycles for SeniorsBest Comfort Bicycles for Seniors

Best Comfort Bicycles for Seniors: 5 Top Models + Expert Buying Guide

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Best Comfort Bicycles for SeniorsBest Comfort Bicycles for Seniors

Cycling is an excellent way for seniors to get exercise, enjoy being out of the house, and run errands.

Comfort bikes, which are designed to provide all-day comfort and prevent soreness, are very popular among seniors because they aren’t made for intense riding like other types of bikes.

Check out the top 5 comfort bicycles for seniors below to find a model that’s perfect for you!

What is a Comfort Bike?

Every bicycle on the market is made for a specific type of riding or activity. Road bikes are made for intense exercise, fast riding, and road races. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are built to help riders withstand the impacts of riding on steep rocky trails.

So, what is a comfort bike built for? These bikes are designed not for performance, but to keep you comfortable on leisurely rides and light-moderate exercise.

They have ergonomic handlebars instead of the aerodynamic handlebars used on road bikes. Comfort bikes also have wider seats with extra padding; this prevents the soreness and discomfort that occurs when you ride other bikes for too long.

Comfort bikes should also have springs underneath the seat that absorb impact from bumps in the road. This feature is not included on every comfort bike, but more models have them than do not.

Most comfort bikes, also called cruiser bikes, have thick, spongy tires that allow you to ride on dense terrain like dirt and sand. If you’ve ever seen a bike listed as a “beach cruiser”, this is what they were talking about. These bikes may not look like much, but they can handle more than you think!

Pros and Cons of Comfort Bikes for Seniors


  • Affordable. Because comfort bikes aren’t made for winning races or tackling complex trails, they aren’t nearly as expensive as other types of bikes. You can get a high-quality, long-lasting comfort bike between $300 and $650, a price that would be considered entry-level for a road bike or mountain bike.
  • Comfortable. Go figure! Comfort is what these bikes are all about. If you get sore or uncomfortable on hard bike seats, you’ll love the softness and size of the seats on comfort bikes. The handlebars are also designed to keep your body upright in a comfortable posture rather than leaned forward. Riding these bikes should feel breezy and relaxed.
  • Versatile. While they can’t do everything you ask them to do, comfort bikes are pretty versatile. You can ride them on pavement, light grass, and dirt. They make for a great leisurely trip as well as for light-moderate exercise. Whether you’re out for a stroll, working on your leg muscles, or running errands, your comfort bike can accompany you without making a fuss.


  • Speed. Are you a speed demon? You might not love riding a comfort bike. They simply aren’t designed to reach high speeds quickly or sustain them. You can still ride fast, it just takes a while to get up to speed. These bikes are designed for slow-medium riding speeds, so if you want to ride fast all the time, you should look elsewhere.
  • Gears. Most comfort bikes have a single-gear drivetrain. This means that you can’t shift gears to accommodate for different cycling speeds and changes in incline. Riding uphill is much easier when you can shift into a lower gear; not having the option to on a comfort bike can be frustrating if you live in a hilly area.

Best Brands of Comfort Bikes

One of America’s most popular cycling brands, Huffy bikes are some of the most affordable on the market. They’re the true consumer-level brand, and they make bikes that will work well for years on end. If you have simple needs and desires, an affordable, comfortable Huffy is the way to go!

This brand gives you everything you’d expect from an ultra-premium brand at a price that nearly anyone can afford. They aren’t as cheap as Huffy, but their bikes are more stylish and designed to be used every single day, for years at a time. If you need a bit more from your comfort bike than a simple ride around the neighborhood, SixThreeZero has what you’re looking for.

SixThreeZero’s bikes are also easily customizable; they make it very simple to add cargo baskets, water bottle holders, lights, and more! Each bike also comes with a 1-year trial period and a lifetime warranty.

For more than 100 years, Schwinn has been one of America’s top brands. They make some of the highest quality, most affordable comfort bikes on the market. If you’re someone with a taste for the true classics, you can’t go wrong with a Schwinn.

Best Comfort and Cruiser Bikes for Seniors in 2021

1. Best Comfort Cruiser Bike for Elderly (Overall): Schwinn Beach Cruiser Mikko and Huron

Schwinn Huron Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, Featuring 17-Inch/Medium Steel Step-Over Frames, 1-Speed Drivetrain, Black

Schwinn’s beach cruisers- the Mikko for men and the Huron for women, are simple, comfortable, and come with an amazing price. They’re available in several different colors, and you can even upgrade from a 1-speed to a 3-speed or 7-speed variation if you like!

For taking a nice cruise around town, through the park, or getting your daily 30 minutes of exercise in a casual way, there’s no better choice than the Schwinn Mikko/Huron. Sure, there are bikes with more features, but none provide the same amount of value for the money as this one!

The seat, in addition to being wide and extra padded, has springs underneath it that help absorb the impact of bumps in the road. If you’re looking for comfort and simplicity, you’ll find it in this affordable bicycle from Schwinn!

Best Comfort Cruiser Bike for Elderly (Runners-up)

2. SixThreeZero Around The Block, Men’s and Women’s

This bike, available in single-speed, 3-speed, and 7-speed variations. It’s got a classic, 60’s-era design, specially made for an ergonomic riding position. The bike keeps your hips, shoulders, and back in perfect alignment; this prevents soreness and discomfort while riding.

The Around The Block comfort bike has a platform over the rear tire, a springy seat with extra cushion, and two-inch thick tires for added shock absorption. It’s also very affordable; the single-speed option costs just under $300. Finally, this bike comes in a few different paint options, each vibrant and stylish. If you’re looking for a bike that is as enjoyable to ride as it is to look at, the SixThreeZero Around The Block is for you!

Huffy 26" Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike, Champagne Gold

The Panama Jack is the quintessential beach cruiser bike. It’s got a retro design, whitewall tires, and a sleek paint job available in four different colors. It even comes with a beverage holder and a wicker basket on the front. If you’re looking to ride in style on the beach, in the park, or around the neighborhood, this is the bike for you.

The Panama Jack has an aluminum frame that is pretty lightweight for a bike that isn’t focused on performance. At just 44 pounds, the bike is light enough that nearly any senior can ride it without too much effort and put it into storage after their ride. It’s a simple, stylish, and fun bike- everything that you need in a comfort bike for seniors.

Kulana Lakona Shore Adult Beach Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Single Speed, Orange/Black (R7350AZ)

This bike is perfect for the senior with simple needs or a tight budget; at just under $200, you get a comfortable bike that does just what you need it to do and nothing more. It has a steel frame which, while heavier than other bikes, is strong and sturdy- and much cheaper than aluminum.

This bike is better for shorter seniors; it’s listed as being good for people 4-5 feet tall, but it is still comfortable for users up to 5’7”. If you’re a shorter senior or you are looking for a minimal bike that is still comfortable to ride, this is the right choice for you!

5. SixThreeZero Ride in the Park Men’s and Women’s

sixthreezero Ride in the Park Men's 7-Speed City Road Bicycle, Grey, 18" Frame/700x32c Wheels
sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women's 7-Speed City Road Bicycle, Blue, 17" Frame/700x32c Wheels

This bike is the most versatile of the comfort bikes we’ve seen so far. Whereas most comfort bikes are made for cruising on the beach or for relaxed rides around the neighborhood, this bike goes a bit further. It’s great for a ride in the park (hence the name), but it can be an everyday commuter bike, too.

It has 7 different speeds, tires that can handle everything except mountain trails, and a lightweight design that makes it easier to ride longer distances. If you’re looking for a comfortable bicycle for seniors, and you want to ride it for more than just leisure and light exercise, this is the bike for you!

Buying Guide: Comfort Bikes

What to Look for in a Comfort Bike for Seniors

  • Size: The two most common sizes for comfort bikes are 26-inch and 24-inch. There are other sizes available, but these two sizes are used in comfort bikes most often. If you’re taller than 5’5”, make sure you get the 26-inch size!
  • Tire Thickness: This is an obscure specification for casual cyclists, but an important one nonetheless. If the bike has tires that are more than 2 inches thick, it’s good for dirt, sand, and grass. If the tires are less than 2 inches thick, it is intended for pavement more than off-road use. Before deciding on a comfort bike, consider where you will be riding it and choose accordingly! (Note: this is true about the tires on comfort/cruiser bikes, but does not necessarily apply to other types of bikes which have specialized tires.)

How to Find the Best Price on a Comfort Bike for Seniors

  • Features: Comfort bikes are very affordable on the whole, but that doesn’t mean every comfort bike you see is a great deal. You should, most of the time, pay up to $350 for a single-speed comfort bike. Adding more gears to the drivetrain and other premium features drives the price up. If you want to get a great deal, consider finding a bike without those extra features!
  • Brand: While Schwinn bikes are certainly worth the money, you can usually find a cheaper bike with very similar features and comfort from a minor brand. If you want to pay a very low price for a bike, stay away from the major brands. However, comfort bikes are generally inexpensive, so you shouldn’t worry too much!

Wrapping Up

Which comfort bike do you think is right for you? No matter which bike you’re considering, you can rest assured that it will provide an enjoyable, practical way to get around, get exercise, and enjoy the nature around you! So, choose your bike, get to riding, and experience the heart, joint, and life benefits of cycling for seniors!

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