Best Walking Cane with Seat

Best Walking Cane with Seat (2021): 4 Top Canes with Seat Attached

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Best Walking Cane with Seat

Using a walking cane is a very efficient way to treat pain, instability, and general difficulty while walking.

You could simply get a standard cane with a soft handle and four rubber feet, but some people could benefit greatly from getting a seat cane - a walking cane that unfolds into a stool or chair.

Seat canes are unique, convenient, and fun - and they might just be perfect for your needs. Learn more about seat canes, and see our top choices for the best walking cane with a seat, below!

Types of Walking Canes

Every massager is made to target specific muscles or muscle groups. Many massagers for home use are designed to help people deal with lower back pain. These massagers typically use small rollers that knead the lower back gently to relieve tension and soreness. Most lower back massagers also have heating elements that aid in the process of reducing pain and stiffness.

Quad Canes

Arguably the most popular and proven to be the most stable type of cane, quad canes are distinguished by the 4 rubber feet they have on the bottom. These canes are extremely popular with many seniors because of their superior stability, helping the user balance at all times.

If you struggle with balance, fatigue, or vertigo while walking, a quad cane will be there to keep you upright. The only downside is that quad canes are the heaviest type of cane, so you may feel more tired after walking long distances using one. However, If you were walking less than a half-mile, you should not feel the difference.

Single-Point Canes

Because they only have one foot at the bottom, rather than three or four, single-point canes are the lightest, most energy-efficient for the body, and least stable type of walking cane. They are not unstable, however, it's just that they provide less stability than other types of canes.

Single-point canes are ideal for people who experience a lot of pain while walking or limp and wish to correct their walking gait. single-point canes are known for being extremely light, affordable, and practical. They stay out of the way when you aren't using them, but they're there for you when you need them.

Tripod Canes

If you are concerned about both balance and pain management, a tripod cane might be right for you. Research has indicated that these canes, which have three feet, are simultaneously efficient and stable. This makes them an ideal balance between the advantages of both single point and quad canes.

Common Cane Features

If you are concerned about both balance and pain management, a tripod cane might be right for you. Research has indicated that these canes, which have three feet, are simultaneously efficient and stable. This makes them an ideal balance between the advantages of both single point and quad canes.

  • Folding: Walking canes are vital when you are on your feet, but they become a nuisance the moment you sit down. To make them more practical, many manufacturers make Cane's that fold into three or four sections. this way, you can take them anywhere – on the bus, in the car, or in a crowded restaurant- without fumbling for a way to store them while you sit.
  • Adjustable: The most important feature of any walking cane is height. If you are using a cane that is the wrong height you risk further injuring yourself. That's why many canes are adjustable – you can make them taller or shorter as needed so that you have the perfect fit.
  • Gadget: the word “gadget” is used to describe any cane that incorporates technology outside of what is absolutely necessary. For example, some canes have LED lights installed in them. Others have stun guns and some even have swords! Seat canes are an example of this category of walking cane.

Pros & Cons of Using a Walking Cane With a Seat

  • PROS
  1. 1
    Convenience of Rest

People who have COPD, vertigo, or any other health issue that makes a little bit of rest while walking necessary will love seat canes. Rather than depending on a nearby park bench or chair for rest, seat canes give you the ability to stop and catch your breath no matter where you are. They are incredibly safe and make it possible for seniors with serious health issues to travel without as many limitations.

  1. 2

Similarly, using a walking cane that has a seat is much safer than depending on the availability of a suitable place to sit while you are out. If you have a sudden need to sit and rest (due to tiredness, loss of balance, or another medical issue), you don’t want to leave your ability to safely sit and rest up to chance.

Seat canes help you avoid letting the simple need to sit down for a few minutes turn into something worse. If you have COPD, vertigo, or have had a hip replacement, use a seat cane to safely walk wherever you need to go, taking rest when you need it.

  1. 3

Having a cane that turns into a seat might just be more fun, plain and simple. Getting a cane to help you walk is never the most exciting thing. However, finding a cane that is unique and interesting might help you feel less reluctant to embrace using one.

  • CONS
  1. 1

This is the most unfortunate thing about walking canes that have seats: they are heavy. They're not so heavy that you can't use them; it’s not like lugging around a lawn chair. It’s just that no seat cane is going to be as light as a standard walking cane. So, while you have the ability to sit and rest when you’re tired, using these canes may ironically make you tired even faster!

  1. 2
    Seat Limitations

Most seat canes can hold a user who weighs up to 220 pounds. However, if you weigh more than that, you may have trouble finding a seat cane that matches your style and height and still has the strength to work for you. This is another unfortunate reality about these types of canes.

They simply cannot hold as much weight as a normal chair- if they did, they’d be far too heavy to efficiently be used as walking canes. If you weigh more than 220 pounds, you still have a couple of options that will work, but most seat canes have a slightly low weight limit.

The Best Walking Canes with Seats

1. Best Walking Cane With Seat (Overall):  M-GYG Folding Canes Seat Walking Cane, 300 Pound Capacity

Folding Canes Seat Walking Stick Height Adjustment 300 lbs Capacity

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Single-Point Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 32-36 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 300 Pounds

This cane is tough, has a wide seat, and is completely adjustable- what more could you ask for? A good fit for seniors across a wide range of both height and weight, the M-GYG Folding Canes Seat Cane is strong, comfortable, and ideal for almost anyone.

This cane can be adjusted in two different places: on the shaft near the handle, and on each of the legs. This means that you can not only make the cane taller, but you can also make the seat higher! If you have bad knees or hips that make sitting/standing difficult, you’ll love being able to set the cane seat high enough that you don’t feel pain while sitting.

While it isn’t the most stylish or affordable model on our list, it takes the top spot due to the way it performs and accommodates the needs of seniors. No other seat cane delivers this combination of adjustability, strength, or comfort!

2. Best Folding Cane Seat: Switch Sticks Seat Cane

Switch Sticks Aluminum Folding Walking Cane with Seat and Walking Stick, 34 Inches Tall, Supports up to 220 Pounds, Bubbles

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Single-Point
  • Cane Height: 34 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 220 Pounds

The Switch Sticks Seat Cane is perfect for anyone who needs a lightweight cane that will help them rest on the go. It’s a bit shorter than most canes (34 inches vs 36), and the weight limit is only 200 pounds, so it’s best suited to smaller people who are less than 5’8”.

When you’re ready to take a break or you’ve found a place you want to relax for a while, all you have to do is unclasp the seat and the cane will instantly unfold. When you’re seated, you can even rest your lower back gently against the cane handle for a little bit of extra support.

Finally, this cane is available in three different colors- two of them very stylish and one more basic. If you’re looking for a simple, affordable, and comfortable seat cane, the Switch Sticks Seat Cane is perfect for you.

3. Best Cane With Seat for Obese People: M-GYG Deluxe Folding Seat Cane

Folding Cane Seat - Deluxe Adjustable Height Cane with Seat Lightweight Combo Walking Cane 350 lbs Aluminum Travel Aid for Men and Women Gift Brown

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Single-Point Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 32-37
  • Weight Supported: 350 Pounds

Few seat canes will hold a user that is heavier than 220 pounds, but this one can hold 350 without breaking. If you’re a heavier person, this is the best seat cane for you. The seat itself is much wider than the seat on other canes, another big benefit for obese seniors. If you’re worried about finding a seat cane that’ll fit your body, worry no more- the M-GYG Deluxe has you covered.

This cane also extends up to 37 inches, slightly taller than most others on our list. If you’re taller than 5’10”, this is good news for you. Even if you aren’t overweight, you still may want to stick with this cane to make sure it’ll fit your height.

The M-GYG Deluxe has a lot in common with the standard M-GYG seat cane (number one on our list), but it lacks the “two-zone” adjustment that the standard model has. If the Deluxe included that, it would likely be our top model overall!

4. Best Adjustable Cane With Seat: Drive Medical Folding Seat Cane

Drive Medical Folding Lightweight Adjustable Height Cane Seat

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Single-Point Adjustable
  • Cane Height: 34-38 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 250 Pounds

First things first: this cane isn’t going to win you any awards for style. It’s purely functional, but the good news is that it functions exceptionally well. It’s perfect for people up to 6’5” because it adjusts up to 38 inches- a rarity among seat canes.

The biggest advantage provided by this cane, outside of adjustability, is its strength. Even though it only weighs 1.1 pounds, it can support a user who weighs up to 250 pounds! It’s light enough that you can walk with it without fear of getting too tired and strong enough that you’ll never have to worry about it collapsing under you.

5. Best Quad Cane With Seat: AW Medical Quad Folding Seat Cane

AW Medical Folding Walking Stick with Seat Four Legged Portable Travel Hiking Cane Chair Stool Eldely Care Aid

Quick Stats:

  • Cane Type: Quad Seat Cane
  • Cane Height: 32 Inches
  • Weight Supported: 242 Pounds

The AW Medical cane is an excellent option for any senior who wants the same stability from their seat cane when they’re walking as it provides when they’re sitting. All seat canes are incredibly stable when you’re sitting- but most are single-point canes, meaning they aren’t as stable when walking.

This cane, however, uses a quad base design (four rubber feet) to provide incredible stability to the user. If you’re recovering from a stroke, have vertigo, or have another condition affecting your balance, this is the seat cane for you! If you start to lose your balance, this seat cane will be there for you- keeping you upright just as efficiently as it gives you rest.

Buying guide: How to Choose the Best Walking Cane with Seat

  • Cane Height: There is nothing more important than finding a cane that fits your height. Studies have shown the canes that are too tall create a fall risk, and came that are too short can damage your posture. Make sure that your cane fits you!
  • Cane Weight: the heavier a walking cane is, the sooner you are going to be tired of using it. It's not always easy to find a seat cane that is also lightweight, but you should do your best to find the lightest model possible.
  • Weight Limits: Walking canes universally hold at least 200 pounds. if you weigh more than 200 pounds, though, look for a cane that has a higher weight limit. They are usually easy to find, but the last thing you want is to buy a cane and realize all too late that it cannot support you.
  • Backup Canes: Having a seat cane is great, but it should not be the only walking cane that you own. They’re heavy, they’re bulky, and aren’t ideal for every situation. So, get yourself a cheap adjustable cane as a backup. That way, you can choose the right walking cane for every situation!


There we have it! Seat canes are simultaneously unique, fun, and beneficial to the seniors who use them. While they aren’t perfect for everyone, and you should have a backup cane for different scenarios, walking canes with seats are pretty great. Which cane from our list was your favorite? Have any questions about the canes we looked at? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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