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How Much are Adjustable Beds? Price Ranges for the Major Brands and Types

By Maurice

How Much are Adjustable Beds

If you have ever been curious about potentially purchasing an adjustable bed, one of the first questions that are going to come to mind is how much they cost. Do they cost a lot more than a standard bed? Can I afford one?

These are questions that you are going to ask and we have the answers. In this fast guide, we list out some of the most prominent manufacturers and the most popular types of adjustable giving you price ranges and budget touchstones for each one so that you can easily put together a plan.

What are the major manufacturers of adjustable beds?

There are a large and growing number of people entering the adjustable bed market but there are a few brands that stick out above the rest. Those brands are Leggett & Platt, DynastyMattress, LUCID, and Sven & Son. These four brands represent a large portion of the adjustable beds available now and they cover the range of prices and upgrades nicely.

LUCID is an affordable adjustable mattress maker. They specialize in adjustable bed bases and mattresses. None of their products are too expensive but they also don’t come with too many frills. You can get a split king adjustable bed base from Lucid for less than $1000.

DynastyMattress offers a lot in the way of extras and upgrades. You can get a fully upgraded split king adjustable bed for right around $2000. That includes massage, speakers, and much more. Their models that do not include upgrades are between $1500 and $2000.

Sven & Son is a newer company that aims to blend longevity with affordability. They sell their benchmark split king for $2000 as well but that also includes the mattress and a five-year warranty.

Lastly, we have Leggett & Platt. They are the oldest and most established company on this list and their products often trend towards the highest end of the spectrum. Their split kings come in right around $2500.

There are other brands on the market and we broke down the top eight adjustable bed manufacturers and ranked them from best to worst. However, these four give us a great overview to work with. When doing your research you will come across these four reputable brands time and time again.

What are the most popular types of adjustable beds?

By far, the most popular adjustable bed is the split king. A split king adjustable bed has all of the benefits of an adjustable bed, times two. It is perfect for couples who might have different sleeping needs or habits and this makes the split king the leader in the adjustable bed space.

There are other types of adjustable king beds such as a single adjustable king as well as an adjustable California king. While king beds are quite popular in the standard bed space, they completely dominate the adjustable bed market.

The second most popular size of adjustable bed is the queen sized bed. A lot of people own queen beds because they cannot afford or fit the bulk of a king sized bed in their home. There are adjustable queen sized beds on the market but they are never split. A split king requires two twin mattresses to work properly and therefore it is the only size bed that can have a split design.

What are the price ranges for those types of beds?

The price range for adjustable beds is the highest for split kings and then decreases from there. Each individual price depends on many factors including the brand, the model, and the upgrades but here is a general rule for pricing out adjustable beds.

Adjustable Bed Base Only


$200 - $500


$300 - $600


$800 - $1200


$1400 - $1800

Split king

$1500 - $2000

Adjustable Bed With Mattress Included


$500 - $800


$600 - $1000


$1400 - $1800


$1600 - $2200

Split king

$2000 - $2800

Again, this is just a general rule of thumb. There will be exceptions to this rule both higher and lower than these ranges but if you are looking to make a quick budget and need to jot some numbers down, these will get you started.

Tips for getting the best deal on an adjustable bed

Shop around. Beds and mattresses are notorious for having wild markups and inconsistent pricing. One site might have an adjustable bed listed for $2800 and another site will have the exact same bed listed for $1800. It can be frustrating to see such large disparities in pricing but that is how this industry goes sometimes.

Find a bed that you like, then search for the name using the exact model and descriptor and see what comes up. There are a large number of sites selling adjustable beds and mattresses right now and you will easily be able to price shop through a few different sites to see what a good price and what a high price is.

If you don’t feel like paying full price, you can always wait for a sale. Furniture often goes on sale around minor holidays. Days like Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans’ Day all usually have corresponding sales on things such as furniture and appliances.

Check back frequently and sooner or later you will see something you like go on sale for a discounted rate.

If you continue to price shop and are able to have the patience to wait out a great deal, you will definitely be able to come into your very own adjustable mattress for the best price possible.

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