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Free Tree Cutting Services for Seniors: 6 Ways to Get Help

By Maurice

Free Tree Cutting Services for Seniors

Free Tree Cutting Services for Seniors

Local Government/Environmental Department

The local government’s environmental department can help with subsidized tree removal for seniors. As an example, the Village of Maywood runs a Tree Removal Assistance Program to assist single-family homeowners with the removal of dead, diseased, decayed, or nuisance trees from private properties.

Similarly, California has established a fire prevention grant program to remove dead trees. It is intended to fund tree removal to reduce the potential for large and damaging wildfires.

City cuts is a program in Pittsburgh that provide free landscaping help and lawn care in the City for seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities who are unable to mow their own lawn.

Power Company

Under the National Electric Safety Code (NESC), electric companies are responsible for some of the maintenance, trimming, and removal of a tree if it proposes a safety concern. Contact your power company to see if they can help you with dangerous tree removal on your property.

Logging Company

Logging companies can sell trees to lumber mills and lumber yards to be sold to consumers and also home builders who use a lot of lumber. Additionally, a logging company may pay you to remove your trees if you have substantial trees on your property.

Post Classified Ads

By posting in your local area you have a chance of somebody removing your tree in exchange for lumber.

Landscaping Companies

If you have a great-looking tree that you feel would be a shame to cut up and remove, there are companies out there that will buy them and use them for landscaping projects.

Harold K . L. Castle Foundation

Harold K. L. Castle Foundation offers a four-year grant that anyone can apply for. The specific grant pays about $101,710 to help remove trees for fences, windbreaks, fire breaks, and site preparation.

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5 thoughts on “Free Tree Cutting Services for Seniors: 6 Ways to Get Help”

  1. Help!!! I live in Greenville SC, I am 60 years old and have nobody to help me and I am single, I own my Mobile Home, But I need help with trees that are dangerously hanging over my house. Alot of limbs have already fallen on the roof many times and I had to get it repaired, I am scared it will be much worse. Example, Last year a storm came through, Knocked 4 huge trees over, One landed on my car and totaled it out. I don’t want to die because of a tree of huge limbs falling on my house, I can’t afford to pay anyone. I have searched everywhere for help!

    1. I am a single, older woman, living alone. My home is in Kentwood, Michigan. I have a huge tree overhanging my home. In addition to branches falling,I have concerns about squirrels and other animals getting into my home. I lost my job prior to the pandemic and have been living pay check to pay check. It would really lift my spirits if someone could cut down my tree. Thank You Anne

  2. We are senior citizens my husband has dementia,we have a tree trunk beside our driveway that has pieces falling,I’m afraid someone’s going to get hurt, we live on social security and don’t have much money left after paying bills..

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