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Free Self-Defense Classes for Seniors Near Me: Here’s How You Can Get Them

By Maurice

free self defense classes for seniors near me

Self-defense training teaches seniors how to stay aware of their surroundings and focus on their safety. While learning self-defense, you’re not only learning how to protect yourself, but you are drastically improving your overall health. If you are looking for free self defense classes for seniors near me, you are in the right place. Here we will explore various options for you to learn free self-defense.

Free Self-Defense Classes For Seniors Near Me

Local Fire or Police Department

Many fire departments or police stations offer free self-defense classes as a way to protect their communities. For example, Since 1979, Portland Police Bureau has provided free self-defense classes and personal safety workshops to people around the Portland area. Similarly, the West Chester Police Department offers a wide range of self-defense classes designed to train civilians to react confidently and effectively when personal safety is at risk.

Contact your local Fire or Police department to see if they offer free self-defense classes.

R.A.D. for Seniors

R.A.D offers awareness and defense strategies for older adults, this course is taught in a relaxed environment that is conducive to learning tested instructional techniques, proven tactics, and unique insights about the problems unique to older adults. Our program also includes physical defense workouts for technique development, and educational components to assist with the development of defensive strategies. Find your local R.A.D here.

Parks and Recreation Department

Some Parks & Recreation departments also offer free self-defense classes for seniors. For example, the City of Camas runs a FREE Self Defense Class for Senior Citizens. Contact your local Parks & Recreation department to find out if they have such a program.

Local College & Universities

Many colleges and universities offer free Self Defense Classes. As an example, The Department of Public Safety at Princeton University offers free self-defense classes. This comprehensive self-defense class is open to everyone in the Princeton Community.

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2 thoughts on “Free Self-Defense Classes for Seniors Near Me: Here’s How You Can Get Them”

  1. My wife and I live in zip code 61327. This is essentially North Central IL. Are there any self-defense seminars near our zip code? Thank you, John

  2. I live in Monroe County Michigan, am a senior and hold a concealed pistol license. Are there free weapons training programs near me?

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