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eBay Adjustable Bed: How to Get the Best Deal & Avoid Scams

By Maurice

ebay adjustable bed

Adjustable beds are great additions to your home when it comes to aging in place. An adjustable bed allows disabled people and the elderly to maintain regular independence and safety in the peace of their homes.

If someone struggles with sitting up, has issues sitting down, or all around walking, an adjustable bed is a great option to allow people to get in and out of bed with ease. An adjustable bed can give you support to allow you to stay in your home. It can also aid in things like circulation, restless foot syndrome, and even back or leg pain.

For someone aging in place, if they have trouble walking or are in a wheelchair, the transfer from the wheelchair or walker to the bed makes going to bed easy. An adjustable bed reduces any slipping or falling and can even aid caregivers with their daily routine.

An adjustable bed, however, may be pricey to buy. Finding one on eBay is a great choice to find a good deal. However, how do you avoid a scam by buying such a large purchase online? And how can you make sure you are getting the best deal?

Can I Buy a Used Adjustable Bed on eBay? 

You can buy a used adjustable bed on eBay. The site allows you to easily look through all the adjustable beds for purchase.

Depending on what you are looking for, eBay has a lot to offer when it comes to buying an adjustable bed. On eBay, there are new listings along with people selling their used equipment.

When buying a used adjustable bed, you must find a listing that is up to standard. Buying into a scam can cause you unneeded distress.

Used Adjustable Beds on eBay – Tips for Getting the Best Deal

how to use adjustable bed

There are a few tips you can use to ensure you are getting a great bargain price for a used adjustable bed on eBay.

Before making any purchase, you should always check the following:

Carefully check the description

By reading the description thoroughly, you can verify that the seller is offering a fully-functioning adjustable bed. If you do not verify how the product is functioning, you may be stuck with a faulty adjustable bed.

Do Not Use Auctions

An auction price is normally quite low at the start and may seem like a quick way to get a bargain price. However, in the final moments of an auction, the price may rise very fast depending on who is bidding with you.

Sticking to the buy-it-now listings will help maintain the best price you can get. Some sellers will allow you to make an offer on these listings as well, making the deal even better.

Check The Shipping Price

While an adjustable bed listing may be posted at a low price, you may think it is a great deal. However, the shipping may be highly overpriced, causing you to pay more overall. It is vital to check and make sure the shipping is either free or at a reasonable price before your large purchase.

How to Avoid Scams on eBay

It is important to only buy from honest sellers as there are scams on any online shopping site. When using eBay to shop online, there may be some harmful scams.

eBay, however, does protect its buyers. Through their guarantee, if you do not receive the item described, you will be quickly refunded your money. It is still important to make sure you protect yourself because you will be left without a bed and dealing with an eBay claim for weeks on end.

It is important to know how to protect yourself and what to look out for. Dealing with a scam may cost you time and effort to fix and you may end up spending more money over time.

There are a few ways to ensure that you are not falling for a scam on eBay.

Check if the price is reasonable

If you believe you may be getting a great deal on an adjustable bed, and the price is astronomically lower than other values you see online, there may be something wrong with the bed itself or it may be a scam.

When finding a deal online, it is important that the price point makes sense for a bed that is fully functioning and almost new.

Make sure the seller has positive reviews

There are reviews for each eBay seller that you can read and look at yourself. These reviews will quickly show you how honest and well the salesperson works. If a seller has an endless amount of positive reviews, you will have a trustworthy seller you are buying from.

Check for grammar mistakes

If a seller is listing a product they care about and are selling in good faith, they will make sure the post’s grammar is correct.

However, if you see a description that is written poorly, you may not be able to tell what condition the bed is in, or if they are actually selling you an adjustable bed.

Other Places to Get a Used Adjustable Bed 

There are several places to get a used adjustable bed that are not on sites like eBay. You can check the following places for a used adjustable bed:

Some places may take some grassroots efforts by calling and seeing if they have any used adjustable beds in stock or available through a donation.


An adjustable bed is a great addition for those who need daily assistance getting in and out of bed. However, finding one at a bargain price may be a challenge.

eBay is a great site to use to find a good price on an adjustable bed. They have new and used options to buy. However, it is important to check the listing and the seller before making your purchase final to make sure you are getting the product that you need.

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