Best Bed Step Stool For Elderly People

Best Bed Step Stool For Elderly (2021): 11 Best Bed Step Stools For Every Need

By Maurice

Best Bed Step Stool For Elderly People

Sometimes people just need a leg up. A little boost to help you get something done. It happens to everyone and as we age we need more assistance than we did when we were younger. A bedside step stool can be the perfect tool to help make your life easier and safer.

We have found a ton of great stools to fit every need, every style, and every bedroom. This guide will breakdown what a bed side step stool is, what they are useful for, the pros and cons of having one as well as eleven of the best step stools on the market right now. By the end, you will be spoiled for choice on what stool you want to get.

What is a bed step stool?

A bed step stool is a stool used to help people get in and out of bed. When you age, simple tasks that you took for granted in the past can become more difficult. Getting in and out of bed can be a pain, especially if you have a tall bed. A stool helps you safely enter and exit the bed by giving you a boost and a non-slip surface to use to exit the bed as well. Falling out of bed is a serious issue and having a bed step stool can be a critical addition that prevents these types of incidents from occurring.

Types of bed step stools

Best Step Stool for Elderly

There are a few different kinds of step stool for the bedroom but they all aim to accomplish the same goal. There are solid stools that are one piece. These do not move or change their shape. You also have foldable stools that you can collapse down for easy storage. There are stools with handles that are made to ensure maximum stability and safety. Most stools are made from either wood, metal, or plastic as well.

Pros and cons to having a Bed Step Stool

When considering purchasing a bed step stool there are some things you want to consider. There are a lot of benefits including being able to get up into your bed easier. It makes exiting the bed safer as well. They are often very affordable and easy to use.

However, the downsides are that stools can be an eyesore in certain environments. They also can be in the way if you don’t put them up and cause a tripping hazard during the day. If you bump a stool out of the way they can also become unstable and make using them in the dark tricky.

If you need a boost into bed, a bed side stool is definitel something you need to get but just make sure you have all of the angles covered before you do.

Best Bed Step Stool Available Now

Taking all of that into account, these are the best eleven step stools available on the market right now that are perfect for use in the bedroom as a bed step stool.

LAKINGO 6" H Solid Pine Wood Step Stool for Adult & Kid 500 LB Load Capacity, Vintage Sturdy Mobility Wooden Single Standing Step for Home & Outdoor, Elderly Bed Foot Stool 6x15.7x11.8 in - Varnish

If you want something simple, rustic, and effective for your bedside step stool you want to check out the LAKINGO Solid Pine Step Stool. This stool gives you a solid six inches of boosted height with a classic rustic look. No cheap plastic step stools here. Many people love the simple look of pine and this box has that and more.

It has an anti-tilt safety design that prevents falls. It can hold up to 500lbs of weight so you do not have to worry about it buckling under continuous use. It fits perfectly both aesthetically and functionally into any bedroom.

Best step stool with handle: DMI Step Stool with Handle

DMI Step Stool with Handle for Adults and Seniors Made of Heavy Duty Metal, Holds up to 300 Pounds with 9.5 Inch Step Up

Sometimes basic step stools just aren’t tall enough to get you where you need to go. However, taller stools have the issue of becoming harder to use and less safe. That is why DMI has created an amazing tall step stool that increases usability and safety without sacrificing height.

This stool gives you a full 9.5” of step up while providing a solid metal handle that you can use to keep balance and hoist yourself. This ensures that you still get the lift you need without worrying about slipping or losing your balance. This is perfect for any elderly people who need help getting into a tall bed without having to worry about falling, which is one of the number one causes of injuries for seniors. When it comes to offering a high step, there are no better options than this DMI Step Stool With Handle.

AdjustaStep(tm) Deluxe Step Stool/Footstool with Handle/Handrail, Height Adjustable. 2 Products in 1. Modern White/Blue Design. Padded Non-Slip Handle.

Padded step stools have a lot of benefits that people enjoy. They are less slippery than smooth surfaces, they are more comfortable and they are easy to clean. Those are all of the same benefits you get out of the AdjustaStep Dexlue Stool. This stool has a very dense padded surface that is both safe and comfortable. But the padding does not stop there.

This stool also has gripped legs that prevent the entire stool from moving as well as a padded handle that keeps your fingers cool and cozy during use. Most stools do not have much padding at all but this one includes padding throughout. The addition of these dense pads on the feet, legs, stepping surface, and handle ensure smooth use every time. Less falls, less wear and tear, and more peace of mind included guaranteed.  

BodyHealt Portable Folding Step Stool - Step Riser for Elderly, Adults & Kids. High Riser Step with Handle for Easy Transport. Foldable Stepping Stool for Car, Kitchen & Bath - 4 inch Lift (Black)

Many people enjoy the functionality of a folding step stool. They are strong, easy to put away and do not clutter up the space they occupy. The best step stool for the bedroom is the BodyHealt Portable Folding Step Stool due to its small stature and high weight capacity. This stool can hold 300lbs, gives 4” of rise, and folds down to a completely flat mode that makes it super simple to put it away whenever you’re done with it.

This stool is not super tall which is great for people who do not need a massive stool. It is also super affordable and comes with a host of glowing reviews. If you are looking for a basic folding stool that does everything well and folds up easily then you definitely want to give the BodyHealt Portable Folding Step Stool a hard look.

Best small stool: Sattiyrch Step Stool

Sattiyrch Step Stool for Adult,Portable Folding Metal Small One Step Stool with Non Slip Platform,6.8"(H),Max Load 330 lbs

While step stools are useful tools to have in the bedroom, not everyone needs them to be large permanent features of their decore. The Sattiyrch Step Stool is a very small and out of the way stool that still gives you the use you need out of it when you need it. It folds down flat so you can quickly slide it under the bed or store it in a closet when it is not being used.

Despite being so small and easy to put away, the Sattiyrch Step Stool still has a 330lbs weight capacity that ensures sturdiness for nearly everyone. It even has a convenient handle on the side so when you fold it up, you can simply carry it away to where you need it to go. This stool only weighs 4lbs, can carry over 300lbs, and still offers 6.8” of rise with only 1.5” of overall thickness. Amazing!

Best upholstered stool: KR Ideas Bedside Padded Foot Stool

KR Ideas Bedside Padded Foot Stool, Maple Stain 9" Tall (Made in The USA) (Malibu Sea Salt - 9" Maple)

Not everyone likes the idea of having to use a stool to get in and out of bed and for that reason, KR Ideas built this impressive upholstered stool that looks like a quality piece of furniture that will blend perfectly with your existing bedroom furniture. This way, at first glance, no one will immediately recognize this as a step stool used to get in and out of the bed.

However, it still boasts super high quality construction and heavy duty materials that will hold up to long term use as a bedside stool. The upholstery looks and feels amazing and even comes in five distinct styles to fit any room. The KR Ideas Bedside Padded Foot Stool is made in the USA and provides nine inches of rise to help anyone get into a super tall bed with ease.

Inspired Living FOLDING STEP STOOL HEAVY DUTY Furniture11, 9" High, BLUSH PINK

If you need a tall but simple stool you won’t find many better than the Inspired Living Folding Step Stool. This stool comes in a variety of tall sizes including nine inch, thirteen inch, and sixteen inch tall models. This stool also comes in a ton of different colors and styles that allow you to choose one that fits your style perfectly.

This stool is also super affordable coming in at less than twenty dollars. It is no wonder this stool is a best seller. The plastic body makes it lightweight, easy to clean, resistant to water and other liquids and it can hold up to 330lbs of weight consistently. That is why Inspired Living Folding Step Stool is our top pick for a tall stool that is ready to start working for you right away.

GY Ladder - Red Oak Step Stool Folding Stool Living Room Kitchen Replacement Shoes Folding Stool with 3 Steps flip Multi-Function Staircase Ladder Step Stool (Color : Brown)

If you are someone who appreciates quality above all else you are going to absolutely adore the extreme level of quality that went into creating this solid oak step stool. This stool is made from solid oak throughout. No filler woods, no veneers, no cheap particle board, or anything similar. This is solid hardwood. It looks amazing and can hold nearly 500lbs of weight.

The only downside is solid hardwood tools that are built to last for years and years come at a steep price. This step stool is far more expensive than budget step stools on the market. This stool is only going to be for those who truly want something unique and high end to complement their style. If that is you, you will not be disappointed by how awesome this stool is.

Powell Woodbury Mahogany Bed Step with Storage

The Powell Woodbury Mahogany Bed Step is a piece of classic furniture that has a true Americana look. If you are someone who wants to find a rustic throwback look to add to their bedroom then this is the stool you want to consider. You won’t have to worry about what a cheap utilitarian step stool is going to look like in your bedroom. This stool blends in seamlessly.

It has super intricate detailing, smooth lines, and solid wood construction. The stool can easily hold the weight of any typical adult. It also contains a deep storage container that is accessed under the bottom step for even more usability. This is a true classic in the making for anyone fond of classic furniture.

Rubbermaid RM-P2 2-Step Molded Plastic Stool with Non-Slip Step Treads, 300-Pound Capacity (Amazon Exclusive)

Some things are easy to overthink. This Rubbermaid stool is not one of them. Get something simple and effective that you know will work without risking a bunch of money on something that might not do what you need it to. This is a classic step stool that makes up for in function what it lacks in looks.

This two-step stool is 16” tall and features super grippy steps to ensure maximum safety during use. It is lightweight and made from quality, proven plastic from Rubbermaid. If you need a two-step stool to get your things done during the day and also use it at night to get into bed this is the stool for you. It is easy to move around, durable, functional, and safe.

ECROCY Wooden Bedside Step Stool Indoor & Outdoor Mobility Step Stool- 16.5 Inches x 11.8 Inches x 6.1 Inches Portable One Step Stool

This simple wooden step stool has an overall width of 16”. That gives you plenty of space to put your foot, even if you are groping around in the dark during the night. This is a sturdy wooden stool made with quality materials and offers plenty of square space for your feet. The overall dimensions are 16.5"L x 11.8"W x 6.3"H. That is plenty of height, tons of width, and a lot of length. In total it gives you roughly 192 square inches of area.

In addition, it has a 400lbs weight capacity and six different styles to choose from so it will fit nearly any lifestyle. Best of all, for such a solid piece of wooden furniture, this stool is surprisingly affordable.

Buying Guide: Tips for finding the best bed stool for you

A. Pick a height

Not all bedside stools are the same height and not everyone needs a similarly sized stool. First, you need to decide how tall of a stool you need for your own room. Some stools are as short as 4” while others are as tall as 9” or more. Choosing a height is the first step to choosing the right stool for you.

B. Determine usage load

Next, you need to decide how often you need to use a bedside stool. Are you going to be using it every night? Do you only need it every once in a while? Will the stool be out all of the time or do you want to put it away? Some stools look better than others and some stools are more heavy duty and suited for consistent use compared to others. How often you need to use the stool and whether or not you will be keeping it permanently out and about will help you narrow down your choice.

C. Choose a style

Lastly, choose a style based on your previous two picks. If your stool is going to be in the room full time you might want to invest a little bit into something that looks nice and fits your style. If it is something that is going to be put away in the morning when you make the bed you could go cheaper and more utilitarian in the look.

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