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Walking Canes Near Me: Where to Buy a Cane Near Me

By jwilder

Walking Canes Near Me

Canes are a cost-effective and non-invasive way to stay mobile and independent despite mobility and balance issues.

Whether you have knee osteoarthritis, have had a stroke, a hip replacement, or just have trouble walking without pain, a cane can be very beneficial for you.

So where are the best places to get walking canes near me? Find out below!

Types of Walking Canes

Single-Point Canes

Single-point canes are the most traditional and simple canes you can find. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and can come in a wide range of styles. Their name, as you may have guessed, means that they only have one point- a single foot, typically made of rubber.

Single-point canes are the least expensive and least stable type of cane. That’s not to say that they don’t provide stability- they do- it’s just that other types of canes are better suited for people with balance issues. Single-point canes are the most energy-efficient canes and are best suited to seniors who have a limp/gait issues and need something simple to help them walk more healthily.

Quad Canes

These products are among the most popular walking canes, valued by seniors who struggle with balance for their scientifically proven superior stability. Rather than constantly relying on railings and furniture to keep you upright, these canes, because of their four sturdy feet that branch out from the bottom, deliver all the stability you need. They’re heavier and bulkier than single-point canes (certainly not built for speed), but they are perfect for people who need something dependable to prevent falls.

Tripod Canes

With three feet at the bottom instead of four, tripod canes are lighter and more versatile than quad canes while still providing more than adequate stability. These canes are a bit less common, but they are recommended for people who have concerns about both balance and pain relief.

Types of Cane Handles

Cane handles are another important consideration. The more weight you put on your cane, the sorer your hand will be- if you have the wrong type of handle. If you don’t put much weight on your cane, you’re more free to choose a cane with a less ergonomic handle, perhaps even a custom-made one!

Here are the types of cane handles:

  • Standard C: the classic hook-shaped handle you see on older canes is still in use, but not quite as often as it was in the past. These handles are the least complex and often the least comfortable- but they are very cheap!
  • Ergonomic: these canes have soft handles that are molded to the shape of the human hand; they provide excellent grip and comfort.
  • “Artisan” Handles: This is a bit of a catch-all term for handles that are designed for style rather than comfort- animals, symbols, geometric shapes, etc. are all examples of artisan handles. These are usually found on expensive hand-made canes, including custom jobs.

Where to Buy a Walking Cane Online

As the largest online marketplace on Earth, Amazon has a similarly large selection of canes. One of the best things about shopping on Amazon is that the canes you find there are- almost without exception- the same price or cheaper than anywhere else. On top of that, their relaxed return policies make it easy to test out and return multiple canes until you find one that’s perfect for you.

This website may not be a household name, but they are the best place to look for canes that have more style than what you’d find in a typical orthopedic cane. If you want a hand-made cane with a special handle, Fashionable Canes is the place to be- just prepare to pay more than double what you would on Amazon!

It’s not just the best place to order holiday mugs and stickers- Etsy is a massive marketplace full of dedicated craftspeople, many of them offering one-of-a-kind or custom-made canes. If you are interested in having a cane made to perfectly fit your body and style, Etsy is the best place to do it. You can find an artist you like and either buy one of their canes or send them a message about a custom job.

Where to Buy a Cane Near Me (In-Store)


No matter where you live, you are never too far from a Wal-Mart, Target, or Meijer store, among others. These chains may not have the widest selection of canes (you’ll be lucky to find more than 5), but if you have simple needs, a trip to the supermarket might be all you need!

Here, you will find store locators for the US’ largest supermarket chains:

Medical Supply Stores

You may or may not have one of these stores in your area, but they are a good place to search for canes that you can’t find at regular retail stores. There aren’t many discount medical chains, but there are stores in most small cities and in every medium-large city. If you visit one, you can find a good deal on new and lightly used canes.


Just like supermarkets, the pharmacy closest to you is virtually guaranteed to have at least one cane in stock. You may not be able to find one that truly fits your body and style, but canes purchased at pharmacies can sometimes be a good fit.

Here are store locators for the largest pharmacy chains in the US:

Tips for Buying a Custom Cane

Check Craft Marketplaces

Your best bet when it comes to a complete custom cane is to look for artists you like on Etsy, Many are happy to provide custom work for a premium fee. Outside of Etsy, you may have luck checking out local craft fairs and looking for woodworkers.

Ask a Woodworker

If you know anyone who likes to work with wood or other materials, you can ask them to make you a customized cane handle that can be screwed on top of a standard cane base. You might be surprised to find out that there is a skilled craftsperson in your own social circle and you never knew it!

Trusted Websites for Custom Canes

As ideal as it would be to work directly with a woodworker or craftsperson you know personally, not everyone has those kinds of connections. So, what is one to do if they want to get a custom cane? The following websites are trustworthy places you can order a customized cane:


Getting a cane is a great idea for anyone dealing with balance or walking pattern issues. You aren’t just limited to simple, single-point canes, either; you can get a cane in virtually any size, style, or configuration! Where do you think you’ll be shopping for your next walking cane? Have any custom cane ordering experience you’d like to share with other readers? Leave your thoughts below, and thanks for reading!

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