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Best Sit To Stand Lift Brands (2022): Top Manufacturers Of Sit To Stand Lifts

By kbeveridge

Best Sit To Stand Lift Brands

Sit to stand lifts are an essential tool you should consider if you or a loved one has problems standing up. Not all sit-to-stand lifts are the same because each manufacturer and brand has a model to fit specific needs and requirements.

This guide will tell you all there is to know about the best sit-to-stand lift brands. We will discuss the origin, expertise, and leading products from each of these brands so you can see the difference.  

The Best Sit to Stand Lift Brands


What Is the Background of Invacare?

The history of Invacare dates back to 1885 when the Worthington Company began producing wheelchairs. Later, in 1970, the company would sell the wheelchair division to a group of investors. Those investors founded Invacare shortly after.

Since then, it has been innovating in the homecare and long-term care industry with revolutionary products and designs.

Its name is a combination of its three essential aspects: innovation, value, and care.

What Medical Products Does Invacare Manufacture?

Invacare manufactures the following products:

  • Beds and furnishings for patients
  • Manual wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs
  • Patient transfer devices
  • Respiratory therapy devices
  • Personal care devices
  • Patient care devices

It all depends on what you are looking for but, due to a large number of customizable options, the price is going to depend on what your budget and your needs are.

What Are the Best Invacare Sit to Stand Lifts?

Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Patient Lift with Extra Large Reliant Standing Sling (Bundle Includes GHS350 + R131)

Among Invacare’s products, the best sit-to-stand lift is the Invacare Get-U-Up Stand-Up Lift. This product offers everything you and your loved one might need, from safety and durability to maneuverability and comfort.

You’ll be able to adjust this device to your needs. Additionally, you can combine it with a sling to make it a lot more efficient for reduced mobility patients.  


What Is the Background of Hoyer?

Hoyer Lifts Company began when Ted Hoyer, who had quadriplegia, created the first powered lift using his imagination and knowledge. Since then, the company has been innovating in the homecare industry.

Today, Hoyer is part of Joerns Healthcare, a leading international company in the healthcare industry.

What Medical Products Does Hoyer Manufacture?

Hoyer focuses on stand assist devices, and lifts are their primary product. However, it also provides some of the best-quality slings for patients with reduced mobility.

Here’s a list of Hoyer’s sit to stand devices:

  • Hoyer Advance-H Patient Lift
  • Hoyer Advance-E Power Lift
  • Hoyer Deluxe Power Lift
  • Hoyer Elevate Stand-Up Lift
  • Hoyer Voyager Ceiling Lift
  • Hoyer Journey Stand-Up Lift
  • Pool Lifts
  • Manual Lifts
  • Slings

What Are the Best Hoyer Sit to Stand Lifts?

Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift - Hoyer Journey Sit to Stand Lift

Among Hoyer’s best sit-to-stand lifts, you’ll find Hoyer’s Journey Stand-Up Lift. This device offers excellent portability and maneuverability thanks to its innovative design. You can also adjust this sit-to-stand lift to your needs and requirements.

Additionally, you could also choose Hoyer’s Elevate Stand-Up Lift. Although less affordable than the first option, this Hoyer device offers some of the best quality and comfort possible. It is easy to use, adjust, and maneuver.


What Is the Background of Drive Medical?

Drive Medical was founded in 2000 and has since become one of the leading brands in homecare manufacturing. It has a vast catalog of products and services for the elderly and people with reduced mobility capacity.

Today, Drive Medical is a homecare and long-term care provider for many households. Additionally, it also provides products and services to veterans thanks to its deal with the US government.

What Medical Products Does Drive Medical Manufacture?

Drive Medical offers a variety of products and services. It manufactures almost everything you could need for home care, long-term care, and even maternity.

Here’s a list of the medical products Drive Medical manufactures:

  • Respiratory devices
  • Mobility assist devices
  • Long term care devices
  • Bathroom safety products
  • Sleep care products
  • Hospital beds for patients and the elderly
  • Patient room gadgets and devices
  • Therapeutic support
  • Personal care
  • Breast pumps
  • Commodes

What Are the Best Drive Medical Sit to Stand Lifts?

Drive Medical 13246 Stand-Assist Lift, Extra-Wide Non-Skid Foot, Provides Stable Assistance in Standing, Padded Adjustable Leg Support, Easy-roll 4" Casters, 24V DC Motor, 4.5" Under-Bed Clearance

Drive Medical offers many excellent stand assist devices, but the best one is the Drive Medical 13246 Stand Assist Lift. This device has exceptional stability when standing up from a variety of positions. Additionally, it is easy to attach and adjust, and it is comfortable for your and your loved ones.

Lumex (Graham-Field)

What Is the Background of Graham-Field?

Lumex is Graham-Field’s homecare brand. It is a leading manufacturer of home care, long-term care, clinic-use devices, and more. It has factories all over the United States and distribution centers in many states and Canada.

Its wide variety of products and brands ensures that you’ll find what you need with them. Today, you’ll discover Graham-Field devices in the most renowned clinics, hospitals, and institutes worldwide.  

What Medical Products Does Graham-Field Manufacture?

Graham-Field manufactures over 50,000 items and devices for the healthcare industry, from bathroom safety and extended care to homecare beds and furniture.

Here’s a list of Graham-Field brands:

  • Basic American Medical
  • Lumex
  • Graham-Field
  • Gendron
  • Grafco
  • Hausted
  • Lumiscope
  • Labtron
  • John Bunn

Here’s a list of the products they manufacture:

  • Bathroom safety
  • Homecare beds and furniture
  • Healthcare seating
  • Medical and surgery devices
  • Medical and surgery devices
  • Patient lifts and slings
  • Personal care
  • Respiratory equipment
  • Therapeutic support surfaces

What Are the Best Lumex Sit to Stand Lifts?

LUMEX Stand Assist Patient Transport Unit, LF1600

Among Graham-Field’s best sit-to-stand devices, you’ll find the LUMEX Stand Assist. This option is highly resistant and durable. Its maneuverability is among the best in the market. Furthermore, you can adjust it to your needs or the needs of your loved ones without any complications.


What Is the Background of Medline?

Medline is one of the most distinguished medical companies in the world. Its high-quality products and services are used among clinics and hospitals all over the U.S.

The company's objective is to improve health quality by reducing supply spending and working more efficiently. This way of thinking helps it provide you with the best products at the most affordable prices.

What Medical Products Does Medline Manufacture?

Here’s a list of some of the medical products Medline manufactures:

  • Advanced wound care
  • Anesthesia
  • Apparel
  • Hospital beds and mattresses
  • Central sterile equipment
  • Textiles, gloves, and shoes for patients
  • Incontinence devices
  • Medical equipment
  • Therapy and rehabilitation equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Office supplies
  • Infection prevention

What Are the Best Medline Sit to Stand Lifts?

If you are looking for Medline’s best sit-to-stand lift, you should consider the Medline Electric Stand Assist Lift. This device can make standing up a lot more efficient for you or your loved one.

Its design makes it easy to use and adjust to your needs, giving you the stability and power to lift yourself or someone else.


What Is the Background of Arjo?

The history of Arjo goes back to 1957 when Arne Johansson founded the company. In the beginning, Arjo manufactured parts and components for other manufacturers and brands. However, that ended after Arne noticed the need for specialized equipment for homecare use.

Arjo is today a leading manufacturing brand in medical supplies and devices all over the world. It specializes in elderly care and medical appliances that can make the life of a senior less challenging.

What Medical Products Does Arjo Manufacture?

The company manufactures many devices and appliances needed for medical treatments and homecare.

Here’s a list of the products Arjo manufactures:

  • Hospital beds
  • Patient handling devices
  • Pressure injury prevention
  • Vascular therapy (VTE)
  • Hygiene
  • Disinfection

What Are the Best Arjo Sit to Stand Lifts?

If you are looking for Arjo’s best sit-to-stand lift, consider the Sara Flex Sit to Stand. The device has the highest quality materials, providing resistance and durability while still being easy to use and adjust.


What Is the Background of Liko?

Liko is Hill-Rom’s health and homecare brand that specializes in patient lifts and stand-assist devices. Hill-Rom is a leading brand that’s been innovating in the healthcare industry since 1915. You’ll be able to find Liko and Hill-Rom products in Canada, the United States, most of Western Europe, and some parts of the Asia-Pacific region.

What Medical Products Does Liko Manufacture?

Liko manufactures different products focused on patient transportation and mobility. It makes various devices like slings and sling bars to sit-to-stand devices and other patient lift products.

Here’s a list of some of Liko’s products:

  • Slings, belts, and sling components
  • Support vests and lift aid sheets
  • Patient transfer boards
  • Lift stretchers
  • Manual transfer aid devices
  • Transverse lift systems
  • Overhead and patient lifts
  • Straight rail lift systems
  • Sit to stand devices

What Are the Best Liko Sit to Stand Lifts?

Liko’s best sit-to-stand device is the Sabina II Lift. This is a product that combines comfort, safety, and quality for you and your loved ones. This product can hold up to 440 lbs (199 kg) and offers a wide range of versatility.

With the Sabina II, you can control the speed of the lifting, thanks to its incredible design and mechanism. It is easy to use, adjust, and you can charge it by only using an outlet.


To choose the right sit-to-stand lift for you, you’ll need to know which options you have. Some brands offer better versatility, while others provide a more affordable product. However, each of the brands mentioned is synonymous with quality and safety.

So, check what you need in a sit-to-stand lift, and decide which brand offers you the product that fits your requirements.

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