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Free Stuff for Veterans (2023): 31 Best Free Products & Services for Veterans

By Maurice

Free Stuff for Veterans

For many veterans, the American Dream is about hard work and sacrifice. So many vets in this country have given so much to the United States and deserve a little something back.

That’s why we compiled a list of free stuff for veterans! From discounts on national parks to transportation around town, we’ve got you covered! Take a look below at all these great offers that are waiting for you.

Free Federal Government Programs for Senior Veterans

Senior American Veteran

The US Department of Veterans Affairs has a comprehensive list of special programs that are specifically designed to help veterans and other family members. These resources include health resources, health care for female veterans, debt management, homeless assistance programs, and much more. You can find out more about each one by visiting their website: VA Programs – About VA

Millions of senior veterans do qualify for VA aid, but they are unaware that they can get the help. Those who have served in active duty 90 days or more during World War II, the Vietnam War, or the Korean War era could be eligible to receive benefits from this program called Senior Helpers, which would provide quality care at home with personalized service when needed most. This organization helps with light housekeeping and other care for age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. You can find out more about Senior Helpers here.

A Free App from the VA 

We couldn’t talk about freebies available to veterans in 2021 without using a free app on your smartphone. Luckily, the VA comes through again, with an app called HealTheVet. Here, veterans can have a virtual assistant as the tip of their fingers, managing everything from refilling prescriptions, keeping track of upcoming appointments and your health records or your vitals as well! It’s a convenient way for vets to have a convenient way to have all their pertinent information. (with a bit of help from modern technology, of course!)

Donated Dental Services

Many disabled veterans across the country desperately need dental care, but it’s often out of reach. Those who do qualify for low cost services through the VA may not be able to get them unless they’re entirely disabled or have suffered some sort of injury in their mouth resulting from wartime service.

Unfortunately, the dental care many veterans need is not always affordable, but there’s a program to help them out. More than 15 thousand volunteer dentists make up a small army of compassionate people to form the Donated Dental Services program. It provides oral health services for those who miss it most – our brave men and women in uniform!

As the name suggests, donations from others go a long way in providing our veterans with the care they deserve. To find out if you are eligible in your state, you can visit their website Dental Care for Qualified Applicants Nationwide | DLN to see if free dental care is available.

Free Lawn and Landscape Service

Project Evergreen is a non-profit organization that connects some of the industry’s best lawn care experts to individuals who are serving our country away from home. Anyone who has military members who are deployed or has a disability can qualify for this service. It’s operated by a group of volunteers that provide a wide range of lawn and landscaping needs, such as mowing, edging, pruning, seasonal cleanups, and general outdoor care.

Better yet, it’s available all year long, even during the winter season, for snow shoveling and more. Find out more at Project Evergreen | Creating a Healthier Cooler Earth

Free Beds and Furniture

Nothing can be more essential for senior veterans than having a comfortable bed to sleep in and furniture to relax on. The Heroes Warehouse receives all its furnishings from members of the local community in San Bernardino and Riverside, CA. They provide no-cost necessary items, like beds, tables, mattresses, and so forth.

Computer Banc

Nearly 90 percent of all households have at least one computer, and senior vets can get one at no cost. It’s another excellent non-profit organization that has provided high-quality refurbished computers to veterans for over two decades.

Habitat for Humanity logo

Habitat For Humanity’s Repair Corps Program

This program has been funded by the Home Depot Foundation for over a decade now, and it provides a meaningful resource for veterans across the country. The excellent news is that the program is offered to all veterans, as long as they are honorably discharged. Although the emphasis is primarily on critical repair, recent efforts have also been geared toward general repairs.

A veteran does need to live at the home, though. Although they don’t have to be the owner, the house must be their primary residence. You can find more information about the program at Habitat for Humanity’s Repair Corps Program | Habitat for Humanity.

Military OneSource

Mental health is always a top priority for veterans of all ages, and even more important for seniors. Statistics show that older adults, especially vets, can be more susceptible to depression or suicidal thoughts. The Department of Defense provides this free service, where veterans have 24/7 access to talk about any concerns or problems.

DAV: Helping Veterans Get Where They Need to Go

This incredible program is another one that often hides under the radar for our great veterans. DAV has shown its worth to the communities across the United States, providing nearly a quarter-million rides to disabled or sick veterans. It’s completely free for veterans who desperately need to get to a medical appointment and don’t have the means to get there.

It also provides resources for employment, which we’ll discuss a little later. However, if you’re looking to find out more about what DAV is all about, you can get that information directly on their website. Disabled American Veterans

Pets for Vets

Man’s best friend can help fill the void of a lonely senior veteran who wants to bond with another living creature. Many veterans have a challenging time adjusting back to their everyday lives, even years after service. This program matches rescued pets and veterans together to form a powerful bond that will last for years to come. The application to adopt a pet can be found here. ​Pets for Vets​​​



Through a partnership with Lyft, RelayRIDE was developed that allows veterans to request rides to medical appointments, job interviews, grocery shopping, and much more. One advantage of using this service is a quicker way for veterans to get where they need to be, rather than taking two or three buses. More information about this program is accessible on this website: Medical Transportation & Translation Services


Get a Free Carwash with Grace For Vets

Veterans can access a large selection of participating carwashes to get their car cleaned this Veteran’s Day. It is another program that is offered every year for those who could benefit from someone else getting their vehicle squeaky clean. As of last year, Grace For Vets operates in four different countries, with over 4,000 locations, and the company has given away more than 350,000 car washes.


Forever GI Bill

This bill, signed in 2017, brought about significant changes to educational benefits for veterans and other family members. A positive highlight of the bill is there is no longer an expiration date. Before, service members previously had 15 years to “use it or lose it.” Interestingly, funding with the GI Bill encompasses a variety of choices for veterans. Everything ranges from using it for an apprentice program for an HVAC technician or even entrepreneurship training- the options are nearly limitless.

To learn more about the exciting changes and improvements the Forever GI Bill provides for vets, you can read about it at: Forever GI Bill: For More Than Just College


Free Premium Membership for LinkedIn

Many older veterans are looking for a seamless way to transition into Civilian society, often pursuing new interests later in life. Through a collaborative effort with, veterans can obtain a free one-year premium LinkedIn membership. The benefits of a premium subscription can greatly benefit older adults who may have been out of the workforce for years, providing user-friendly access to more than 13,000 courses from top leaders in the industry. You can get approved right on the LinkedIn website.


File Taxes for Free

It’s no secret that the end of the year is often a source of some anxiety because soon, people of all ages will get ready to file their taxes. As the “tax season” begins, all veterans should know about a free filing service that is available for them. One of them is free filing provided by an electronic service through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as long as someone earns less than 64,000 dollars per year.

Additionally, a program called Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, is available during the tax filing months (typically beginning of February through mid-April). All the necessary information can be found on this website: Free Tax Filing for Military Members


Emergency Assistance Program

No veteran should ever have to worry about how they’ll make ends meet, and there are resources out there to help. Whether it’s a struggle to pay monthly bills or an unexpected emergency bill, the USA Cares Veterans & Family Support System assists deserving individuals from all walks of life.



Morale, Welfare and Recreation Digital Library

Knowing that there is an option for free online resources for senior veterans is important in today’s day and age. As of September 2021, an online platform was launched, called the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Digital Library (MWR Digital Library). The Department of Defense funds everything available to veterans on this website, so it’s absolutely free! There’s a plethora of content online to browse for veterans who want to either continue or start a career.

It also has some other cool stuff, like audiobooks, free music streaming, health and wellness information, and more. Anyone interested in checking it out can get all the information they need on this website: DOD MWR Digital Library Online Resources



Free Checked Bags for Flights

Everyone knows how quickly checked bags can increase the price of a flight significantly. Luckily, many of the major airlines are taking care of our veterans by offering free checked bags, even up to 100 pounds, or for personal travel. Delta Airlines, for example, allows vets to check up to five bags, up to 100 pounds each, on military travel.

To get a breakdown of what each airline provides, you can read more in this article: Military Travel Discounts You Won’t Want to Miss



Vet Tix: A Large Hub to Access Tickets To Different Events

Vet Tix is a free online resource for veterans to access various tickets to different events that interest them. The organization is partnered with different major sports teams and venues. Additionally, it provides tickets for all branches of the military. All a veteran needs to do is find an event that intrigues them and request their free tickets.

All the pertinent information can be found on Vet Tix – Tickets for Troops – Veterans Ticket Foundation. Senior veterans will find this service especially satisfying as it can serve as a way to stay active in their community.



Become A Beachbody Coach for Free is one of the most recognized places for streaming online workouts across the country, and veterans can also take advantage of it here. Typically, becoming a Beachbody coach has an initial cost of $39.95, then $14.99 every month thereafter. But, now, veterans can use their true natural-born leadership talents to become online coaches at no cost. It’s called the Military Waiver Program, which outlines how veterans can benefit from this service.



A Free Marriage Retreat

The importance of taking time to work on a marriage can’t be underestimated. A free marriage retreat can be a much-needed opportunity for veterans and their spouses to get away from daily stresses. Operation Heal Our Patriots gives these worthy people a breath fresh into their spirituality and marriage by enjoying time in the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Not only can military couples enjoy the breathtaking scenery, but they’ll also get catered to with on-site meals and daily housekeeping.



Stay A Night for Free At Bed & Breakfast Inns

A night at a bed and breakfast is a great way to get away, with locations all over the country. Here, veterans qualify for a November 10th overnight stay so they can enjoy the festivities on the following day. You can easily click on the interactive map on their website to see if there is a B&B located in your area.



Mount Veron Free Entrance and Tribute

Veterans can enjoy a beautiful floral tribute performance from the US Air Force Strings Orchestra all at beautiful Mount Vernon on the picturesque banks alongside the Potomac River. This special event takes place on November 11th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sponsored by FedEx. Mount Vernon Salutes Veterans



Access To Free Museums Across the Country

Every year, between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, active members of the military and their families can get free admission to Blue Star Museums. In addition, there is the participation of more than 2,000 museums, which include zoos, preserves, and even children’s museums.



Get A Free Pass to National Parks

An annual pass to National Parks usually costs $80, but veterans can get free access! You can tour the beauty of the country that is available all year long. You can use it anywhere within the Bureau of Land Management sites. To find out more about this opportunity, you can read about it here: America the Beautiful – National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass



LEGOLAND Florida Resort & Water Park

This legendary Florida attraction is a family favorite, and veterans can get a complimentary pass. All you need to do is bring a verified military ID upon checking in to receive your FREE tickets. Again, this free offer is available year-round for senior veterans who want to take a memorable trip with their grandkids.



Free Entrance into the World of Coca-Cola

Here is an exciting trip any veteran can take if they live in or around the Atlanta, GA, area. Coca-Cola has been a proud supporter of our veterans for more than 70 years. Any member of the armed forces can get free admission if they present their identification at the window. There is plenty to explore here, so bring your family members too! Military Appreciation – World of Coca-Cola



Waves of Honor Program with SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment

Any veteran in active duty can get admission to SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment facilities, including Busch Gardens. Better yet, it also allows for up to three dependents to gain entry for free as well. All that is needed is an online registration before tickets get printed. Redeeming tickets online for free takes just a few minutes.



Haircuts For Heroes

Every year, Sportsclips sponsors a program called Haircut For Heroes. All that is needed is proof of service for a free haircut to be redeemed at participating locations across the United States. Find out if a location in your area is offering a free haircut this upcoming Veterans Day by visiting this link: Our Help a Hero Campaign Supports Veterans – Sport Clips



Eat For Free at Golden Corral And Applebees (Again)

While there are a plethora of places where veterans can find a free meal on November 11th, the offers typically change from year to year. However, Golden Corral again shines through by providing a free meal and drink voucher for all veterans. What sets this freebie apart from others is that veterans have the choice to redeem the free meal for a few months. Golden Corral Military Appreciation Veterans Day Meal

Applebees is also taking care of our veterans by providing them with a free full-size meal. Not only will this restaurant ensure veterans are well-fed, but they are also giving away a $5.00 card that can be used the next time they dine. This offer is one of the best restaurant freebies out there for veterans because Applebee’s has proudly provided it for 14 consecutive years. You can bet that they’ll be doing the same thing next year. Click here for more details.



Unwind With True Rest Float Spa

True Rest Float Spa has a long tradition of serving the great veterans of our country. Older veterans are known to suffer from debilitating health and mental concerns, such as PTSD, depression, and chronic fatigue. All senior veterans are entitled to a free one-hour float session. It gets even better too. On the eleventh day of every month, every veteran or active duty member can visit any of the 36 locations across the US for another free one-hour session. More details from this unique offer can be found by reading on their website. True REST to Give 1,700 Free Floats to Veterans this Veterans Day



Retailers That Provide Military Discounts

As a veteran, it’s good to familiarize yourself with the deals that many popular retailers provide. While you might not get something completely for free here, it’s good to know how to save some money. Below is a list of a few.



  • 20 percent off at Nike
  • 50 percent off T-Mobile and Sprint family lines
  • Tax exemption year-round at Home Depot
  • 15 percent off your auto insurance policy at Geico

You can refer to this article to find out more about retailers providing some terrific deals for our vets.

Wrapping It Up: Veterans Deserve Every Break They Can Get

The least that these companies can do for our veterans is provide them with freebies to show their appreciation. That’s why there are so many Veterans Day deals out there, just waiting for you or your loved one to claim them! If you’re a veteran yourself or know somebody who has sacrificed their lives for us, any of these offers would be greatly appreciated by anyone in the military community. In the meantime, let’s all say thank you to a veteran the next time we see one in public. We owe them at least that much.


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