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Medline Rollator Reviews: 6 Best Medline Walkers for Every Need

By jwilder

Medline Rollator Reviews

Medline is one of the world’s largest and best producers of medical equipment. They have a great selection of rollator walkers that help seniors stay active despite health issues, and can also help improve confidence!

Rollators aid seniors who have sciatic pain, COPD, and balance issues to retain their independence. This article looks at the best Medline rollators and will help you choose a Medline rollator for yourself!

Medline Rollator Review: The Top 6 Medline Rollators

Medline - MDS86870W Momentum Rollator Walker with Seat Cushion, Premium Folding Rolling Walker, Preassembled, 6 inch Wheels, Supports up to 250 lbs, White

Features and Benefits:

One of the best things about rollator walkers is the ability to sit down and rest when you need to. The Momentum has a premium plush seat that even has a soft backrest. Also, it’s a very stylish rollator, made from quality materials. It’s very sturdy, with a weight limit of up to 250 pounds. Another great feature of the Momentum is that it can accommodate a tall user. Most rollator walkers struggle to work for people above 6’2”. This model, however, can handle users up to 6’6”!


  • Premium, soft seat with backrest
  • Sturdy construction, high weight limit
  • Seat flips open to reveal storage area


  • Bulky, won’t fit easily in car
  • Backrest height is not adjustable

Who Should Buy It?

This is a perfect choice for seniors who need to sit often. Pain in sciatica, joints that feel sore while walking, and tiredness are all reasons a super soft rollator like this one would be a great purchase. Cheaper, poor-quality rollators will often ignore the seat so they can make a less expensive chair. With the Medline Momentum, you will be able to rest in a comfortable way that actually helps your body while you’re out!

It’s also an ideal choice for taller seniors who find other rollator walkers to be uncomfortable. Like most other things in the world, rollator walkers aren’t often designed with tall folks in mind. The Momentum, however, will be able to satisfy just about anyone!

Medline - B079PG3BR3 Rollator Walker with Seat, Steel Rolling Walker with 6-inch Wheels Supports up to 350 lbs, Medical Walker, Burgundy

Features and Benefits:

This rollator walker has a very impressive 350-pound weight limit and is extremely affordable. There are no frills here, just a lightweight walker that can handle just about anything. While the wheels aren’t the spongy type that are suited for grass, it can still make a good indoor/outdoor rollator. With tool-free assembly and easy storage, there are very few reasons not to love this rollator!


  • Holds up to 350 pounds
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Simple backrest
  • Seat is not height-adjustable

Who Should Buy It?

It’s a perfect rollator for people who are looking for a model that can do it all without breaking the bank. This walker is also ideal for people who are heavier or who prefer the added confidence that comes with strength. The wheels are better suited for indoor use, but will also work great on sidewalks and concrete. All things considered, this is an affordable walker that can be a great mobility aid for all types of people!

Medline Guardian Deluxe Rollators with Wheels, Blue, 8 Inch

Features and Benefits:

The Guardian Deluxe has 8-inch wheels made of rubber that do a wonderful job of absorbing impact. It has a wire basket for storage, and a sturdy, soft seat and backrest. All of these features combine into a lightweight rollator walker that can go anywhere. The weight and height limits are similarly favorable: a person up to 300 pounds and 6’3” can use this rollator without issue. Lastly, the handbrakes are very easy to use, helping you stop right at the moment you need to.


  • 8-inch wheels for all-terrain use
  • Handlebars extend for taller users
  • Soft, comfortable seat and backrest


  • Brake cable may wear out over time

Who Should Buy It?

It’s a wonderful walker for people who like to take long walks or need to walk over rougher ground. The wheels will absorb impact to help you stay stable even on rocky walkways. The metal storage bin isn’t big enough to hold your belongings for a day-long outing, but it will do fine for shorter trips. For anyone who needs a stable, compact rollator to take to the store, to the park, or to church, the Guardian is a great choice!

Medline MDS86835EURO Simplicity Euro Style Rollator Walker, Red

Features and Benefits:

Medline’s Simplicity is a “Euro” style rollator that has a fabric seat that cuts down on weight. As a result, the Simplicity is very easy to push and maneuver, even for people with lower strength. It also has two great features that don’t come standard on most rollator walkers: a cup holder and cane holder. They may seem unimportant, but they are great benefits that help seniors stay on the move and not have to worry about risking a fall.


  • Cup and cane holders keep your hands free
  • Cloth seat is easy to fold and lightweight
  • 300-pound weight capacity


  • Small seat may not be comfortable

Who Should Buy It?

This is a great 4-wheeled rollator for people who have muscle weakness, especially in their arms. It’s very easy to move and walk with because it doesn’t require much force. It provides a lot of balance while walking and has lots of storage; this makes it a great choice for people who walk a lot. It won’t drain your energy to push, and you can store all your belongings easily. It’s great for long walks, shopping trips, and more!

Medline Posh Premium Lightweight, Foldable, Aluminum Rollator Walker, Wheels, Water Resistant Zebra Print Bag, Stylish, Strong, Easy to Maneuver Pink, 6 Inch (Pack of 1)

Features and Benefits:

The premium style of this rollator walker is pretty obvious to see; pink paint and zebra stripes are more than enough to make this one of the most stylish rollators on the market. More than that, though, this walker has multiple storage compartments and even a rearview mirror that make it extremely convenient and functional! Perhaps the best feature is that it only weighs 11 pounds! This makes it both easy to maneuver and easy to fold up and store in your car or by a table.  


  • Stylish pink and zebra print design
  • Multiple storage options
  • Soft and wide seat for comfort
  • Only weighs 11 pounds


  • Not suited for taller users

Who Should Buy It?

Without a doubt, this rollator is perfect for seniors who want to get about in style. Since most rollators are very plain in their design, it’s a great way to have a little bit of your personality in your mobility aid! On top of that, it’s also ideal for people who need a light walker due to trouble lifting or pushing heavier models. Because it only weighs 11 pounds, it can be used by even the smallest of people with ease!

Medline Rollator Walker with Seat and Wheels, Folding Walker for Seniors with Microban Antimicrobial Protection, Durable Steel Frame Supports up to 350 lbs, 6 inch wheels, Teal

Features and Benefits:

This is a simple, steel-framed rollator with a weight limit of 350 pounds. It also has a square padded seat that is simple yet still comfortable. The biggest benefit of this model, though, is that it has built-in antimicrobial protection. The seat, backrest, and handlebars are all made with germ-resistant materials that help prevent the transmission of all sorts of infections. It’s an added layer of safety to an already sturdy and safety-focused mobility aid.


  • Built-in antimicrobial protection
  • 350-pound weight limit
  • Roomy under seat storage area


  • Seat and backrest are minimal and may not be comfortable for all users

Who Should Buy It?

Seniors who live in close proximity to the potential for infection, such as nursing or assisted living facilities, can benefit greatly from this Medline rollator walker. The antimicrobial protection will add peace of mind in addition to walking stability. It’s also a simple and strong design that makes it altogether perfect for a hospital stay. This is the type of use where many features aren’t needed, but stability and germ protection are a necessity!

Medline Rollator Walker Buyer's Guide: What to Know, Tips, and More

Medline: Background of the Company

Medline started in 1910 as a textile company that made surgical gowns and masks for a local hospital in Chicago. During World War II, the company stepped into a role manufacturing all sorts of critical medical supplies and grew from there. Today, Medline is one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment in the world. They have a reputation for fair prices and quality materials.

Where are Medline Rollator Walkers Made?

Medline manufactures its domestic products primarily in its South Carolina and Georgia factories, but they have manufacturing plants around the world. Since Medline also distributes products across the world, it’s safe to assume that most Medline products sold in the USA are made in the USA. This includes their line of rollator walkers. However, do not be surprised to find that your Medline rollator walker was made, in part or whole, in China or Vietnam, where Medline has manufacturing facilities.

What is the Price Range for Medline Rollator Walkers?

Medline rollator walkers come in a wide range of prices, ranging from low budget models that have the bare essentials to higher-priced premium comfort models.

Most Medline rollators will set you back about $120-$200 in total. This is the price range of nearly every one of Medline’s options. This is a very good price range for an American made product that helps seniors stay mobile and independent. There are companies that make cheaper walkers, but they tend to fall apart quickly, so it’s best to stick with a trusted brand like Medline!

The lowest-priced Medline rollator will cost just over 50 dollars to own. This budget model doesn’t lack any required features but won’t have the extras that some seniors may desire. However, this is an extremely low price for a rollator that will last years and go anywhere!

Tips for Buying the Best Medline Rollator Walkers

Where Are You Headed?

Some rollators are designed to be used indoors only; they will work on concrete but can become unstable on grass or gravel. Other rollators, such as the Medline Guardian Deluxe (#3 on the list) have large, impact-absorbing rubber wheels that help you go anywhere. So, ask yourself where you’ll be using your rollator. Do you like to have the freedom to go wherever you want, or are those all-terrain features not useful to you? Answering that question can help you choose the best walker for your needs!

Storage Capacity

This is where rollator walkers may vary the most- they all have some form of storage, but the amount is never the same. Are you a person who likes to go shopping or stay out of the house for hours? If so, you’ll want to opt for a rollator that can hold shopping bags and other belongings. Similarly, if you have an oxygen tank or other medical devices you need on your person, you should find a rollator with lots of storage. The Medline Posh Premium (#5) is one such walker that can hold just about anything!


Take into account your own mobility. All rollators are easy to maneuver and relatively lightweight, but some people struggle to push a 23-pound rollator easily. If you’re smaller or have injuries or other conditions that make it a challenge to push or lift that kind of weight, consider opting for a lightweight rollator walker!

Conclusion: Medline Rollator Walkers, Reviewed

Medline is a company that has a rich history of bringing medical products to people who need them. Their selection of rollator walkers is no different; they’re affordable, long-lasting, and are designed with seniors in mind. If you’re looking for a mobility aid to retain your independence, a Medline rollator walker just might be the perfect choice for you!

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