Infinity Presidential Massage Chair Review

Infinity Presidential Massage Chair Review

By Maurice

Infinity Presidential Massage Chair Review

Not all massage chairs are the same, and the Infinity Presidential model boasts many amazing features - in fact, some of the best we’ve ever seen.

For example, its new patented 3D massage mechanism reproduces the feeling of kneading, knocking, shiatsu, and a rubbing back massage—all of which are similar to a professional massage.

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is comfortable and easily adjustable. Its super long rail offers multiple angles, allowing a massage ranging from your neck to thighs, or you can opt for an entire body massage. It also boasts a space-saving design because it moves forward, allowing you to put the chair close to the wall.

Aside from the chair’s high-tech massage techniques, it’s user-friendly, thanks to the HD LCD display on the remote control that shows the current massage area, available techniques, and available programs. You can also easily select a suitable program for your preferences.

To discover more of this chair’s top features along with specifications and some alternatives, let’s get into an in-depth Infinity Presidential massage review.

Features of Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Let’s unravel some of the main features of this massage chair:

Heat Setting

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is equipped with a heated setting on the pads located in the back, waist, and set. And with seven levels available, you can activate the heat setting to your preferences, so you can feel relaxed or ease back pain. Best of all, you can make these adjustments via the remote control, so you don’t have to leave your set to change the settings.

In addition, the massage chair features warm foot therapy. The two-way rotary foot kneading technique is combined with heat to perform a relaxing and rejuvenating foot massage experience.

Wireless Music Player

What better way to unwind while having a massage than listening to relaxing music at the same time. The Infinity Presidential massage chair has multiple Bluetooth wireless speakers located around your head for an optimum listening experience without disturbing others. This smart feature is ideal for music enthusiasts, and it integrates the music with the massage techniques.

Therefore, the music is in sync with the relaxing therapy, allowing you to adjust the mood and reduce fatigue in the blink of an eye.

3D Massage Rollers and L-Track Technology

With a 3D roller type, you can enjoy a powerful and soothing massage. This technology features roller heads that protrude an additional 8 to 10 cm to offer a massage to areas of the body that a 2D massage chair would miss, such as the upper neck or shoulder area. 3D massage rollers provide plenty of adjustabilities to extend out into the body for a deeper massage. And the rollers can also retract for a lighter massage, making it ideal for a deep neck or back massage or a relaxing spinal massage.

Furthermore, the Infinity Presidential massage chair uses L-Track technology that pushes the rollers from your head to your thighs. As a result, it provides a rejuvenating massage session that hits all of your pressure points. With an extended roller track compared to the S-Track, the chair’s rollers can reach beyond the top of the hamstrings and your lower back.

And for the best results, the built-in body scanning technology adjusts the rollers’ position and tailors them to your body. This helps to avoid any uncomfortable rollers digging into your back, but you can adjust manually adjust them to suit your body if you’d prefer.

Zero Gravity

The zero gravity technology might be one of the top highlights of this massage chair. This technology allows the back, seat, and leg rest to make a 128-degree angle, putting your heart and knees at the same level. As a result, it reduces any blood circulation pressure, but most importantly, reduces any heart and spine pressure, making it a relaxing position for a massage session.

This Infinity chair offers two zero gravity positions: one at a moderate recline angle and another at a more reclined position. Most massage chairs only offer one. This variety is great for beginners who might be intimidated by the full lying down position, while it also allows you to find your own comfort levels.

In addition to zero gravity, the Infinity Presidential massage chair offers four seated positions: leg rest up, leg rest down, back rest up and leg rest down, and leg rest up and back rest down. And with diagrams next to the functions on the remote control, it’s easy to make these selections for your own comfort levels.

Massage Functions

Most importantly, this massage chair offers eight massage styles: rubbing, kneading, finger kneading, knead and tap, tapping, knocking, Shiatsu, and pulse Shiatsu. This variety of techniques helps to alleviate any aches and pains as well as offering a diverse range for a subtle massage, too.

You can access all of these techniques via the chairs auto program and experience in various combinations. In particular, the 13 auto modes accommodate a wide range for users, depending on the duration, intensity, depth, and style you’re looking for. Alternatively, apply them in the manual mode where you also get to choose a preferred technique.

Roller Position Modes

Once you’ve chosen an applicable massage function, you can choose between three roller positions: whole, partial, and point.

The whole position is the default mode where the rollers work across the entire range of the L-Track, starting from the neck and working down the back and through the seat to the tops of your thighs. Opt for the partial mode if you’re hoping for a massage that focuses on a smaller zone on your back.

You can move the rollers up and down the massage track via the arrow buttons on the remote control. This allows you to target specific areas where you’re experiencing discomfort.

Alternatively, the point mode is similar to the partial mode in that it focuses on a specific area. However, it offers a deep tissue massage to release knots or loosen tight muscles on the back.

For maximum comfort, you can adjust the width of the massage rollers to target larger or small muscle groups. The three options are: narrow, middle, and wide. This allows the massage rollers to target the entire width of your back, including the edges. Having the option to customize the width means that you’re not wasting a single second while the chair is operating. And it allows you to change the settings when sharing the massage chair amongst several users.

Air Bags and Footrest

Another top feature of this massage chair is its hip airbags, which not many massage chairs boast. In particular, these airbags provide a compression massage on your thigh and hip area, which is ideal if you suffer from lower back or sciatica pain. Moreover, the air bag feature works well in combination with Infinity Presidential’s stretch function.

Furthermore, this massage chair features an electronic ottoman that adjusts automatically, but you can also use the remote to make any changes manually. The foot rollers are comfortable to place your feet on and come with speed and intensity adjustments. And the calves’ airbags can replicate a compression massage that helps to alleviate any tension build-up.

Specs of the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Recommended User Height


Maximum User Weight

265 lbs

Chair Weight

275 lbs

Dimensions When Upright

45" H X 33" W X 60" D

Roller Type


Zero Gravity Modes


Automatic Massage Modes


Massage Techniques

Rubbing, Kneading, Finger Kneading, Knead and Tap, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, and Pulse Shiatsu

Roller Track Type


Video Overview of Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Pros and Cons of the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair

Let’s take a look at some of the main pros and cons of the Infinity Presidential massage chair.


  • It features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can operate the chair via your phone or tablet
  • The air pressure massage function and heated foot system reduces stress
  • The arm rests feature a pulse air massage to promote blood circulation for relaxation
  • You can extend the foot rest over seven inches, making it versatile for different heights
  • The L-Track technology targets your entire body
  • It offers two zero gravity modes for maximum comfort


  • It’s an expensive purchase, especially compared to others on the market
  • Although it has a space-saving design, it’s still bulky than other chairs
  • It’s not available in a variety of colors
  • The 3D rollers might take some adjustment for new users
  • It doesn’t offer a vibration mode or memory setting

Competitor Products

For an alternative product, consider the Wghz Smart Massage Chair. In comparison to Infinity’s chair, this offers a vibration mode on your hips to help release some stress and reduce pressure on your joints. In addition, this chair also boasts similar features, such as a foot massage roller to relieve some pressure off of sore feet, if you spend a large amount of the day stood. It also comes with a built-in arm airbag to offer a massage mode—which is ideal after an intense workout session.

Or maybe you might want to consider the Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair. This features noise reduction technology to allow you to relax in peace without disturbing others in the room. It also has a memory setting where it stores the settings and preferences for up to five users—a feature that the Infinity Presidential massage chair doesn’t have. And it’s also compatible for people between 4’7” and 6’7”, weighing up to 300 pounds.

On the other hand, for a massage chair that’s more breathable than Infinity’s, the PXX Smart Space Cabin Massage Chair makes a great choice. In particular, the eco-friendly leather material is water- and dirt-resistant, making it easier to maintain and keep clean. And this chair also features a vibration mode that targets your buttocks and hips, allowing you to feel completely relaxed while targeting any joint pain.

Who the Infinity Presidential Massage Chair is Best For?

The Infinity Presidential massage chair is aimed at those looking for massage sessions that are just as effective as having a professional masseuse in your living room. And it carries a humble design that’ll complement your living space, so you won’t need to completely reinvent your living space for it to blend in.

With a foot rest that can adjust positions and two zero gravity modes, this massage chair is suitable for sharing among several people.

Most importantly, this chair is ideal if you experience severe back pain that stops you from indulging in your favorite activities. The rollers come with various intensity levels that can press deep into your muscles, helping to improve blood circulation and reduce soreness.

Plus, if you lead a stressful life that often has you excited to sit down and relax, this chair is equipped is heated pads to help you unwind. And the built-in Bluetooth speakers give you the option of indulging in relaxing music at the same time.


This chair is Infinity’s fifth version, and we couldn’t be more impressed by its smart features and variety of massage techniques. With L-Track technology, it goes beyond simply massaging your back, neck, and shoulders but thighs and feet.

With a built-in 3D body scan technology, it can detect pressure points and apply an intense, deep massage to those particular areas, leaving you feeling relaxed and pain-free.

This high-tech technology makes this piece of furniture go beyond the features of a traditional massage chair. Not to mention that the 12 automatic massage programs deliver more than other chairs, too.

What are your thoughts on this Infinity chair? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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