Who Makes the Best Massage Chairs

Who Makes the Best Massage Chairs? 5 Best Brands on the Market

By Maurice

Who Makes the Best Massage Chairs

If you’re looking for a new massage chair, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice the internet has to offer. So if you’ve asked yourself: what is the best massage chair brand? We’ve compiled a list of the top massage chair brands right now to make the process much simpler.

Who Makes the Best Massage Chairs?

The below brands are well-trusted and have many years of design experience and create some of the, if not the, best massage chairs the industry has to offer. But what makes these specific brands at the top of the list?  

The answer lies here. These massage chairs are versatile: the brands appreciate that a chair isn’t always one size fits all. As a result, you’ll discover a variety of shapes and sizes with easy adjustments to focus the massage techniques on specific areas of the body. A simple button can take you from one setting to another—even if you’re not sure of what you’re looking for.

These brands produce high-tech chairs. From Bluetooth speakers to HD screens to built-in charging facilities, these massage chairs go beyond offering just massage settings. But at the core, they incorporate some of the most effective massage techniques to relieve pain and soreness, including Swedish massage, Shiatsu, and more. And you won’t just feel relaxed after using the chair, but experience reduced aches and tranquility.    

1. Luraco

Luraco is one of the top brands for massage chairs, as their range has received awards and recognition. This includes the Best of Show at the CEDIA Tech Show and CES Mark of Excellence by the Consumer Technology Association. Their medical massage chairs are also the first in the world to be listed by the FDA.

One of their most recognized massage chairs is the Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS. This product is the only robotic massage chair to have been studied and proven to provide health benefits and pain relief. Furthermore, it’s the only chair to boast an array of high-tech features. This includes running on a powerful operating system, built-in high-quality Bluetooth speakers, five personal user memory settings, and five levels of intensity controls. The chair is also the first in the industry to measure blood pressure and heart rates.

Moreover, Luraco has a team of engineers and scientists that specialize in designing mixed-signal electronic designs, software applications, mechanical system designs, and advanced robotic system applications. This results in producing a luxury line of massage chairs.

2. Human Touch

Designing massage chairs for over 40 years, Human Touch puts health wellness at the forefront of their technology. And they’ve generated high-performance massage chairs that include ergonomic zero gravity, reclining modes, and targeted massage products to rejuvenate the mind and body. 

The brand’s overall mission is to customize massage technology with ergonomic seating options customized for every user.

Human Touch has won numerous Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence. And as many of their clientele includes professional athletes looking to recover from intensive training, Human Touch has produced massage chairs in a total of four ranges that reduce aches, pains, and back discomfort.

Within this range, each chair helps with stress reduction, improving circulation, and relieving back pain. In fact, Human Touch primarily focuses on wellness by relieving calf and leg cramps, incorporating relaxation into your daily routine, and best of all, creating a striking design aesthetic. As Human Touch continues to add more chairs to their series, they use the latest research to help relieve back pain and improve ergonomics, such as the Perfect Chair.

3. Kahuna

Kahuna specializes in smart massage chairs that each have a primary focus, allowing you to find one that suits your needs and budget. 

Designing chairs since 1997, they’re one of the leading brands in the industry and go beyond the traditions to not just create a selection of massage chairs that make you feel relaxed but are tailored to all body issues you may have.

This range includes an affordable series that supports your neck to your buttocks. Another range of massage chairs features a strong massage performance that targets larger/taller bodies. Finally, the HM Series soothe relaxation and provide the ultimate rejuvenation for an at-home massage.

4. Infinity

Infinity has one of the largest ranges of massage chairs we’ve seen, with 19 currently available on their website. This is primarily because they aim to deliver massage chairs that offer physical and mental benefits

Many of their chairs feature massage rollers with several 3D intensity levels that soothe aches and pains.     

Infinity’s range of massage chairs also include high-tech features, such as Bluetooth-enabled speakers, so you can play your favorite songs aloud through your device. And you can charge your devices, such as phones, at the side of the chair via the handy USB port.

No matter which Infinity massage chair you choose, it’ll sport various massage functions, such as rhythm technique, calf-kneading massage, rhythm technique, reflexology, body scanning, and more. Plus, the four-wheel massage mechanism relieves muscle tension by using body strokes.

5. Panasonic

And now for a brand that the majority of you will have heard of, Panasonic. First designed in 1975 and regularly innovated since then, these two massage chairs capture a modern design and deliver ancient healing techniques at the press of a button.

In 2009, the Panasonic EP-MS40 chair won a design award for its back height, simple form, and round form comfortable design.

And it’s clear that there’s been precision put into every last detail of the chairs. From the expert stitching to the colors and materials used, Panasonic’s massage chairs are stylish and luxurious while offering a sinking effect that provides hours of daily comfort.  

Both chairs are equipped with body scanning sensors to customize the massage experience for you. But, best of all, these massage chairs are user-friendly and ideal for beginners, too. But the chairs don’t just focus on neck and back massages; they’re also expertly crafted to offer a professional foot massage to the soles of your feet.

And expertly crafted, they add an essence of beauty to your home and wellness to your life.

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