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Rent Shower Chair: Where to Find Showers Chairs for Rent Near You

By Maurice

rent shower chair

Buying a shower chair doesn't have to mean paying up a bunch of money up front. There are options to find a rental shower chair near you.

Rental shower chairs can be the right choice for people who need them on a temporary basis or for people who need specialized shower chairs that can be very expensive. As it turns out, there are actually local options when it comes to renting a shower chair.

Here’s how you can find a rental shower chair near you.

Can You Rent A Shower Chair?

Right off the bat, we need to discuss whether or not you can actually rent a shower chair. The fact is, while you can buy affordable shower chairs at many local stores—renting a shower chair might be the right move for you.

You can rent shower chairs at medical supply stores, community healthcare groups, and even through your primary care physician. A rental shower chair is ideal for individuals who need easier ways to get clean on a temporary basis.

Rental shower chairs come with their own trade-offs to match the cost savings. The biggest downside is that you must keep this shower chair very clean and protect it from the natural hazards of being in a shower such as rust, soap scum, and mildew.

Let’s find a few places where you can rent a shower chair near me.

Where To Rent A Shower Chair Near Me

You have more options than you might expect when it comes to renting a shower chair near you. While it is much more common to just purchase the shower chair out right, there are places that do offer rentals that you can take advantage of.

We're going to cover the top three places where you can rent a shower chair.

Local Medical Supply Shops

The local medical supply shops in your community are going to offer shower chairs and other bathroom accessibility products for rent.

These medical supply shops often have some of the best value and savings when it comes to getting a shower chair or other accessibility devices. They also have different types of shower chairs including benches, transfer benches, and even wheeled shower chairs.

You need to do to find a rental shower chair at a local medical supply shop is call around and see who has shower chairs available for rent.

Community Healthcare Advocacy Groups

Another option is to check your local community health care and advocacy groups. These are great resources when it comes to finding affordable accessibility devices like shower chairs.

These groups occasionally rent out shower chairs on their own. This is especially the case if this is a group designed to either help support accessibility or to offer services for the local senior community.

If these organizations don't rent out shower chairs, they will be able to point you in the direction of community organizations and stores where you can find an affordable shower chair.

Check With Your Primary Care Physician

Your primary care physician is going to be a wealth of resources when you need to rent a shower chair. Not only can your doctor show you how to use a shower chair, but they can also give you tips on where you can find an affordable shower chair near you.

Your primary care physician might also be able to point you to the department that rents out shower chairs at the doctor's office or hospital that you visit. These organizations often have devices that they can rent out on their own or partnerships with local stores or organizations that can help you get a shower chair.

Why Rent A Shower Chair?

You might be wondering why you would want to rent a shower chair rather than by one?

You can buy foldable shower chairs for a very low-cost at many big box stores near your home. However, there are a few good reasons why renting a shower chair might be the right move for you.

Rental shower chairs are a great choice if you plan on using this only on a temporary basis. This could be an ideal option for individuals recovering from an injury that requires them to temporarily use a shower chair.

While most shower chairs are fairly affordable, there are more specialized shower chairs that can get quite expensive. These are wheeled shower chairs that offer reclining features and can cost several hundred dollars.

If you're planning on using a roll-in shower chair, it might be better to rent instead of buy. This could save you money then in the long run rather than having to purchase the shower chair out right.

Then there are questions of insurance. We'll get into these in detail in the next section, but if your insurance doesn't cover shower chairs, you're better off renting.

Does Insurance Cover Rental Shower Chairs?

Insurance plans have different policies when it comes to covering the cost to buy the row rental or purchase shower chair. Private insurance and Medicaid do not necessarily cover shower chairs, but they can cover some of these devices either fully or partially depending on the particular insurance plan that you have.

Wrapping Up Renting A Shower Chair

You have some options when it comes to finding a rental shower chair near you. You can check your local medical supply stores, reach out to health care organizations in your community, and check with your primary care physician about your options for acquiring a shower chair.

This will give you some options when it comes to using a shower to stay clean. Renting could be the right choice if your insurance doesn't cover shower chairs or you plan on using them on a temporary basis.

There are always options when it comes to getting the devices you need in order to live your life to the fullest.

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