How much Does a Massage Chair Cost

How much Does a Massage Chair Cost? Prices for Every Type + Buying Tips

By Maurice

How much Does a Massage Chair Cost

After a long, stressful day, nothing sounds better than sitting down. Combine this with a back massage and you’re in heaven.

Not everyone has the time or money for a professional massage, which is why we love massage chairs; they make it possible to reduce soreness and anxiety when life gets too much without having to fork out money for a professional massage.

So if you’re contemplating buying one, you might be wondering: how much does a massage chair cost? Don’t worry. We’ve taken the pressure off you by researching many types of massage chairs for various budgets and what features to expect for each.

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

In a nutshell, massage chairs can range from $150 to $4,000, although there’s a minority that can reach up to $15,000. Let’s dissect each price range and take a look at the common features of each.

Under $200

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Budget-friendly massage chairs make a great gift and are ideal if you don’t intend on using it often. When you maximize the price to $200 on e-commerce sites—such as Amazon—you’ll be presented with a range of massage seat cushions. These are a quick solution to transforming a regular chair into a relaxing one. And these options are portable and versatile, too.

A massaging seat cushion under $200 will typically feature one to two massage techniques, such as Shiatsu. And it’ll typically feature four Shiatsu nodes for a neck and shoulder massage that can be adjusted to your comfort levels. In particular, you can intensify the settings and position to relieve stress. Even for as little as $100, these seat cushions feature a plug-in connection and include a wired remote control for making all the necessary adjustments. Bear in mind that most aren’t always made of leather and are missing some key features, such as auto switch-off mode.

Towards the higher end of $200, these seat cushions feature heat settings to provide a soothing warmth that will loosen tired muscles. Plus, you’ll have more options on the rolling massage’s direction and position, such as slow vibrations, gently moving up and down your spine, and circular motions that target your neck muscles. Many offer up to 10 vibration levels, although the target area is small, so you may need to move your upper body to reach a certain area on your back.


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With an increased budget, you can expect more advanced features and comfort from a massage cushion. And you may even feel like you’ve just seen a masseuse. The biggest difference between a massage cushion under $200 and models up to $500 is the deep tissue massage that targets knots and tension on your back. And you can customize the zone is more expansive to include your neck, shoulders, upper, middle, and lower back. It’ll also feature more than one massage technique to provide you with variety, such as both Shiatsu and Kneading.

Furthermore, the massage cushion will feature more massage heads and a larger massage area, so you feel more satisfied and de-stressed after use.

Also, with a budget of $200-$500, you may get your hands on a chair with some basic massage features. It’ll essentially be an office or recliner chair with some basic massage functions. In particular, it will have more ergonomic settings than a traditional chair to improve your posture, such as pneumatic controls, and expansive tilts.

A built-in lumbar support helps to decrease any pressure on your back, and a 360-degree rotation action increases your mobility when you’re not using it in the massage mode. Switch on the massage function and you’ll typically receive up to seven target points in your body, with particular attention around the back area and even extending to your legs. Although the massage modes are limited for this price range and will lack heat settings and pinpointing pressure areas, it’ll still alleviate some tension in your back.


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Pamper yourself with a middle-range massage chair that goes beyond the capabilities of a massage seat cushion. These are designed for those who want more than a relaxing treatment but to relieve severe back pain. Most massage chairs between $500-$1,000 can accommodate those up to 6 feet and 200 lbs.

You’ll also get more massage techniques for your money, including Vibrations, Rolling, Tapping, Knead, Shiatsu, and Air Pressure. These techniques replicate the actions of a professional masseuse and target deeper into your muscle fibers.

In addition, massage chairs up to $1,000 tend to feature a zero gravity mode that places you in the same position astronauts assume before blast off. This reclined position alleviates the stress off of your spine by elevating your feet and legs over your heart.

You’ll also receive plenty of massage rollers—usually up to 20—within the backrest. And with the added benefit of heating modes to promote blood circulation, the chair will quickly eliminate fatigue. And a massage chair of this price will feature airbags positioned over your shoulders, seat, and legs to provide air compression to your body, so you feel lighter and more relaxed during and afterward.


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You can’t get more advanced than a massage chair within the thousands. It’ll come equipped with heavy-duty materials such as leather and plenty of thick cushioning throughout to make it durable and provide perfect ergonomic pressure. You’ll likely receive a touch-screen control to adjust the vibrations and temperature as opposed to a wired remote control.

With advanced features, you can pause and resume the vibrations when you please or set a timer. And the most high-tech massage chairs feature somatotype detection to depict your body type and offer the perfect amount of pressure for you. Therefore, it’ll target the exact areas you need massaging. And with a customized profile, you can share the chair amongst several users.

Featuring noise reduction technology, the massage chair will be quiet during use, allowing you to relax in peace and not disturb others with continuous loud vibrations. In fact, the adjustable head and shoulder rest allows you to position yourself perfectly for comfort.

Typically, you’ll receive around six methods of simulated massage, imitating a real-life massage, covering your back, legs, and calf muscles. Some expected massage techniques include Shiatsu and Swedish massage with long strokes and kneading motions.

And for the top price range, it may feature powerful Bluetooth speakers, cup holders, and various reclining positions, so you can use the chair for watching TV and not just for massaging.

What are your thoughts on massage chairs? If you’re already an owner of one, share your recommendations and opinions in the comments.

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