Cozzia Massage Chair Review

Cozzia Massage Chair Review: 4 Best Cozzia Massage Chairs Ranked

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Cozzia Massage Chair Review

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Shopping for a massage chair can be a daunting endeavor. With so many manufacturers to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin!

Fortunately, some providers, such as Cozzia, separate themselves from the pack due to their high quality and reputation for service.

Let’s take a look at this high-end manufacturer in our Cozzia massage chair review - what makes it special and a round-up of the best Cozzia massage chairs!

Who Makes Cozzia Massage Chairs?

Cozzia is a US-based subsidiary of Chinese parent company Xiamen Comfort Science and Technology, which has been a global leader in wellness furniture for years. Cozzia has been in business for over twenty years and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Cozzia specializes in making lift chairs, massage chairs, and zero-gravity recliners. They are known for building wellness furniture that is easy to fine-tune to your body, as well as quality customer service. Many users appreciate Cozzia’s affordability compared to other, similar massage chair companies. Cozzia produces top-tier models that are often slightly less expensive than other chairs with similar features.

Where are Cozzia Massage Chairs Made?

Every Cozzia massage chair is manufactured in their Xiamen, China factory. However, Cozzia’s headquarters in Los Angeles includes its sales and service teams, which are always available to help you out and answer questions.

There are persistent stereotypes that mark Chinese manufacturing as inferior or even dangerous. While this is true of some manufacturing sectors and products, the same cannot be said for massage chairs. With a few exceptions, most massage chairs are made from start to finish in China. The Chinese tech industry is among the best in the world, meaning you can trust in the quality and integrity of your massage chair.

What is the Price Range of Cozzia Massage Chairs?

Cozzia massage chairs are going to fall between one of two price tiers. On the lower end, you’ll find the CZ-322 and EC-360D, which will cost you about $1,800. The high end of the spectrum is where most Cozzia massage chairs are priced. To give you an idea of the price range for the higher-end Cozzia chairs, the CZ-388 is listed at $3,800 and the luxurious Qi XE CZ-715 costs about $9,000.

What Makes a Cozzia Massage Chair Unique?

Two things set Cozzia apart from other massage chair providers: customer service and the ability to fine-tune your chair. They go above and beyond to ensure that each purchase meets the needs and the expectations of the customer. This cements Cozzia’s reputation as a company that understands the necessity of its products; they know they build chairs that are supposed to help people, so they work hard to guarantee they do just that.

Customer Service

Cozzia has a robust customer service and maintenance program. Not only can you call during business hours and speak directly with an expert, but Cozzia also promises to replace any broken parts on your chair, hassle-free. You can even get a home visit from a technician whenever that might be needed. And, if Cozzia’s technicians are unable to repair your chair, you’ll get a brand new one, free of cost.


Each Cozzia Massage Chair is designed with the intent to adapt to your body. The Qi

XE CZ-715 has a specialized microprocessor that is programmed to continuously adapt to your body and preferences so that every massage gets better and better. That type of care for the individual is admirable from any company, but especially in a company that makes wellness furniture. Clearly, Cozzia wants to build their business around making chairs that improve your quality of life!

The Top 4 Cozzia Massage Chairs, Ranked

Below, you’ll find helpful breakdowns of the best and most popular massage chairs that Cozzia has to offer. Each chair has been selected because of its unique features and strengths!

1. Best Cozzia Massage Chair (Overall): CZ Qi 710-SE

This is Cozzia’s flagship, top-of-the-line massage chair. It uses 4D roller technology, which is also heated, to provide a world-class massage. It’s loaded with features, such as the 7-inch touchscreen and Amazon Alexa compatibility, that make it a truly wonderful massage chair. It’s the perfect choice for people who have a strong need for accurate massaging, such as senior citizens or those with physical limitations. It’s also a great choice for people looking for a luxurious way to unwind and recover from stressful workdays.

Features include:

  • Heated 4D Rollers: 4D rollers accurately replicate the feeling and effectiveness of massage from real human hands. There is no better technology in the industry; it creates an extremely accurate and pleasing experience. The rollers on this chair are all heated, which warms the body, improves circulation, and soothes aches and pains. If you’ve got chronic pain, poor circulation, or a weak immune system, this chair can be a great help to you!
  • 64 Airbags: Airbags are used in massage chairs to apply pressure to muscle groups that the rollers cannot reach. Having this many in one chair means that each airbag can zero in on specific muscles and pressure points, making for a more accurate and effective massage. Plus, the airbags in the leg area are heated, which is a boon to people who spend their workday on their feet.
  • Knee Massage: This is a feature you don’t see every day. The airbags near the calves can heat up and move up and down, giving a soothing massage to the knees. This added attention to detail is going to be a very welcome feature if you are one of the millions of people experiencing chronic knee pain.
  • Zero-Gravity Reclining: The zero-gravity position takes the pressure off of your body, allowing you to fully relax. This chair reclines into the zero-gravity position at the touch of a button, giving you an effortless and weightless massage session your body will love.


  • Heated 4D rollers are technologically advanced and very effective
  • Touchscreen and Alexa controls for maximum ease-of-use
  • 15 massage programs
  • Foot rollers for reflexology-focused massage


  • No head massage
  • Relatively low weight capacity (265 pounds)

2. Best Cozzia Massage Chair for Gentle Massages: EC-618

This 3D massage chair is rated for gentle-vigorous massages. It excels at Shiatsu and Swedish massaging, both of which are refreshing, light-impact massage techniques. Many people, when they buy a massage chair, find that using it can be rough and even painful. If you’ve had that experience, or are concerned about the intensity of a massage chair, the EC-618 is a luxury chair that will help you feel safe and relaxed!

Features include:

  • 3D Rollers: 3D massage rollers can move in three different directions, allowing them to more accurately contour to the shape of the spine. This aids in the gentleness of the chair, and makes the massage more effective by providing even pressure down your back.
  • Lumbar Heat: A heating element placed at the lower back can soothe chronic back pains, increase circulation, and loosen tight muscles. The heating element in this chair is simple but effective; it should also work without causing you to sweat, a common pitfall of cheaper massage chairs with heat.
  • Reflexology in Feet: The nerve endings in your feet, when properly stimulated, can have soothing and refreshing effects throughout your entire body. The EC-618 has rollers beneath each foot that stimulate these nerve endings to create a powerful healing effect across your body!
  • Reflexology in Feet: The nerve endings in your feet, when properly stimulated, can have soothing and refreshing effects throughout your entire body. The EC-618 has rollers beneath each foot that stimulate these nerve endings to create a powerful healing effect across your body!


  • 3D Massage and 64 airbags for full-body massaging
  • 8 auto programs and 5 intensity settings
  • Precise Body scanning and adjustable features for accurate, comfortable massage


  • Simple heating element heats lower back only
  • No option for glute massage

3. Best Cozzia Massage Chair for Customization: CZ-715 Qi XE

This is far and away Cozzia’s most technologically advanced massage chair. It uses cutting-edge technology to run faster, quieter, and last longer than almost any other massage chair on the market. If you’re looking for a luxury massage experience that you can continuously dial into your body and needs (or adjust to each member of your household instantly), this is the Cozzia Massage chair for you!

Features include:

  • Airbags with Pressure Sensor: This chair has 64 total airbags, similar to many other Cozzia models. However, this model has pressure sensors that control the air pressure, making sure that you never have an air massage that is either too weak or too strong. You can also adjust the air pressure intensity using the touchscreen control panel, and the airbag sensors will respond accordingly!
  • Automatic Knee/Calf Adjustment: The moment you power up the chair, it senses the length and shape of your legs and adjusts itself to match your body. Most massage chairs either require you to do this yourself by guessing, or lack the feature entirely.
  • Advanced Microprocessor: The microprocessor in this chair runs faster than other chairs, and enables more accurate body scanning and adjustment. This results in better, more consistent massages and greater ease-of-use.


  • Advanced technology for more accurate massages
  • Multiple heating elements in back and legs
  • 7-inch touchscreen with customizable presets
  • Space-saving zero-gravity recline


  • May not fit in smaller homes
  • Higher than normal learning curve due to number of customization options

4. Best Cozzia Massage Chair for Smaller Budgets: EC-360D

Cozzia’s most affordable model has a lot to offer, even though it lacks the industry-leading technology of Cozzia’s other chairs. The EC-360D is a stellar entry-level massage chair that offers some great features to help you relax and treat sore muscles and pains. It’s a perfect choice for a first massage chair, smaller rooms, or tall users (it can fit users up to 6 feet 8 inches)!

Features include:

  • Great for Tall Users: It is extremely rare to find a massage chair that can accommodate users above 6’3”, but this chair is a comfortable fit for people up to 6’8”! If you’ve felt discomfort or pain using a massage chair that is too small, the EC-360D might be the solution you need.
  • Body Scanning: This is a common feature in high-end massage chairs, but relatively uncommon in affordable models such as this one. Body-scanning allows the chair to give you an accurate, helpful massage, rather than just giving the same treatment to everyone. This helps the chair overcome some of the limitations of the 2D roller technology it uses.
  • Foot and Calf Massage: This chair has airbags that will stimulate and work the muscles in your feet and calves. These features are perfect for people who spend long hours on their feet and experience regular soreness and muscle tension. Again, this feature is normal on chairs that cost several thousand dollars more than the EC-360D, but hard to find in a budget model!


  • Ideal for tall users
  • Body-scanning technology included
  • Stylish design that won’t take up too much space


  • Lacks key features like heat and shoulder massage
  • Remote control is less advanced than other Cozzia models
  • Uses older 2D technology; less accurate than 3D and 4D.

Where to buy Cozzia Massage Chairs: In-Store and Online

The best place to buy a Cozzia massage chair online is directly from Cozzia’s website. There, you have access to every model, loads of details about each chair, and access to their customer service representatives. If you have any questions about a chair or want to read through a brochure, that is the place to be.

You can also find select Cozzia massage chairs on Amazon and Wayfair, but they don’t carry every model. However, the CZ-629 is one very popular model that is available for purchase on both Amazon and Wayfair. This is a great massage chair, and if you’re already a regular customer on those platforms, you may feel more comfortable ordering there. Otherwise, it’s best to purchase directly from Cozzia!

If you’d prefer to shop for a Cozzia massage chair in-store, you can head to their location finder to select the dealer closest to you. There are over 50 showrooms across the United States to choose from. Shopping in-store is the best way to get some hands-on experience with the chair before you buy and speak face-to-face with an expert. It’s also ideal for people who may not be able to install a heavy massage chair on their own and want to have technicians deliver and set up the chair for them!

Conclusion: Cozzia Massage Chairs

Cozzia is a premium massage chair brand with a strong reputation for customer service and personalized massages. They have a small selection of high-quality chairs, recliners, and other wellness furniture; every product they offer has been tested and perfected to ensure that it actually improves your quality of life. If you’ve been let down by a lack of options in other massage chairs, or you’re looking for a chair that will meet your specific needs, a Cozzio Massage Chair might be for you!

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