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Virtual Reality Treadmill Kits for the Elderly: What They Are & How They Help Prevent Falls

By kbeveridge

Virtual Reality Treadmill Kits for the Elderly

Treadmills are excellent for seniors, but they can be dangerous too. Virtual reality treadmills are another option that offers better safety mechanisms and features for the elderly. So, what makes them different from regular treadmills?

In today’s guide, we’ll look at virtual reality treadmill kits for the elderly. We explain what these devices are and how they can help prevent falls.

What is a Virtual Reality Treadmill For Seniors?

Virtual reality treadmills are devices that allow you to move in any direction. Unlike traditional treadmills, these devices have a multidirectional belt. The device also comes with a virtual reality headset, allowing you to walk or jog in virtual environments like a forest or the beach without leaving your house.

Additionally, virtual reality treadmills tend to be more secure because you must be locked onto the device to use it. Once you are attached, you can walk or jog in the environment you choose.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Virtual Reality Treadmill For Seniors?

Virtual reality treadmills can be highly beneficial for seniors because of their many features. However, they also present some drawbacks that you should consider before getting one.


  • Virtual reality treadmills allow you to walk in any direction.
  • They tend to be safer than traditional treadmills.
  • You can choose the environment you want to walk in.
  • They can help prevent falls in the elderly.


  • Virtual reality treadmills are more expensive.
  • They are also more difficult to use and require more knowledge.
  • They are a new type of device, so they do not offer their full potential yet.

Do Virtual Reality Treadmills Really Help Prevent Falls In The Elderly?

Virtual reality treadmills are a new type of technology. Still, studies suggest that they are safer for seniors than traditional models. Most recent studies indicate that VRT or virtual reality treadmills can help prevent falls in people between 60 and 90.

During the study, researchers caused the users to fall while using the virtual reality treadmills. They found that this technology helped users to reduce their falls in general over time. Some of the participants in this study had Parkinson’s disease. Even for them, the virtual reality treadmill was safer than the traditional model.

They can also prevent falls because seniors are attached to the machine while they use it. Therefore, they have physical stability during their exercises.

Where To Buy A Virtual Reality Treadmill Kit For Seniors?

  • Amazon: Amazon offers many products, including virtual reality treadmills. Although they are a new technology and there aren’t many options yet, you’ll be able to find different kits and brands.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s version of Craigslist. It is new, so you may not be able to find many devices. However, there are some models available, depending on your location.
  • eBay: Another online store you can try is eBay, where you can find new and secondhand devices at incredible prices.

Additionally, you can buy a virtual reality treadmill directly in the brand’s online store. As virtual reality treadmills are still relatively new, you might have better luck looking for yours with the manufacturers. For instance, you can try Virtuix’s website to get your very own Omni (VRT).

Best Virtual Reality Treadmill Kit For Seniors

Although it is not yet a technology used widely by seniors, there are some options that offer the best features for them. For instance, Virtuix offers cutting-edge technology, durability, and other elements that can benefit seniors.

Omni by Virtuix

Virtuix is one of the leading brands when it comes to virtual reality devices. Their Omni is a virtual reality treadmill that works perfectly for gamers and offers features that are necessary for seniors. It has excellent safety features, is easy to use, and is highly durable.

Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith is another leading brand in the virtual reality industry. Their Virtualizer is a virtual reality treadmill that operates similarly to the Omni but with a different design and some unique features. This option has one of the best safety mechanisms, making it a perfect choice for seniors.

Buying Guide: What To Look For In A Virtual Reality Treadmill Kit?

There are certain aspects you should consider before buying your virtual reality treadmill. For instance, you should look for a device that is easy to use and adjust to your needs.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • User-friendly: One of the main features you need in your virtual reality treadmill is an easy-to-use interface. Seniors tend to have specific problems with complicated technologies. So, look for one that doesn’t require you to know how to code or hack and enjoy your ride.
  • Safe: Safety first is not a joke. Treadmills are some of the most dangerous exercise machines on the market. Even though the virtual reality models tend to be safer, you should still ensure that the one you get has the best safety features possible.
  • Durable: Virtual reality treadmills are not cheap. Because they involve new technologies and many different features, you should avoid non-durable options. If not, you’ll find yourself spending a lot more than what you would have expected.  
  • Easy to adjust: Virtual reality treadmills are still treadmills, so you will need to change your speed and other features. An option that allows you to adjust the device to your needs quickly is the best choice.
  • Good shock absorption: Good shock absorption can be the difference between a lot of post-workout pain and an easy recovery time. Not all virtual reality treadmills require this because some suspend you in the air. However, if yours works like a traditional treadmill in that aspect, good shock absorption is imperative.

There are also some features you should avoid:

  • Cheap models: You should look for affordable, but not for the cheapest. Usually, cheap models will not offer the same safety features as more advanced options.
  • Complicated devices: Most virtual reality treadmills are meant for gamers, which tend to be between 14 and 30 It is easy for them to use these devices, but it can get tricky for seniors.


Virtual reality treadmills are a new technology that will probably become the standard for gaming and seniors. They offer unique safety features that the traditional models cannot provide, like stability and fall prevention.

They also allow you to walk or jog in an entirely new environment of your choosing. By investing in the correct model for your needs, you can take your physical rehabilitation to the next level.

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