Best Lift Recliners With Heat And Massage

Best Lift Recliners With Heat And Massage (2021): 8 Top Models Ranked

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Best Lift Recliners With Heat And Massage

Lift chairs are a wonderful way for seniors to get some much-needed pain relief, as well as enjoy relaxing during the day. They’re even more useful when they have massage motors and heating pads built-in.

Check out our list of the best lift recliners with heat and massage to learn more about how these chairs can help you live a better, less pain-filled life!

What is a Power Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage?

Lift chairs look exactly like recliners on the outside, but they’re outfitted with electric motors on the inside that automatically help the user sit in them and stand out of them. They’re ideal for people who have hip, back, or other joint issues since they can help them sit/stand without aggravating an injury or hurting themselves. Lift chairs also have a motorized recline, so that users don’t have to push the chair backward physically to recline or use the footbed.

Lift chairs come in one of three types, depending on how far they recline:

  • Two-position lift chairs will recline to an angle of 45 degrees, but not further
  • Three-position chairs will recline almost completely flat, perfect for napping or the zero-gravity position
  • Infinite-position massage chairs can recline to a perfectly flat position and even go into the Trendelenberg position, helpful for reducing swelling in the legs.

Some lift chairs have extra features that pair with the electric motors to give seniors even more benefits. Heating pads and massage motors are two such features that make a lift recliner an essential piece of medical equipment for many seniors. The heating pads and massage functions are most commonly found in the lower part of the chair’s backrest. Higher-end chairs may also have heating elements and massage motors under the seat, as well as in the footbed, to provide full-body heating/massage therapy.

What Are the Benefits of a Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage?

Heating pads, installed in the lower part of the chair’s backrest, soothe sore and stiff muscles. They also work to improve blood flow and circulation, which can boost your immune system and metabolism, contributing to your overall health. 20-30 minutes of heat per day is a great way to loosen stiff muscles, relieve pain in your lower back, and enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Massage functions in lift chairs, too, contribute to improved health, reduced pain, and increased quality of life. Using a chair that has massage capabilities can lower your stress levels, control pain from injuries and other medical conditions, and even get better sleep!

Massage motors in lift chairs are typically installed in the lower back and sometimes the seat, working out the knots, kinks, and tense areas in your spine and buttock areas.

8 Top Lift Recliners With Heat and Massage

Best Power Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage (Overall): Three Posts Lift Assist Standard

This three-position lift chair is a rare combination of affordability and quality. It’s very comfortable to sit on, reclines almost totally flat, and has some very nice heat and massage functions. It does all this for just under $500! That price, and those features, make it the best choice for nearly any senior.

This chair has four different massaging zones that can be activated separately or all at once- your upper back, lower back, thighs, and calves all get treatment. While it’s only in one location, the heating element spreads evenly throughout your back, creating a truly relaxing sensation in the whole body. Lastly, this chair is simple and casual-looking; a good fit for any room or decor style. Few lift chairs can perform as well as this one, especially not at the same price!

Best Leather Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage: Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner

Esright Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner Sofa for Elderly, Faux Leather Electric Recliner Chair with Heated Vibration Massage, Side Pocket Cup Holder and USB Port, Dark Brown

The Esright Power Lift Chair looks exactly like the high-quality leather recliners you may have had in your living room for decades, but it’s filled with beneficial features. The recline buttons are very easy to use, and the chair reclines up to 150 degrees.

There are four massage areas that have 5 different vibration modes. The massage nodes on the lower back have built-in heating elements; this brings the heat even closer to your body, soothing you faster and more effectively. It’s also one of the most affordable lift chairs on our list!

The only downside to this chair is that it isn’t suitable for taller users; anyone above 5’9” may find this chair uncomfortable, especially when fully reclined. If you’re a taller person and you don’t plan to nap or sleep in the chair, though, you should be fine. All things considered, this is a great choice of leather lift recliner for nearly any senior. The massage and heating functions perform very well, and few chairs on our list are easier to learn how to use!

Best Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Lift Chair: Latitude Run Wide Chenille Power Lift Assist Chair

The Zero-Gravity position is a wonderful way to take pressure off of your spine, hips, and legs as you relax. This position puts your knees ever so slightly above your heart, which shifts your center of gravity to your back. The backrest of the chair is supporting all your body weight, allowing your spine and joints to decompress. This position can help you sleep better, reduce swelling, and even improve energy and alertness!

This chair, from Latitude Run, is ideal for relaxing in the Zero-Gravity position; the full-extension position on the chair is just right for most people to be in the Zero-Gravity spot. It’s also a good deal wider than other lift chairs, which is helpful not only for heavy users but also for general comfort and relaxation. You can lean back, enjoy a heated, full-body massage in the Zero-Gravity position, and never feel guilty about falling asleep because napping in this chair is actually good for your health!

Best Overstuffed Power Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage: Maxiprime Electric Power Lift Recliner

Maxxprime Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat for Elderly, PU Faux Leather, Dual OKIN Motor, Wheel, Infinite Position Lay Flat, 2 Side Pockets, Cup Holders, USB Port(Black)

This chair is about as plush as it can be without being so overstuffed that it swallows you whole. The armrests, especially, are very overstuffed, making for a luxurious and comfortable feel no matter how long you sit in it. The padding on the backrest is extra-thick, too, providing ample support for your head and neck as you recline.

While it certainly is the best overstuffed power lift chair, that’s not all that the Maxiprime has to offer. It uses a dual motor recline system that lets you adjust the backrest and footbed independently of one another if you need to. This allows you to more fully control and customize your seating and reclining position than you can on chairs that use just one motor. Finally, the heat and massage functions are very easy to use, making this a simple and comfortable power lift chair you’ll value for years!

Best La-Z-Boy Power Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage: Clayton Wide Power Massage Lift Chair

Since 1927, La-Z-Boy has been making chairs and other furniture items that are more comfortable and durable than nearly any competitor. This chair, while it is extra-wide, isn’t meant for wide users only. Anyone can use this chair to experience great relief from the aches and pains of the day, or as a daytime alternative to a hospital bed.

The Clayton has two different heating zones, one in the back and one in the seat. This, combined with the four massage zones, makes this one of the most effective chairs on the market. If you’re looking for supreme comfort and functionality, you’ll find it with La-Z-Boy. Plus, your chair will come with a lifetime limited warranty, something few other companies will provide!

Pulaski Heat Massage Lift Chair: Pulaski Home Comfort Chair

Pulaski Home Comfort Collection Power Lift Chair, Charcoal

This is the most stylish recliner on our list, as well as one of the more comfortable. It also comes with battery backup, an essential safety feature in case of a power outage or electrical problem. The chair is quite overstuffed, in a way that makes it supportive and gives it a medium-firmness.

The Pulaski Home Comfort Chair also has a position lock button that keeps you in your desired position, another great safety feature.

The heat and massage functions on this chair are minimal but still effective. It won’t be the most luxurious heat/massage you’ve ever felt, but it will still help you reduce aches and pains. If you’re looking for a safe, simple, and stylish power lift chair, the Pulaski Home Comfort is ideal for you!

Not every lift chair is suitable for every person; there is no “one size fits all solution”. Similarly, no lift chair has the right combination of features to be perfect for every senior. That’s why Ultra Comfort makes lift chairs that you can customize to meet your needs perfectly.

If you’re an exceptionally tall, short, heavy, or light person, there is an Ultra Comfort lift chair that will work for you. If you like a massage in certain places but not others, you can customize it that way; the same goes for heat. Ultra Comfort chairs aren’t cheap, and you have to order direct from their website or from an authorized dealer. However, when you order a customized lift chair from Ultra Comfort, you’re getting as close to guaranteed comfort as possible!

U-MAX Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger PU Leather with Remote Control (Brown)

U-Max’s lift chair is one of the most functional, effective chairs on the market. It isn’t too fancy or too simple; it gives seniors just the right amount of comfort, heat, and massaging without going overboard. As a result, it’s simple and effective- a great chair for any senior who needs it.

The heating element is placed in the lower back and is small but relaxing. The massage functions- 8 different nodes and 5 different intensity settings- more than make up for what this chair lacks in heating coverage. If you’re looking for an affordable full-body massage from your lift chair, this is the one for you!

Buying Guide: How to Find a Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage

What are the Best Brands of Power Lift Recliners With Heat and Massage?

  • La-Z-Boy: They make some of the most comfortable and durable pieces of furniture on the market. The lift chairs you find at La-Z-Boy are stylish, effective, and backed by one of the best warranties around.
  • Ultra Comfort: This company will custom-build a lift chair just for you that will fit your body and needs perfectly. You’ll pay a premium price, but you can rest assured that you’ll also receive a more-than-premium product!
  • Pulaski Furniture: Pulaski makes much more than just lift chairs; they’re a premium furniture maker known for high quality and style. Their lift chairs are designed to look great in your home and feel great on the body.

What is the Price Range of Power Lift Recliners With Heat and Massage?

The cheapest lift chairs that include massage and heat functions can be purchased for about $300-400. Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low-quality, but there is a higher risk of buying a dud in the lower price range. Medium-priced lift chairs cost between $400 and $800; these chairs are usually more comfortable and have more advanced heat/massage elements.

Most of the time, lift chairs that cost more than $800 are top-of-the-line in terms of quality and performance. There are some overpriced chairs, to be sure, but many expensive chairs are worth every penny for advanced performance. Expensive lift chairs also come with longer-lasting warranties, a huge advantage for such an important purchase!

Are Lift Recliners With Heat and Massage Covered by Medicare?

Medicare does cover lift chairs, but the individual chair you’re considering may or may not be. Once you obtain a prescription for a lift chair, you need to find a model from a supplier that participates in Medicare. Then, you will be able to have Medicare pay for 80% of the product cost!

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Power Lift Recliner With Heat and Massage

  • Size it Up: When buying a normal chair, you don’t have to worry too much about whether the backrest is the right height for you. However, a reclining lift chair is pretty useless if your head and feet hang off either end of the chair when you recline it! Make sure that the chair you purchase is long enough for your body.
  • Warranty Length: Often, the biggest difference-maker between two similar lift chairs that have very dissimilar prices is their warranties. Before you buy a chair, make sure the warranty is something you can accept. If you want to save money with a low-quality warranty, you should- just make sure you know before you buy!
  • Number of Heating/Massage Elements: The more heating and massage elements, the higher the price. If you want a luxurious full-body massage, you’ll be paying a lot more. If you want a lower price, though, look for a chair that has fewer massaging and heating elements.


The best lift chairs with heat and massage are the ones that target each part of your body with gentle, pressure-relieving heat and vibration. You can find these chairs in a wide range of styles and prices, and you can even get them covered by Medicare. Which chair from our list do you think is right for you? Let us hear in the comments section below!

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