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Free Weight Loss Programs for Seniors: 10 Free Programs to Check Out Today

By Maurice

free weight loss programs for seniors

Although it can become more difficult as you get older, maintaining a healthy weight is a worthwhile goal at any age. You are going to need all the help you can get including understanding your diet, calorie intake, and weight loss programs. If you are looking for free weight loss programs for seniors, you are in the right place. Below you will find various resources that can help you get started on the weight loss journey.

Free Weight Loss Programs For Seniors

NHS Weight Loss Plan

Download the free NHS Weight Loss Plan to help you start healthier eating habits, be more active, and start losing weight.


This online application allows you to track both your fitness and your nutrition, making it much closer to a one-stop shop than some other options. When you enter your information,


The MyPlate free online weight loss program allows you to track your eating habits. It has tons of free features to help you take care of yourself, track your nutrition, and get moving with at-home workouts.

Nike Training Club App

Free weight loss programs for seniors, young adults, and everyone else aren’t complete without a fitness component.

Fitness Blender

This free online weight loss program and fitness community was started by two personal trainers who believe that health and fitness should be accessible to everyone regardless of where they live or their income level.

Rating Calorie-Control Diets For Seniors

This article discusses various diets that have the potential to help seniors safely and effectively reach their weight-loss goals.

40 Best Diets

U.S. News evaluated and ranked 40 diets with input from a panel of health experts. Learn about various diets and find out what aligns with your weight loss goals.


ChooseMyPlate is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s program to improve the nutrition and well-being of Americans. This noncommercial site covers an array of healthful information that can allow you to achieve your weight-loss goals.


FitClick offers free weight-loss programs, diet plans, and workout routines. The site includes a plethora of information, including food journals, a calories-burned calculator, and workout trackers.

The Lose Weight Diet

The Lose Weight Diet program was created by a self-professed “regular guy” who wanted to give the most practical, commonsense information about weight loss to the public for free. It uses a three-phase approach that begins with education about food energy and calorie balance in the body.

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