Bedroom for Elderly: Safety, Design, Mobility Aids & More

Bedroom for Elderly

On this page you’ll learn everything you need to know for creating a safe and useful bedroom for the elderly.  You’ll find our well-researched and helpful information organized into easily accessible sections. We cover bedroom safety, design options, assistive equipment, and grants /financial assistance for renovations. You’ll also find tips on elderly toileting, bathing, and showering.

Bedroom Safety for Seniors

Senior Citizens Bedroom Falls Statistics


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,  Up to 36 Millions of 65+ adults falls are reported each year that resulting in more than 32,000 deaths.

We provide an overview of bedroom safety for older people that includes the necessary equipment to help prevent falls.

Bedroom Safety for Elderly

We provide an overview on how to create a safe and accessible  bedroom for older people.

How to Create a Safe & Accessible Bedroom for Seniors

You’ll learn about the best bedroom configuration, safety features, and organization tips in our complete guide.

Senior Citizen Bedroom Design

Bed Safety Tips and Aids for Elderly

Bed Safety Equipment for Elderly

Pillows for Elderly: Types, Benefits and How to Choose