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Hearing Devices Brands & Retailers: 12 Popular Manufacturers & Online Retailers

By kbeveridge

Hearing Devices Brands & Retailers

When it comes to hearing devices like sound amplifiers or hearing aids, there are many brands you can choose from. These companies provide unique and innovative designs that can help you hear better. You can choose a premium brand for a more durable device, an affordable brand, or one that provides the highest-quality models.

In today’s buying guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the best hearing device brands and retailers. We’ll outline the most popular manufacturers and online retailers and what to look for when buying a hearing device.

Best Online Hearing Devices Brands


Eargo is a company that focuses on manufacturing different hearing devices like hearing aids and sound amplifiers. The company was founded by Florent Michel in 2010 and has since become one of the top leading brands in the hearing device industry. Its main headquarters are located in San Jose, California.

Since its creation, the company has become one of the most reliable brands in the hearing industry. It is known for its unique hearing aids designs, which resemble the shape of a flying fish. Its products are also highly rechargeable and comfortable. Nowadays, Eargo is a multimillion-dollar company that’s even listed in the NASDAQ.

Here are the products Eargo manufactures:

MD Hearing Aid

MD Hearing Aid is a company known for its outstanding hearing devices and affordable prices. The company was founded over ten years ago in Chicago, Illinois. Since its creation, it has become one of the most popular hearing device brands worldwide, thanks to its outstanding and innovative designs.

The CEO of the brand, Doug Breaker, wanted to create a company to finance the design and manufacture of high-quality hearing devices. But, he also wanted to sell those devices at the fairest price possible. That’s how MD Hearing Aid started, and it is what they have been doing since day one.

Here is a list of the products MD Hearing Aid manufactures:

  • The MD Hearing Aid Pro
  • The MD Hearing Aid Air
  • The MD Hearing Aid Volt+
  • The MD Hearing Aid Core
  • Hearing accessories


Otofonix specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of hearing devices like PSAPs and hearing aids. The company was founded in 2009 by a retired Ears, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician. Because of his age, he began suffering from the same problems as many of his patients.

After realizing the high price of hearing aids, he decided to manufacture affordable hearing devices that everyone could use. As a result, his company, located in North Carolina, is one of the most popular brands for personal sound amplifiers and other hearing devices.

Here are the products Otofonix manufactures:

  • The Sona
  • The Encore
  • The Helix
  • The Groove
  • Hearing accessories

Listen Clear

Listen Clear is a company that specializes in a one-size-fits-all type of hearing device. It provides high-quality machines at affordable prices and offers a “Hear Now, Pay Later” deal. This allows you to get the hearing aid you need even if you don’t have the money to pay it upfront.

It is a company known for its excellent customer service and high-quality products. As a result, you should be able to find the right hearing aid for you. Additionally, its devices are easy to use and have a simple design that can make your experience a lot more enjoyable.

Here are the products Listen Clear manufactures:

  • The Premier 70
  • The Premier 50
  • Hearing accessories
  • The Listen Clear Shadow
  • The Listen Clear Pro

Elevated Hearing

Elevated Hearing is a company that manufactures and designs various hearing devices with unique features and benefits. It combines decades of knowledge and experience in the hearing care industry to offer reliable products and high-quality services.

The company is known for its user-friendly devices with innovative designs that you can find at affordable prices. Its products are delivered directly to you, and they are ready to be used as soon as you unpack them.

Here are the products Elevated Hearing manufactures:

  • The eRite
  • Hearing accessories

Popular Hearing Devices Brands Sold on Amazon


Banglijian Hearing Amplifier Rechargeable Ziv-201 High Quality Digital Noise Reduction and Feedback Cancellation Small Size

Banglijian is a relatively new hearing device brand that focuses on manufacturing affordable devices and selling them to online retailers like Amazon. It is not one of the most popular brands or names when it comes to hearing care, but you’ll find many of its products ranking as bestsellers on Amazon.

Banglijian provides modern hearing devices like PSAPs for a fraction of what other brands charge. It is also a company that constantly innovates with better designs and upgrades for its previous models. Its products are reliable, safe, and offer an excellent sound experience for you or your loved ones.

Here are the products Banglijian manufactures:

  • Personal sound amplifiers
  • Rechargeable hearing amplifiers
  • Hearing accessories


Hearing Aids, ONEBRIDGE Hearing Aids for Seniors Rechargeable Hearing Amplifier with Noise Cancelling for Adults Hearing Loss, Digital Ear Hearing Assist Devices with Volume Control(Fleshcolor)

OneBridge is another manufacturer that sells its products directly on online retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. You won’t be able to find its products in regular stores or buy them from them. However, because it doesn’t focus on distribution or marketing, its devices tend to offer a wide variety of features at affordable prices.

Although the company doesn’t have a wide variety of products, models, or accessories, it still ranks among the best brands on Amazon.

Here are the products OneBridge manufactures:

Williams Sound

Williams Sound is a company that has been innovating in the hearing care industry for more than 40 years. The company manufactures a wide variety of products for different sectors like AI, sound, and video. It is known for its high-quality pocket talkers and AI-powered caption and translation devices, making communications a lot easier.

The company operates in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, but you’ll be able to find its products in more than 60 countries. Its mission is to break the barriers of language and communication with new and innovative products.

Here are the products Williams Sound manufactures:

  • Assistive listening
  • Intercoms
  • Video annotation
  • Interpretation and translation


iBstone is one of the newest hearing care brands on the market. It has become one of the most popular names for hearing aids and sound amplifiers in just a short amount of time. Its goal is to become the most reliable brand for all your hearing needs, and its group of professionals works hard to accomplish that goal.

The company was founded in 2017. Since its creation, it has designed and manufactured a wide variety of hearing devices. It works hand to hand with hearing professionals and experts to provide the best possible sound experience at the most affordable prices.

Here are the products iBstone manufactures:

  • iBstone Hearing Amplifier ProVive
  • iBstone Hearing Amplifier Vive 1Q
  • iBstone K17 Hearing Aids
  • COVID-related products
  • Posture correctors


R&L might not be the most known brand, but it has some of the most popular and best-valued hearing devices on Amazon. Unfortunately, the. Its company itself doesn’t have much information or even a website. Nevertheless, it is a name you’ll find whenever you look for hearing devices on online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and more.

R&L is a relatively new brand with just a couple of years on the market. However, they have already manufactured and designed two high-quality hearing devices.

Here are the products R&L manufactures:

  • iBstone Hearing Amplifier

Popular Online Retailers


Amazon is the world’s leading multinational company when it comes to e-commerce, distribution, and information. It is considered one of the big five technology companies in the United States, and its CEO is one of the richest men in the world.

It was founded in Washington DC on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. Since its inception, Amazon has become the world’s most valuable brand. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.

You can find many products on Amazon, from smartphones and video games to clothes and furniture. You can also buy even more specialized devices like hearing aids and other health-related items.

Here are some of Amazon’s products:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • The Alexa A.I
  • Audible
  • Kindle Store
  • Goodreads is a company that focuses on making hearing care more accessible and affordable for people in the U.S. The company was founded in 2012 with the mission of taking hearing care into the digital era. Since then, it has revolutionized the hearing care industry with many different programs for customers and manufacturers.

What does is distribute and sell the highest-quality hearing devices from the most reliable manufacturers. The company provides a place for you to find and compare different hearing devices, giving you the chance to choose the right one at the best price. was founded in 2010 by Gary Hill, Joan McKechnie, and Stuart Canterbury. It is a company that specializes in providing pre-programmed hearing aids in the UK. By pre-programming the hearing aids, the company can sell and deliver them for a fraction of what they cost on other platforms.

Its team of specialists can help you in any situation, whether you need to get your first hearing aid or you want to update the one you already have.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Right Hearing Device

Tips For Finding The Best Hearing Devices For Your Needs

There are some features and aspects you should consider when buying hearing devices like hearing aids or PSAPs. For instance, quality and durability should always be something to consider.

Here are the features you should consider when buying a hearing device that fit your needs:

  • Quality: One of the main features you should focus on when buying a hearing device is quality. The higher the quality of your hearing aid, PSAPs, or other hearing devices, the more features you’ll get.
  • Durability: Hearing aids are expensive devices but necessary. That’s why you should try to get one with solid durability. If not, you’ll have to spend money on replacing a broken hearing device.
  • Price: When it comes to hearing devices, you should avoid the cheapest and the most expensive models. The most affordable models are usually not the most durable or safe, and the expensive models tend to offer unnecessary features. (If you can't afford to pay for a hearing device, check out our guide "Does Medicare cover hearing aids?"
  • Design: You’ll be using your PSAP or hearing aid in different situations. That’s why finding a model with the right design and color is so crucial for some users. For example, you might want something that will go unnoticed or match your clothes or personal style.
  • Comfort: Your ears are sensitive parts of your body. You should always avoid hard devices rough on your skin or too big for your ear canals. An ergonomic design is something you should try to look for in a hearing device.
  • User-friendliness: Another critical feature to consider is the user-friendliness of the device. Seniors and people that have a hard time with technology require an easy-to-use device for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Size: There are some hearing devices or PSAPs that can be a bit bulky for some people. So, if you are looking for a pocket talker or a standard hearing aid, ensure that it has a comfortable size. The smaller the device is, the easier it will be to carry it with you all day.


Hearing aids and other related hearing devices are essential for anyone that suffers from hearing loss. Being able to hear what’s going around you, from the laughter of your family to your favorite show, is something everyone can enjoy. That’s why finding the right hearing device brand is so important.

There are many hearing device brands in the market, and each one offers unique designs and features. You can choose from Otofonix, Williams Sound, Listen Clear, Eargo, MD Hearing Aid, and more.

Overall, when buying a hearing device, you should always pay attention to certain features and aspects. For instance, a user-friendly device with excellent durability and comfort should always be your first choice. You can also look for compact models with unique designs that can fit your personality best.

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