Best Walking Canes for Men

Best Walking Canes for Men (2021): 6 Top Walking Canes for Every Need

By jwilder

Best Walking Canes for Men

More than 16% of seniors in America use a walking cane. These devices are simple, effective, and very affordable. There are thousands of different cane styles and tons of different features- many of which are perfectly suited to men with balance issues or who feel pain when walking.

If you're considering what it might be like to use a cane, use our guide to the best walking canes for men to decide which features and styles are the best for you!

Types of Walking Canes for Men

Types of Cane Points

  • Single-Point:  the simplest and least expensive of any cane, single-point canes have nothing more than a small rubber foot at the bottom. They're the most efficient type of Cain, requiring the least energy to use. These canes are best suited to people who don't have serious balance issues and instead need a cane for pain relief or to improve their walking form.
  • Tripod/3-Prong: These games have 3 ft at the bottom, and are perfect for people who want a very stable cane that is still lightweight and versatile.
  • Quad: Quad canes are extremely stable, but they can sometimes be very heavy and bulky. These canes are the best for people who have balance issues because they provide unmatched stability that can truly save the day when you lose your balance.

Types of Cane Styles

Walk Buddy Adjustable Walking Stick 4 Prong Anti-Slip Quad Cane for Seniors with FM Radio, LED Guide Light, S.O.S Alarm, Firm Grip Handle, USB Charger - Stands On Its Own, No Batteries Required
  • Adjustable: This is a feature that is available on the majority of canes designed for medical use. They can adjust up or down in height so that the user can find the ideal height for their body size.
  • Folding: Canes are very useful when you're walking, but the moment that you sit down they become nothing more than another object to taking up space. That's why many canes will separate into three or four pieces so you can easily store them away, ready when you need to get up again.
  • Seat: The idea of a cane that turns into a seat might be a bit silly at first, but they are very useful to people who need them. If you have COPD or another medical concern that causes you to need to sit and take breaks, this is the perfect cane for you.
  • Gadget: This is a term that broadly describes any cane that has technology installed in it. This could include a stun gun, a flashlight, even a hidden flask. You can even buy a cane with a sword in it if you want to get something both unique and useful in a fight!

Benefits of Using a Walking Cane

Increased Freedom

Having an injury or medical condition that limits your mobility can be very frustrating. It keeps you from going where you want when you want. It can make you feel like you are constantly cooped up in the house, dependent upon others for help. Using a cane or other mobility aid gives you back some of your freedom. Many seniors report feeling a greater sense of autonomy over their lives when they start to use a mobility aid.

Improved Balance

This is the benefit of a walking cane that is the easiest to see. If you have had a stroke, mini-stroke, or any other medical event that changed your body's natural sense of balance, using a cane is ideal.

The best part of having a cane for balance rather than a heavier mobility aid is that they are light enough small enough that you only have to lean on them in moments when you lose your balance. If you are walking and don’t feel off-balance, you can simply hold your cane lightly. But, the second that you start to lose your balance, your cane is there for you!

Pain Relief

People who have knee osteoarthritis or sciatica know all too well the pain that accompanies walking. If you have these issues or another medical concern that causes pain when walking, using a cane is a wonderful idea.

One study conducted with knee osteoarthritis patients found that pain and swelling were significantly reduced simply by using a cane to walk. Some patients even reported in another study that the progression of their knee osteoarthritis had slowed down.

If you feel pain while walking, using a cane takes the weight and therefore pressure off of your major joints. This includes the lower back. Sciatica is caused by undue pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve; sometimes, your walking motion may be causing this pressure without you even knowing it. If you have sciatica or another type of lower back pain, using a cane as you walk can be very effective in reducing it.

Natural Walking Form

If you walk with a limp or have had an injury/medical event that changed your natural walking form, you can benefit tremendously from using a walking cane. Correctly used, a walking cane promotes a healthy and natural walking motion. Over time, focusing on improving your walking gait will lead to reduced pain and greater comfort while walking.

Risks of Using a Walking Cane

There are two major risks to using a cane. The first is that using a cane that is the wrong size can cause more harm than good. If the cane is too small, you'll be stooping over to use it. If the cane is too tall, it will push against you in a way that throws off your balance rather than improving it.

The second risk of using a walking cane is that many seniors do not know the proper way to use one, and end up causing more problems than they solve. For example, many seniors will use their cane in the hand on the same side as their injury.  This creates a hobbling motion that makes you slower and increases your pain rather than decreases it.

The Best Walking Canes for Men in 2021

1. Best Walking Cane for Men (Overall): Big Alex Quad Walking Cane

BigAlex Folding Walking Cane Adjustable & Portable Walking Stick,Pivoting Quad Base,Lightweight,Collapsible with Carrying Bag for Men/Woman(Blue)

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Quad Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 33-38 inches
  • Weight Supported: 300 pounds

This cane is incredibly light, yet still strong enough to support the weight of a 300-pound man. It’s also large enough that it can accommodate a user up to 6’3”, ideal for most men. It’s simple, adjustable, and folds up into a small carrying bag when you aren’t using it.

One of the best parts of this cane is the pivoting base. The base, rather than being solidly attached to the shaft, is secured with a pivoting mechanism that bends and flexes like the human ankle. This makes it better at handling uneven terrain and delivering traction even when the ground isn’t ideal.

If you’re looking for an affordable cane that will fit your body and give you the freedom to go almost anywhere, the Big Alex Quad Cane is exactly what you need.

2. Best Walking Cane for Tall Men: Carex Soft Grip Walking Cane

Carex Soft Grip Walking Cane - Height Adjustable Cane With Wrist Strap - Latex Free Soft Cushion Handle, Black

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Single-Point Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 31-40 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 250 pounds

If you’re taller than 6’3”, it can be hard to find a cane that won’t have you awkwardly stooping over to use it. The Carex Soft Grip cane may be simple, but it can accommodate users up to 6’8”! That makes it, without a doubt, the best cane for taller men.

It isn’t just great for tall people, though. This cane has a very soft handle, good for people who tend to lean heavily on their cane for support. On top of that, it’s one of the cheapest canes on the market- an all-around great deal on a cane that caters to people who are sometimes left out of the design process!

3. Best Ergonomic Walking Cane for Men: Dynamo Cyclone Cane

New All-Terrain Design - Dynamo Cyclone Cane is The Most Modern Cane Tech Ever. It’s Balanced & Adjustable. Designed Thru Science, Built for Comfort and Confidence.

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Ergonomic Single-Point
  • Cane Height: 31-36 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 300 Pounds

The Cyclone cane has a unique “crossbow” style design that is intended to help you move as naturally and safely as possible. The shape of the cane mimics the shape of your leg with a slight bend in the knee; this makes it easier to move carefree. You won’t be worrying about cane placement because the cane is taking care of most of the work for you.

This cane is a single-point cane, so it’s not ideal for people with serious balance issues. Instead, this cane is perfect for people who want to walk more naturally and relieve pain/stiffness in their joints and lower back. Normally, the term “ergonomic” only applies to the cane handle; with the Dynamo Cyclone, the term is applied to the entire cane!

4. Best Folding Walking Cane for Men: Ohuhu Folding Quad Walking Cane

Folding Walking Cane with LED Light by Ohuhu, Adjustable Canes and Walking Stick with Carrying Bag for Men and Women Sturdy and Lightweight Portable Folding Walking Cane for Fathers Mothers Gifts

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Folding Quad
  • Cane Height: 33-37 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 250 Pounds

This folding cane is one of the most popular on the market today. Many seniors value it for its low price, exceptional stability, and convenient folding. The Ohuhu folding cane even comes with two different bases (single-point and quad), as well as an LED flashlight that you can use to safely get around at night!

The worst part of using a cane is having to find someplace to put it when you’re in the car, using public transportation, or sitting indoors. They can be a nuisance, and if they fall onto the floor, you may not be able to easily bend over and grab them if you’re dealing with an injury. Having a folding cane lets you keep your cane within reach, but out of the way, until you’re ready to use it again.

5. Best Quad Walking Cane for Men: RMS Quad Walking Cane

RMS Quad Cane - Adjustable Walking Cane with 4-Pronged Base for Extra Stability - Foam Padded Offset Handle for Soft Grip - Works for Right or Left Handed Men or Women (Black)

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Quad Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 28-37 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 250 Pounds

The RMS Quad Walking Cane is about as stable and simple as it gets. It adjusts to accommodate any height between 4’10” and 6’3” and has a slim base that provides exceptional stability without getting in the way.

Instead of being designed in a square or round shape, the 4 feet on this cane form a slim rectangle. This allows the cane to create a large platform for stability without getting in the way of your feet as you walk.

Quad canes are perfect for people who have balance issues, but only if the base is wide enough to hold them up. With the RMS Quad Cane, you’ll have all the stability you need to avoid slipping and falling- it gives you confidence to live your life to the fullest!

6. Best Adjustable Walking Cane for Men: Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane

Hugo Adjustable Quad Cane for Right or Left Hand Use, Black, Small Base

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Adjustable Quad
  • Cane Height: 29-38 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 300 Pounds

This simple cane can be adjusted to fit in the right or left hand and accommodates a wide range of user heights. From looking at it, you may think that there isn’t anything particularly special about this cane, and you’d be correct. But, that’s exactly the point- it’s a no-frills, no gimmicks cane that delivers on its promise to help you walk more healthily, nothing more.

If you’re looking for a sturdy cane that will help you walk despite any sort of mobility issue, the Hugo cane is for you. It’s strong, easy to adjust, and does its job wonderfully, time and time again!

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Cane for Your Needs

How to Find Designer/Custom Canes for Men

Designer canes are relatively easy to find on Amazon, but this is one product area where Amazon actually isn’t the number one option you have. Instead, for designer canes, we recommend you visit one of the websites in this list:

They have great selections of luxury cane materials and custom ordering options. If you want a truly unique cane, one of those highly reputable online stores should be able to help!

Features to Look Out For

  • Cane Height: Finding a cane that is the right height is the most important thing you can do as you shop. The easiest way to do this is by selecting a cane with adjustable height.
  • Gadget Features: Gadget features such as flasks, lights, etc. may not make your cane anymore medically beneficial, but it does make using a cane a bit more enjoyable. Many seniors are reluctant to use canes because it makes them feel old. Getting a cane with a fun gadget softens the blow just a bit.
  • Balance vs Pressure Relief:  If your primary concern is balanced you should get a cane with a quad or tripod base. If your primary concern is pressure relief and Pain Management, get a single point cane that will be a bit easier to use.

Conclusion: Walking Canes for Men

Canes are very simple items that have been around for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. However, just because they're simple does not mean they aren’t useful. Finding a cane that fits your height and your needs is a great way to increase your freedom without risking a nasty fall. Which cane from our list intrigued you the most? Do you have any questions about the models we looked at? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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