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Senior Bike Tours (2023): 17 Best Bike Tours for Seniors

By jwilder

Senior Bike Tours

Cycling isn’t just a good way to exercise, it’s also a great way to see the world around you! Bike tours for seniors allow you to see the sights- both near and far- in a unique and engaging way. Learn more about senior bike tours and check out some of the most popular tours around the world now!

What is a Bike Tour for Seniors?

Bike tours are organized events that last anywhere from a few hours to several days. They’re designed to take advantage of the unique ways that cycling can help you experience a city or landscape.

Bike tours combine the sightseeing nature of tourism with the physical aspects of cycling- why ride a bus around a city when you can take a bicycle and get up close and personal with everything around you?

What are the Pros and Cons of a Bike Tour for Seniors?


  • Adventure: Riding a bike while exploring a new city or region is a very unique and exciting way to travel. Instead of being stuck behind glass windows, shuffling from location to location, you pedal there yourself! From restaurant to restaurant, museum to museum, and hotel to hotel, bike tours are a fantastic way to get to know a new place.
  • Unique Experiences: Anyone can take a cruise or listen to a Rick Steves guided tour of a museum. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that- it’s just that bike tours are a special way to travel, giving you experiences other travels can’t/
  • Meeting New People: Bike tours are rarely private; you’ll be going as part of a group. This gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded people that you automatically have a lot in common with. So, not only do you get to have new experiences, but you might also make some new friends!


  • Expensive: Nothing comes for free- this is especially true in the travel and tourism industry. If you want to be part of a bike tour, you should prepare to pay a higher price than you would by just cycling from place to place by yourself.
  • Limiting: If you’re the type of person who likes to take things at your own pace and deviate from the itinerary, you’ll find bike tours to be a bit frustrating. There is a schedule to stick to, and it can be hard for the “free-spirited” people to say no to a potentially fun side-journey so that they can keep up with the tour group.

Easy Bike Tours for Seniors in the US

1. Senior Cycling Florida Keys Trip

This 6-day trip takes you from Key Largo to Key West, at a nice pace that never goes above 30 miles (about 3 hours) of riding each day. The tour includes 6 nights in hotels and covers most of your meals. You’ll get to enjoy the laid-back, relaxed pace of life in the tropics, enjoy a Cuban sandwich (or several) and sip, well, whatever you like!

2. Backroads EasyGoing California Wine Country Tour

The only difficult thing about this tour will be balancing on your bike if you partake too freely of what California’s Napa Valley has to offer. Over the course of this 6-day trip, you’ll live life to the fullest without exhausting your legs- because you’ll be riding an electric bike.

This tour is perfect for people who want to take it easy and explore the best of what California has to offer, from the coast to the countryside.

Bike Tours for Single Seniors

3. 4 Days in Tuscany, Italy

What better place to experience Europe as a single adult than Tuscany? If you’re not looking to meet someone, you can immerse yourself in food, friendship, and world-class wine.

4. One Week Riding in Cambodia

If you’ve got a thirst for adventure or want to get away from the normal European vacation spots, Cambodia is the place to be. You’ll ride with your newfound friends for a week through the gorgeous views and incredible history of Cambodia. The Cambodian people are known for their genuine friendliness and hospitality; make sure you get to know the locals when you meet them!

Cross-Country Bicycle Tours for Seniors

5. Across America North

Ready to conquer the entire country? This is the tour for you. You’ll ride more than 3,000 miles over the course of this 52-day journey. At a pace of 80 miles per day (5-8 hours of riding), you’ll have to be in decent shape before you embark, but it is the trip of a lifetime! From Oregon to New Hampshire, you’ll get to experience America in a way that you could never replicate by driving or taking an airplane!

Most Popular Bike Tour Destinations for Seniors

European Bike Tours for Seniors

6. 8 Days in Catalonia, Spain

Spain’s Catalonia region may not be as popular as cities like Barcelona and Madrid, but the green landscape is second to none. Riding through this area, you’ll encounter fascinating history, gorgeous natural scenery, and (of course) eat and drink to your heart’s content!

7. From Bordeaux to Dordogne in France

This 8-day journey will take you through France’s hidden gems and beautiful countryside. It’s perfect for seniors who’ve had enough of Paris and want to see more of what the country has to offer. Full of medieval history, vineyards, and incredible food, you’re destined to remember this trip forever!

Bike Tours in Northern California for Seniors

8. California North Coast Tour

Northern California has little of the fast-paced Hollywood glamour that people tend to think of when they hear about the Golden State. This 4-day trip will expose you to the class and relaxed lifestyle of wine country, the laid-back beach town of Eureka, and the independent, artistic mindset that makes the Bay Area Special!

9. Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Redwoods and red wines- that’s what this trip is all about. You’ll get to taste some of the world’s finest wines and take your picture next to some of the world’s oldest trees, all in one luxurious guided weekend tour!

Senior Bike Tours Midwest

10. Wisconsin Rail Trails Tour

For four days, you’ll explore the scenery in Wisconsin and Minnesota, guided on trails that were built from the remains of some of America’s great railroads. It’s a relaxed tour, full of fun stops for pictures, food, and even a 32-mile ride along the scenic Root River!

11. Black Hills and Badlands

This trip, put on by Trek Bikes, is a wonderful and wild Midwest adventure that takes you from the Black Hills to Badlands National Park. The best part about this trip may not even happen on the bike- you get to sleep under the stars in a luxury canvas tent!

Bicycle Tours Italy Seniors

12. 6 Days in Puglia

Italy’s Puglia region, in the southern part of the country, is marked by incredible coastlines, small towns, and a general spirit of quiet. One of the best parts of the tour is that you get to stay at the Borgo Egnazia, voted Italy’s best hotel in 2018!

13. 6 Days in the Dolomites

The Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy contain some of the most striking and dramatic peaks in the world. Just a short journey from Milan, this week-long bike tour for seniors will take you through the Dolomite’s most scenic regions and have you staying in luxury family-run hotels, eating the best food in the region all the way!

Organized Bike Ride Tours for Seniors in England

14. Whitehaven to Tynemouth

This 4-day trip starts on one of England’s coasts and runs through the entire width of the country, finishing at the opposite coast. You’ll ride through Lake District National Park and see some of the UK’s most incredible nature and scenery!

15. 5 Days in the Cotswolds

Explore the hilly and historic region that lies East of London, home to Cambridge and the medieval kingdom of Alfred the Great. Riding an E-bike through the English countryside is one of the best ways for any senior to spend a relaxing vacation.

Bike Tour in Portugal for Seniors

16. One Week in Portuguese Wine Country

Starting in Porto, one of the oldest cities in all of Europe, you’ll ride along the Douro river and discover all that this peaceful, vineyard-filled countryside has to offer. Portugal has long been considered one of Europe’s hidden gems; this bike tour is like a hidden gem within a hidden gem!

17. Lisbon to Sagres Coast Loop

This 6-day tour will start in the capital city of Lisbon and journey south towards the smaller coastal town of Sagres. After that, you’ll head back through a different section of the Portuguese countryside. You’ll get to stay in luxurious boutique hotels and learn all about the wonderful architectural styles that are unique to Portugal!

Wrapping Up: Bike Tours

Cycling tours present seniors with a unique and unforgettable way to travel. Whether you’re cruising through Northern California, rolling past one of England’s historic castles, or climbing a steep road next to an Italian mountain, bike tours are one heck of a way to see the world. Which tour from our list piques your curiosity? Have you been on any great cycling tours you’d like to share with other readers? Feel free to leave your questions and comments below!

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