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Free Online Tai Chi Classes for Seniors: 12 Programs to Check out Today

By Maurice

free online Tai Chi classes for seniors

Getting enough exercise is often a challenge for seniors, and it can be even more difficult if they have limitations such as transportation to exercise classes. Tai Chi is a great exercise option for seniors that can be done at home by following online classes. If you are looking for free online Tai Chi classes for seniors, you are in the right place. Below you will find various programs that provide free online Tai Chi classes.

Free Online Tai Chi Classes for Seniors

All events for Easy-to-Follow Tai Chi – Senior Planet from AARP

Senior Planet from AARP harnesses technology to enhance the way seniors age. Their courses, programs, and activities help seniors learn new skills, save money, exercise to get in shape and make new friends. These are easy to follow Online Tai Chi Classes from Senior Planet.

Free Live Online Classes | Tai Chi Foundation Inc.

Here you will find ZOOM classes led by senior teachers from the Tai Chi Foundation. When you select an online live class you will be redirected to the class organizer. You will then be sent an invitation to the class and instructions on how best to experience the class.

Tai Chi for Everyone

Tai Chi for Everyone is ideal for beginners as an introduction to the benefits of Tai Chi. There are 8 basic movements. It has been structured to enable people of all ages and physical capacities to enjoy Tai Chi. There are 2 separate versions: Standing and Seated. Simply select the version that is appropriate to you.

Care Connection for Aging Services

They are offering continuing Tai Chi for Arthritis classes online and at the Warrensburg Senior Center beginning March 15. The classes will be free, but registration is required.

Dr. Paul Lam’s Youtube Channel

Dr. Paul Lam, a family physician, and tai chi expert has created the Tai Chi for Health programs with his team of experts. Since 1996 these programs have empowered millions of people around the world to improve their health and wellness, and are supported by arthritis foundations and government bodies around the world. Paul has many videos on his Youtube channel.

Taiji Zen Youtube

In 2011, Jet Li and Jack Ma launched Taiji Zen, a new company to promote health and happiness through the practice of Taijiquan and Taiji philosophy. Through a suite of unique training programs and products, Taiji Zen seeks to inspire and enable a modern, balanced lifestyle — the Taiji Zen lifestyle. The Youtube channel has videos for various learning levels.

Rocky Mountain Tai Chi

Rocky Mountain Tai Chi has developed an online beginning class to help you learn Tai Chi. This is a self-study course, released on youtube. Work at your own pace on your own time. It will take you a couple of months to work through the 13 lessons in the course.

Area agency on aging

Many AAA provide free or low-cost online and in-person classes. For example, United Way Area Agency on Aging offers both virtual and in-person Tai Chi courses taught by certified instructors. Similarly, AAA Five County Association of Governments offers Tai Chi classes. This free class will provide a venue for seniors to share experiences and gain improved balance, through mental and physical strengthening.


This free evidence-based workshop focuses on preventing falls and improving balance through a regular practice of Tai Chi.

All events for Tai Chi (online) – Age Well East

Age Well East believes everyone deserves to age well, and it is our mission to support and empower people to live happier and healthier. Free Tai Chai is one of their programs to support the seniors.

Tai Chi for Health & Wellness – Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa

Enhance your overall health and well-being with the gentle yet powerful practices of tai chi and qi gong. In this program, you’ll learn a series of soft, graceful movements that can help reduce stress and pain, promote circulation and flexibility, and improve your strength and balance.

Online Tai Chi Events | Eventbrite

Eventbrite allows users to browse, create, and promote local events. You can find many online Tai Chi events here.

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