Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair Review

Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair Review: An Excellent Budget-Friendly, Entry-Level Chair

By kbeveridge

Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair Review

With such a plethora of massage chairs on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. Whether you have chronic back problems or need a little extra relaxation, the right massage chair can be a gamechanger.

The Human Touch iJoy 4.0 Massage Chair is a budget-friendly option with a unique, luxury aesthetic. It uses rollers and a FlexGuide Duo system to knead and roll across your back and spine. It lacks the sophisticated controls of more premium options but is ideal for casual users.

In this Human Touch iJoy massage chair review, we take a close look at this model’s features. We evaluate all the pros and cons of this budget massage chair relative to the competition.

Overall, we help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Human Touch iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

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What We Like:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Attractive & modern
  • Relieve pain
  • USB port
  • Compact

What We Don't Like:

  • Cannot change the intensity
  • Massage movements are limited

Our Conclusion: The iJoy is a good option if you need occasional massage therapy on a budget. It can help to improve circulation, relieve muscular pain, and increase overall feelings of well-being.

Specifications of the iJoy Massage Chair

  • Color: Bone or expresso
  • Material: Polyurethane upholstery
  • Weight: 63 pounds (28.6kg)
  • Dimensions: L40 x W25.5 x H33.5 inches (102 x 64.8 x 85.1cm)
  • Maximum load: 285 pounds (129kg)

Pros and Cons of the iJoy Massage Chair

As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages to the iJoy 4.0 massage chair.


  • The chair is very budget-friendly.
  • It has an attractive and modern appearance.
  • It can relieve pain in your shoulders, back, glutes, and upper legs.
  • You can choose from preset massage modes.
  • You can adjust the recline of the chair.
  • The USB port allows you to charge your phone or music device.
  • The chair is compact and takes up minimal space.


  • You cannot change the intensity or duration of the massage.
  • The massage movements are limited to kneading and rolling.
  • The chair is limited in adjustability.

Features of the iJoy Massage Chair

The iJoy massage chair is relatively simple, but it has various features for you to enjoy. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Design and Aesthetics

The aesthetic design may not be your first priority when choosing a massage chair, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If you plan to put your chair in your living room, guests to your home will likely see it.

The iJoy 4.0 looks distinctive when compared with the standard, blocky, black massage chairs on the market. It has an adjustable recline and a curved design that reminds you immediately of an EGG chair.

It is surprisingly compact and suitable for smaller rooms. It is just wide and tall enough to accommodate your body without taking up precious space in your home.

The chair uses thick and comfortable polyurethane upholstery. You can choose from either the expresso or bone color scheme to better coordinate with your existing interior design.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that contributes to the overall aesthetic quality of your home, you might be impressed by the iJoy 4.0.

L Track and Rollers

The iJoy massage chair features an extended 30-inch (76.2cm) L track with rollers that can cover from the top of your shoulders to your thighs. This design is essential if you want a full body massage and relaxation.

These rollers work in a kneading motion or a rolling motion. In the first mode, the rollers move around in circles and improve blood circulation through your body. In the second, they stretch and roll your muscles to relieve pressure.

FlexGlide Duo Massage

The chair uses a system called the FlexGlide Duo massage. Essentially, it works on your back and legs simultaneously so you can get full coverage. There are four preset massage programs to target various areas of your back and glutes.

However, the chair is limited in its kinds of massage. Unlike other chairs, it doesn’t offer 3D massage, Shiatsu, or heat therapy. What it does, it does well, but you should keep your expectations in check.


The massage chair has a control panel on a tether. With the panel, you can choose from the preset massage modes, adjust the recline level, the height and width of the rollers, and overall position.

While the panel allows some control over the chair, it lacks more than more premium models. You cannot adjust the intensity of the massage or extend past a 15-minute therapy. Therefore, it isn’t an excellent option for long sessions or if you have pain sensitivity.

Furthermore, unlike other models, the iJoy 4.0 does not use a body scan to adjust automatically to your dimensions. It may not be the best option if you are significantly taller or broader than average.

Extra Features

The chair has an in-built USB port. This feature is handy if you want to charge your phone or music device while using it in the chair. The port is concealed and tasteful, so it doesn’t detract from the overall image.

Who Should Buy the iJoy Massage Chair?

There are a few reasons why the iJoy 4.0 massage chair might be suitable for you. These reasons could be physical, emotional, or financial.

People with Mild Back Pain

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The rollers and massagers within the iJoy chair mostly focus on the back and lower body. If you struggle with pain and discomfort in these areas, the chair could help with your physical problems.

Massage is effective as a form of pain relief. It can relax stiff and stressed parts of your body, including the muscles, joints, and tendons. It also increases circulation, which can reduce inflammation and improve your overall wellbeing.

However, because the iJoy does not have the adjustable intensity or multiple massage modes, it is most suitable for mild to moderate pain. If you are struggling with chronic or severe issues, you should visit your doctor or physical therapist.

If you want to see more physical benefits of regular massage, you can check out this video.

People Who Need to Relax

Massage can help you to relax and produce endorphins in your brain. These natural chemicals can reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of wellbeing, and even reduce the sensation of pain.

Researchers have found that endorphins serve a similar role to opioids like morphine. They inhibit the proteins that transmit the sensation of pain inside your body. They also help with the production of dopamine, which is another pleasurable brain chemical.

The pain relief is not just restricted to the sites of massage, however. Research has found that massage chairs can relax multiple muscles in the body, not just the ones being massaged.

Therefore, even though the iJoy 4.0 only focuses from the shoulders to the buttocks, it could help other parts of your body. In any case, it is likely to make you feel more relaxed and calm.

People Who Are Looking for a Bargain

Visiting a massage therapist regularly can add up fast. Purchasing the iJoy massage chair is more expensive at first but is better value in the long run. You can use the chair whenever you like, so the chair quickly pays for itself.

The iJoy unit is on the lower end of massage chair prices. You can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on high-end models, so the 4.0 is extremely affordable in comparison. It isn’t the most sophisticated unit, but you get a lot for the money.

iJoy Massage Chair 4.0 Vs. iJoy 2.1 Massage Chair

The iJoy 4.0 massage chair is a significant improvement on the 2.1 model. However, it is more expensive. This is how the chairs compare based on their features:

  • Size: The iJoy 4.0 is longer than the 2.1, but the earlier model is wider and taller. If you have longer legs, you are probably better suited to the newer version. However, broader people may feel more comfortable in the earlier massage chair. The larger size also means that the seat will take up more space in your house.
  • Weight: Both chairs are of similar weight, but the 2.1 is slightly lighter at 60 pounds (27kg). If you anticipate that you will be moving around a lot, you might prefer the more lightweight version.
  • Maximum load: Because of its larger size, the iJoy 4.0 massage chair can support an extra 85 pounds (38.6kg). This is an essential consideration if you are on the heavier side and want to avoid damaging the chair.
  • Track and rollers: The 4.0 has an extra 5 inches (12.7cm) of track, which allows the rollers to reach further down and into your buttocks. Therefore, it’s a better option if you struggle with stress and tension in your lower body.
  • Types of massage: Both massage chairs offer the FlexGlide massage technology that rolls and kneads your muscles. However, the 4.0 has one more preset mode, allowing you to concentrate the machine on particular parts of your body.
  • Adjustability: Both chairs allow you to recline so that you can deepen the massage in your back. However, the 2.1 has a more straightforward remote control. It doesn’t allow you to adjust the height and depth of the rollers as much.
  • Extra features: The 4.0 offers the USB charging point, whereas the 2.1 does not. However, the latter has side pockets with zippers, where you can store books or magazines. Whether you prefer to read or listen to music is a matter of personal preference.

The Verdict

The iJoy 4.0 is more bulky and expensive, but overall offers more features and deeper massage than the 2.1.

iJoy Massage Chair Vs. Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with Bluetooth and Led Light, Blue and Khaki

The iJoy 4.0 is of a similar price to the Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair. However, the latter offers more kinds of massage and extra features.

  • Maximum load: The Real Relax chair is larger than the iJoy and can support 400 pounds (181kg). This extra weight accounts for its additional features, but it is harder to fit in a small room.
  • Rollers: The Real Relax chair has eight different rollers that work from the neck to the waist. Although the seat does not have the same long track as the iJoy, it can simultaneously target various parts of your body.
  • Types of massage: While the iJoy only offers rollers, the Real Relax chair has rollers, airbags, heat, and covers the legs and feet. The chair can also drop into zero-gravity mode for more profound relaxation and lower blood pressure.
  • Preset massage modes: The Real Relax chair offers two more preset massage modes. Each setting also lasts for 30 minutes, which is double the duration of the massages in the iJoy.
  • Adjustability: The iJoy has little to no adjustability. However, the Real Relax allows you to modify the intensity of the massage, the speed, and the backrest position.
  • Design: When it comes to aesthetics, the iJoy is still superior. The Real Relax isn’t ugly, but the bulky design lacks some of the subtleties and luxurious feel of the Human Touch massage chair.
  • Extra features: The Real Relax 2020 includes Bluetooth speakers and lighting, making it a great option if you want to listen to music in style. However, this feature doesn’t affect the quality of the massage.

The Verdict

The iJoy is smaller and sleeker, more suitable for smaller rooms and modern living spaces. However, the Real Relax 2020 beats it with more massage modes, greater adjustability, and extra features.

iJoy Massage Chair Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the iJoy 4.0 Massage Chair is an attractive and budget-friendly massage chair. It offers a unique and luxurious aesthetic, with a couple of different massage mechanisms across your back and spine.

Where the chair falls short is its limited range of massage movements. You are restricted to kneading or rolling massage, with the option of four different preset modes. Furthermore, you cannot adjust the intensity or length of the massage.

The iJoy 4.0 is a significant improvement on the iJoy 2.1 model. However, it lacks the varieties of massage and extra features of a similarly priced chair like the Real Relax 2020.

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