Best TV for Visually Impaired

Best TV for Visually Impaired (2021): 4 Top Easy to See TVs + Expert Buying Guide

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Best TV for Visually Impaired

As you get older, lots of things on your body aren’t what they used to be - and your eyes might be the first to go. Many seniors - up to one-third of all seniors - struggle to see as well as they used to, and that can make watching TV downright impossible. If you’re dealing with a visual impairment, you need a seniors' TV that’ll make things better, not worse.

Check out our guide to the best TV for the visually impaired to learn which models are perfect for you!

What is a TV for the Visually Impaired?

TVs for the visually impaired are designed to help people with limited sight do two things:

  1. 1
    Use TVs without struggling to see well enough to change channels
  2. 2
    Enjoy entertainment and news despite their visual impairment

These TVs employ a variety of different features to help people with visual impairments use TVs without as much limitation. Some of those features include the use of larger, brighter screens, instant replay buttons, and low-glare screens.

There are no TVs that are built 100% for people with visual impairments, but that doesn’t mean a person with partial loss of sight can buy any TV and have the same experience. If you want to watch TV without as much difficulty, you need to make sure you get a TV that is bright, clear, and large enough to let you enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and sports without hindrance.

Best Brands of TVs for the Visually Impaired

  • Sony Bravia: Sony TVs are known for their exceptional picture quality and remotes that are easy to see. If you’ve got vision loss, those two things are crucial to your enjoyment of a new TV!
  • Sharp: This luxury TV brand is all about picture quality. If you want to enjoy your favorite movies with crystal clear, bright images, you can’t go wrong with a 4K Sharp TV.
  • Samsung: Samsung has a wide range of different TVs, ranging from budget-friendly to world-class. These TVs are, across the board, typically cheaper than Sony Bravia and Sharp TVs, making them a great choice for seniors working on a tighter budget.
  • Sunbrite: This company makes outdoor TVs. An outdoor TV is designed to be extremely bright and free of glare so that people can watch in broad daylight without distraction. If you have a visual impairment, a Sunbrite TV might be exactly what you need to watch the way you used to.

Price Range of TVs for the Visually Impaired

Unfortunately, TVs that are good for people with visual impairments are never going to be cheap. In order to guarantee the level of picture quality and brightness that make the TV easier to see clearly, you’ll have to spend a lot.

Spending less than $800 for a large (55 inches or more) TV isn’t the best idea. Often, people will spend more than $1,000 to get a high-quality TV that helps them see more clearly. Some TVs cost several thousand dollars, but they can be worth the expense to the right person!

Best TVs for Visually Impaired

1. Best Smart TV for Visually Impaired (Overall): Samsung QN55LST7TA The Terrace 55" Outdoor-Optimized QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

Samsung QN55LST7TA The Terrace 55" Outdoor-Optimized QLED 4K UHD Smart TV with an Additional 4 Year Coverage by Epic Protect (2020)

First things first: this is an incredibly expensive TV. It costs nearly $4,000, but it’s a phenomenal product that will be more than worth it for the right person. If you struggle to see the TV you currently own, this ultra-bright TV might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Terrace TV also has an anti-glare design that prevents any reflecting light from distracting and obscuring your view. If you’re sick of trying to figure out what is happening when you watch shows and movies with your family, this TV may be able to help! It delivers a clear, bright picture no matter what - even if the sun is shining directly on the screen!


  • Glare-proof and extra-bright
  • Very accurate colors
  • Remote has large, easy-to-read buttons


  • Incredibly expensive
  • Thick and heavy, may be hard to mount on an indoor wall

Best Smart TV for Visually Impaired (Runners-Up)

SAMSUNG 55-Inch Class Neo QLED QN85A Series - 4K UHD Quantum HDR 24x Smart TV with Alexa Built-in (QN55QN85AAFXZA, 2021 Model)

This TV from Samsung isn’t exactly a budget TV, but it’s one of the most affordable that still has great benefits for people with visual impairments. First, it has excellent contrast and color accuracy, helping you see each color more clearly, reducing confusion and disorientation.

More important than what is on the screen, though, is a feature that comes by way of Amazon Alexa integration: VoiceView. This feature, when activated, reads the TV menu and guide aloud to you, so you don’t have to strain your eyes to read it. You can also use Alexa to control the TV with your voice instead of relying on being able to see tiny buttons on a remote!


  • More affordable than most high-quality TVs
  • Alexa VoiceView feature for easy navigation
  • Incredibly accurate colors


  • Not as bright as outdoor TVs
  • Speakers lack quality
SunBriteTV Weatherproof Outdoor 55-Inch Veranda (2nd Gen) 4K UHD HDR LED Television - SB-V-55-4KHDR-BL Black

This outdoor TV offers many of the same features as Samsung’s The Terrace but for roughly half the price. If you think you could benefit from the extra-bright, glare-proof screen of an outdoor TV, the SunBrite Veranda is perfect for you.

The screen on the Veranda is about 50% brighter than the standard indoor TV. This, when properly adjusted to your preferences, means it’ll be easier than ever to see what’s going on at all times. If you have sensitive eyes, you can also decrease the saturation on the TV so that the brightness is still effective without being harsh.


  • 50% brighter than indoor TVs
  • More affordable than other outdoor TVs
  • Available in 4 different sizes


  • Still more expensive than most people can afford
  • Speakers are lacking in quality
  • Not a Smart TV
Sony X85J 65 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV with Native 120HZ Refresh Rate, Dolby Vision HDR, and Alexa Compatibility KD65X85J- 2021 Model

If you want a TV that combines flawless image quality with the convenience of Alexa controls, this is it. Sony’s TVs are, almost without exception, the best-looking in their price range, no matter which model you look at. The X85J is no different - it’s an excellent TV that could easily be sold for far more than the roughly $1,200 it will cost you.

Because you can control it with your voice, and the remote is easy to use, it’s one of the most vision-impairment friendly TVs on the market. The buttons are easy to read, and even if you can’t read them, voice commands always have your back.

If you’re looking for a TV that looks great and makes it easy to use no matter how severe your visual impairment is, the X85J is perfect for you. Buying one means you’ll be enjoying the news, sports, and your guilty-pleasure TV shows more simply than ever!


  • Remote has large buttons
  • Exceptional picture quality
  • Solid built-in speakers
  • Control with Amazon Alexa


  •  Still prone to glare

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a TV for the Visually Impaired

  • Screen Size: Though you’ll have to spend more for a larger TV, a bigger picture makes it easier to catch everything that’s happening on screen. If you have a large living room and sit more than 10 feet from the TV, you should count on needing a screen that is at least 50 inches to make sure you don’t miss anything!
  • Screen Resolution: 720P and 1080P screens are fine for most people, but people with visual impairments should look for 4K screens (literally, 4 times as detailed as a normal HD television) to ensure that every image is as clear as can be.
  • Brightness: The brighter the screen, the easier it is to understand scenes that take place in the dark. A TV that lacks brightness can be very hard to watch, even if the room around you is dark. It’s always better to have a TV that is too bright (since you can change the settings) than one that is never bright enough!
  • Color Accuracy: Buying a cheap TV, even if it has 4K resolution, often means that the colors won’t be as crisp or accurate as they should be. If you want the colors on your TV to be crystal clear, prepare to spend at least $500 for a 43-inch model, and more than $1,000 for a 60+ -inch TV.
  • Accessibility Features: Amazon’s line of Fire TV-enabled devices have a feature called VoiceView. This feature reads out loud so that users can hear the TV guide or menu rather than have to read it. Features like this can be incredibly useful for people with visual impairments, and you should always opt for it when possible!


Finding a TV that is good for your visual impairment is easier said than done. If you’re able to find a model that you can afford with the right combination of brightness, size, and clarity, you’ll be able to watch your favorite programming without the struggle. Which TV from our list was the most interesting to you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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