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Free Toilets for Seniors: 3 Ways to Get a Free Toilet

By Maurice

free toilet for seniors

Installing a new toilet or replacing the old inefficient one can get costly. According to Angi and HomeAdvisor, the cost to replace a toilet ranges from $224 to $532, with a national average of $371. Additionally, It takes approximately 2 to 4 hours for a plumber to install a toilet at a base rate of $65 per hour.

However, if you are looking for a free toilet for seniors, there are programs that can help. Below you will find 3 ways to get a free toilet or replacement.

Local Government

Many local governments have free toilet and toilet replacement programs. For example, the City of Tuscon has a Premium High-Efficiency Toilet Rebate program that allows replacing older toilet models with premium high-efficiency models is a cost-effective way to conserve water and save money. The rebate is $100 per toilet replaced (maximum $200 for two toilets; the rebate is issued as a credit on your utility bill).

Similarly, the Tampa Bay Water Wise program offers rebates for homeowners and business owners who purchase and install water-saving devices such as High-Efficiency toilets. The Tampa Bay Water Wise program was developed in partnership between Tampa Bay Water, the regional wholesale drinking water provider, and the six-member governments that purchase the water and deliver it to their customers.

City of Atlanta, Watershed Management rebate program began in 2008 and has since replaced 125,000 old, inefficient toilets with low-flow WaterSense-labeled models. This has resulted in a savings of nearly 2.4 million gallons of water a day. To qualify for a rebate, you must purchase a WaterSense labeled Ultra High Efficient (UHET) toilet using 1.1 GPF or less.

Check with your local government to see if they have any kind of toilet or toilet replacement program.

Public Utilities

Some public utilities provide free toilets:

  • Seattle Public Utilities offer free water-saving toilets for income-qualified homeowners. Toilets are the biggest water user in most homes. Replacing an older toilet with a new, water-efficient toilet will help keep your water and sewer bill as low as possible.
  • Dallas Water Utilities’ New Throne for Your Home Residential Program offers Free high-performance, high-efficiency toilets.  These WaterSense ® certified toilets ensure great performance and reduce water consumption. You can apply to replace up to two toilets.  A rebate option is also available for up to $90 per toilet, up to two toilets per household.

Check with your public utility provider to see if they have a free toilet or toilet replacement program.

Local Water Management & Conservation Agency

Many Conservation departments provide free new toilets or replacements. Check which agency covers your area and what kind of programs they provide.

The Water Resources Association San Benito County is a locally-based agency that focuses on water conservation and water resource protection. They have a free toilet program where toilets are available for people replacing toilets older than 1992 as toilets before 1992 flushed from 3.5-7 gallons per flush. New toilets flush at 1.28 gallons per flush.

Since its creation in 2001, the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District has implemented one of the most comprehensive regional water management plans in the country.  The Metro Water District has replaced over 135,000 old, inefficient toilets in metro Atlanta with more efficient models through a retrofit program that began in 2008.

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