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How To Disassemble A Lift Chair: Do It Right & Save Yourself Some Money

By Maurice

How To Disassemble A Lift Chair

Moving your lift chair to a different location? Not a problem! With a little help in learning how to disassemble a lift chair, you can do it yourself without having to pay a technician.

This article will guide you on how you can safely disassemble your lift chair without a fuss!

Major Parts of a Lift Chair

Before you take your lift chair apart, you need to know its various parts. The major parts of a typical lift chair feature the following:


The powerlift is your chair’s lift mechanism that allows it to recline up and down in different positions. This part lifts the adjustable parts of your chair so you can adopt different positions when you want to stand, sit or even sleep. With a push of a button or remote control, the powerlift can adjust the headrest, the armrest, and the chair’s backrest.


The backrest is one of the most important parts of your lift chair. This part provides critical support to your back and the entire upper body when you want to stand up. Furthermore, it is adjustable, so it can offer the necessary support in different positions according to your needs. There are several backrest options that you can choose, including button back, pillow back, and split back. While these options serve the same purpose, they come in different looks and designs to fit your interior décor.

Remote Control

Your lift chair’s remote control is its steering wheel. This convenient feature allows you to execute different commands to your needs. You can make adjustments as well as control the chair’s various functions.

The Power Recline

The power recline offers you the relevant benefits and positions you want from your lift chair. Using a remote control or a control button enables the chair’s adjustable parts to move seamlessly and safely.

Footrest Extension

The footrest offers you a safe stepping place when you need to stand. It slides out when the headrest moves up or down. This way, you can assume a comfortable position to get up from your lift chair easily.

Lumbar Support

The Lumbar support is a built-in cushion that offers added support and comfort to alleviate lower back pain. It is an adjustable part that you can control with your remote control so you can adjust it according to your comfort needs.

Power Headrest

The power headrest is an adjustable part of your lift chair that provides comfort to your head. There are several types of headrests; you can have leather-made foam or a padded headrest according to your preferences.

Additional Features

Your chair might have some additional features, such as heat and massage, which have therapeutic benefits. For instance, your chair might have a massage vibrator at the back of the chair. With this vibrator, you can initiate vibrations with your remote control to create the desired intensity of the massage.

Tools You’ll Need to Disassemble a Lift Chair

To successfully take apart your lift chair, you will need some tools such as the following:

  • Screwdriver: To remove screws where necessary but can also be used as a prying tool.
  • Nut driver or small screwdriver: To remove small screws from the chair’s arms, legs, and backrest.
  • Utility knife or razor blade: To cut through the fabric when removing it.
  • Large or medium inventory of zip ties: Can be used in place of bolts and screws when moving the chair to hold pieces together.
  • Thread and needle: To hold the fabric together where undone.
  • Teflon tape (optional)
  • Iron (optional)

How to Disassemble a Lift Chair – Step By Step Instructions

To disassemble your lift chair on your own, the following guiding steps can come in handy:

  1. 1Disconnect the lift chair from the power source

The first step to taking your lift chair apart is disconnecting it from its power source. This allows you to freely work on your chair without fear of an electric shock.

  1. 2Note down the process

You do not need to engage a technician every other time you need to disassemble your chair. You can take pictures of every step or even note it down for future reference.

  1. 3Locate the release mechanism

With your steps in mind, you can proceed to the next step, locating the release mechanism. This mechanism is often located in different locations depending on a lift chair’s model hence the need to trace it first. Some have it under the seat, while others have it at the back.

  1. 4Open the flap

To expose the mechanical parts and the chair’s frame, you will have to pull the flap open. If your chair is made of fabric material such as synthetic or microfiber, the flap is outlined with a hook-and-loop fastener. After tracing it, you can find its edge and pull it open. However, if your lift chair does not have a fabric material, the flap might not be visible. For instance, if your chair comes with leather material, you will need to go around it through the backrest seams.

  1. 5Lay the lift chair on its back and examine the parts

To examine the lift chair parts, lay it on its back. This way, you can see all its exposed mechanisms. Having examined the mechanism, you can set it upright and proceed to disassemble its parts. Remember, the parts to be disassembled are those that hold different elements together, such as springs, screws, and bearings. Label them as you take them apart for easy access when you need to assemble the chair.

  1. 6Disassemble the lift chair

To completely take apart your chair:

  • Flip the chair on its back to see the backrest and remove any remaining screws
  • Take apart the footrest from the rest of the chair
  • Remove the base
  • Take apart the armrest to disconnect them from the frame of the lift chair. Start by getting rid of the mounting brackets that hold them in place.
  • Take off the rails and frame bearings in the position where the seat used to be.
  • Dismantle the backrest

Best Videos for Disassembling a Lift Chair

While the above notes can help you disassemble your lift chair, some additional videos would come in handy to make it way easier. You can check out these videos when disassembling your lift chair:

How to take the back off a lift chair

How to remove a La-Z-Boy recliner back

How to remove and re-install a reclining mechanism

If you follow the recommended steps religiously, you can comfortably disassemble your lift chair without any help. However, if you are a first-time owner, no matter the urgency, it is always advisable to engage a qualified technician. Remember, your lift chair comes with some complex mechanisms that are better handled by professionals.

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