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Sit To Stand Lift Rental (2022): Where To Rent & Get The Best Price

By kbeveridge

Sit To Stand Lift Rental

If you are having trouble standing up from sofas, couches, chairs, or your bed, a sit-to-stand lift might just be the tool you need. They are excellent devices that can help you reduce the pain of standing up while making it a lot safer.

However, these devices can be expensive, and not everyone needs them for long periods. So buying can seem like the wrong choice for many. Luckily, some companies provide sit-to-stand lifts without needing to buy them. You can easily rent one for as long as you need it and return it after.

Today’s guide looks at the best sit-to-stand lift rentals and where you can get the best price on a sit to stand lift rental in your area.

What Is a Sit to Stand Lift?

First of all, you need to understand what a sit-to-stand lift is and how it can help you. A sit-to-stand lift is a device that allows you to stand up from a sitting position while reducing pain and the risk of falling. It is an essential tool for anyone with reduced mobility and back or joint problems.

It is a machine composed of different parts that provide the correct stability. The solid frames will keep the device steady, and the bars offer the perfect lift. Additionally, you can also combine this machine with a sling to make the process easier.

Keep in mind that sit-to-stand lifts are meant for people that can stand by themselves but find it hard or painful.

Can I Rent a Sit to Stand Lift?

Companies provide rental services for different medical devices, and one of those options are sit-to-stand lifts. People rent these machines when they know that the need for them won’t be permanent, and it would be cheaper to rent one than to buy one.

For instance, a new sit-to-stand lift from a reliable brand can cost between 2,500 to up to 5,000 USD, or even more. You can find rental places on the internet offering reasonable prices depending on the sit-to-stand lift brand and how many times it has been used.

What Is the Price to Rent a Sit to Stand Lift?

When renting a sit-to-stand lift, the price will vary depending on the region, usage, and brand. Some rentals can offer the device for 150 USD per month, and others can provide it for around 400 USD. The difference is usually the lifting range and the weight capacity, apart from the brand and model.

Another feature that can make the price vary is the mechanism of the sit-to-stand lift. Electric lifts tend to be a lot more expensive than manual lifts, and that’s the same for rental equipment.

You’ll be able to find powered sit-to-stand lifts for around 600 USD, while the manual options can go as low as 100 USD per month.

Where Can I Rent a Sit to Stand Lift Near Me?

Many companies provide rental services for standing devices like the sit-to-stand lift. However, the devices’ availability and price vary depending on the area and how far you are from the company’s headquarters.

Here are some of the best rental companies for sit-to-stand lift:

Blue Chip Care

Blue Chip Care is a medical equipment rental that delivers to New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. It has over 30 years of experience in the industry and is proud of its customer service reviews.

This company offers everything, from wheelchairs and compression pumps to more complex mechanisms like standing aid devices and patient lifts. Additionally, the company provides an excellent delivery system in the areas they work in.

Blue Chip Care offers a Lumex sit-to-stand lift for 395 USD monthly. It is one of the best brands in the market, and it has a versatile lifting range.

Bellevue Healthcare

Bellevue Healthcare is a Washington-based option with distribution offices in Idaho and Oregon. It offers the necessary assistance during the renting and transportation process, and it has excellent customer service.

The staff is trained to help you with any question you might have about their products’ functionality. Additionally, it has a large selection of medical products that you can find helpful.

The company only offers monthly rentals. So, you’ll have to either take it for a month if you need it for less time or find another option.

Bellevue Healthcare offers a variety of sit-to-stand lifts to rent. Its most affordable option costs only 150 USD a month.

Homepro Medical Supplies

HMS is another option for renting sit-to-stand lifts with impeccable customer service and high-quality items. This company has been providing medical equipment in New York for over twenty years.

When it comes to sit-to-stand lifts to rent, you can choose from manual or powered. Each of these options has advantages and disadvantages, but you should choose the one that fits all your needs.

Homepro Medical Supplies

Healthlink Medical Equipment is a Canadian company providing homecare supplies all over Vancouver since 2012. The company owners are passionate about the home care industry as they both have had experience with it in their respective families.

Additionally to home care, the company has also launched a long-term care division operating since 2019. It is one of Canada’s most reliable medical supplies companies, which allows it to work with the world’s most renowned medical brands.

In its home care division, it offers many different products, sit-to-stand lifts among those. You’ll be able to rent the Reliant 350 Sit-To-Stand Lift for 300 USD a month.

Reliable Medical Supply

This Kansas City rental company offers excellent service and high-quality products. It has been a family-owned business since 2003 and has rave reviews from its clients.

It offers different medical products, from respiratory and mobility devices to BIPAP machines and wheelchairs.

Reliable Medical Supply offers an Invacare Reliant for 600 USD a month. This is a powered stand-to-sit lift that provides excellent support and stability while making the entire process a lot easier.

Rental Guide: What to Look For When Renting a Sit to Stand Lift

Manual or Powered

One factor that will dictate a sit-to-stand lift’s rental price is whether the device is manual or electric. Electric models use similar mechanisms to manual ones, but they help you more. Essentially, the electric option uses an internal mechanism that assists the caregivers when it’s time to stand up a patient.

Manual sit-to-stand lifts are a lot cheaper to rent, but they require more effort on your part. If you can afford an electric sit-to-stand lift, go for it.

Weight Capacity

When looking to rent a sit-to-stand lift, keep an eye on the weight capacity of the machine. There are sit-to-stand lifts that can hold up to 400lbs (181.4 kg), meaning they will accommodate most people. However, you’ll need to consider other options if you or a loved one needs a sit-to-stand lift with more weight capacity.

Lifting Range

Another aspect to consider when renting a sit-to-stand lift is the lifting range of the device. The more range a lift offers, the more versatile it is. For example, some sit-to-stand lifts can help you stand up from different sitting positions, whether on a couch, chair, or bed.

On the other hand, some lifts do not offer much and can only help if you sit in a specific position. So, consider what usage you’ll need from the sit-to-stand lift before deciding on one.

Transportation and Delivery

Sit-to-stand devices are big and heavy. Some can even weigh more than 125lbs (56.6 kg). This means that to transport it, you’ll need to hire someone to pick it from the rental company and deliver it home.

If possible, check for rental companies offering delivery services. It will increase the cost, but it is a lot safer. Sit-to-stand lifts are costly, and if something were to happen to the device during transportation, you would have to pay for it.

Previous Usage

Not all medical rental companies provide this information, but if possible, check for it before renting. Sit-to-stand lifts are complex mechanisms that require the correct maintenance to keep working correctly. Without maintenance, the mechanism can fail, and that can lead to accidents.

It will be challenging to find a new sit-to-stand lift for rent. However, remember that the newer the device, the better it should work.

Product Specifications

Sit-to-stand lifts come in different models, sizes, and shapes. When looking to rent one, you need to consider the product specifications. If the device is too big to maneuver at home, it won’t be of much help. The same goes for a device that is too heavy or wide.

Consider what you need and what your house can handle, and look for a device that can provide for those specific needs.


If you are looking to use a sit-to-stand lift in the short term, you should consider getting it from a rental company. They offer a wide variety of models and brands for a much more affordable price than if you were to buy one.

Overall, when looking to rent one of these devices, keep an eye on the product specifications, the weight capacity, lifting range, and how new it is. Additionally, you’ll need to decide between a manual sit-to-stand lift or a powered one.

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