Best Step-Through Bikes for Seniors

Best Step-Through Bikes for Seniors: 5 Top Models + Expert Buying Guide

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Best Step-Through Bikes  for  Seniors

Are you thinking about getting into cycling as a senior? You’re not alone - over 19% of seniors in America own and use a bicycle. Bikes are a great way to improve poor balance, cardiovascular health, and preserve your joints.

Step-through bikes, because of their unique frames, are uniquely suited to the needs of seniors. In our complete guide, check out the 5 best step-through bikes for seniors and find one that fits you today!

What is a Step-Through Bike?

Step-through bikes are not a category of bicycle in themselves; instead, they are a type of bicycle frame. Step-through frames, sometimes called “low-entry” frames, have a dip between the seat and the handlebars instead of the standard straight crossbar.

These bikes are much easier to get in and out of because you don’t have to raise your leg over the bike.

Pros and Cons of Step-Through Bikes for Seniors


  • Versatility: step-through bikes can be found across virtually every category of bicycle. You don’t have to choose between a high-performance mountain bike and a step-through bike, because they can be one and the same thing!
  • Safety: for seniors, getting onto a bike with a straight bar in the frame can put a lot of strain on the hips. If you have weak hips or lower back issues, getting a step-through bike is a great way to preserve those vulnerable spots and still be able to enjoy all the benefits of cycling for seniors.
  • Riding Position: Step-through bike frames promote a good riding position. They put the seat a bit closer to the handlebars, which means you can ride it in a more upright position. Having to lean forward to steer contributes to lower back pain and hip soreness, so having a bike frame that keeps the rider upright is a big advantage to seniors.


  • Speed: If you’re the type of person who likes to write fast, a step-through bike may not be right for you. Because they sit you in a more upright position, you cannot pedal as aggressively. Though most people will be fine with a slightly slower step-through bike, people who like to ride fast should stick with a traditional diamond-shaped frame.
  • Weight: Step-through frames are also heavier than traditional bike frames. If you need to ride uphill frequently, a lighter bike is always a better idea.

Best Brands of Step-Through Bikes

Since they opened for business in 1895, Schwinn has excelled at making bikes that the average consumer can both afford and enjoy. Schwinn’s bikes are known for being comfortable, durable, and very fairly priced. They have a large range of bicycles, many of which have step-through frames.

The best things about SixThreeZero bikes aren’t necessarily the step-through frames featured on most of their models. Rather, the 365-day in-home trial period and customization options, as well as the stylish aesthetic that SixThreeZero brings to each of their bikes make them a great specialty bike manufacturer. SixThreeZero also gives you the choice of adding electric motors and batteries to almost all of their bikes!

Best Step-Through Bikes for Seniors in 2021

1. Best Step-Through Bike for Seniors (Overall): Schwinn Discover Hybrid Step-Through Bike

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women, 21-Speed, 28-inch Wheels, 16-inch/Small Frame, White

This bike, fit for both men and women, delivers everything you need from a step-through bike. It’s a type of bike that’s become more and more popular in recent years: hybrid bikes. These bikes are essentially a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. As such, the Schwinn Discover can do anything you ask it to, from mountain trails to lazy rides at the beach and everything in between.

This bike has a 21-speed drivetrain, perfect for all sorts of riding situations. The Discover also lives up to Scwhinn’s reputation for affordability; other hybrid bikes with this level of versatility cost 2-3 times as much as this bike! If you’re looking for a classic bike with a step-through frame and lots of versatility, this is the bike for you. Anywhere you need to go, this bike can take you!

2. Best Inexpensive Step-Through Bikes for Seniors: Schwinn Wayfarer Step-Through Bike

Schwinn Wayfarer Adult Bike Hybrid Retro-Styled Cruiser, 16-Inch/Small Steel Step-Through Frame, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Rack, 700C Wheels, White

The Wayfarer keeps things simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great bike. For less than $300, it’s nearly impossible to find a bike with this level of quality. It has a step-through frame, stylish fenders, a storage rack, and a hybrid design that makes it incredibly versatile.

Though this bike is primarily intended for women, the overall design is very neutral in appearance, and men up to a height of 6 feet can ride it comfortably. If you’re looking for a safe, versatile bike that will fit a tiny budget, the Wayfarer is exactly that.

3. Best Women’s Step-Through Cruiser Bikes for Seniors: SixThreeZero Relaxed Body Hybrid Bike

With an effortlessly stylish design and a very low-entry frame, the Relaxed Body from SixThreeZero is destined to impress both the people who ride it and the people who see it! The bike promotes excellent posture and has ergonomic handlebars and a padded seat that will keep you comfortable all day long. It also has a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain that’ll help you ride smoothly and efficiently no matter where you’re headed.

One of the best features of the Relaxed Body is that the pedals are set slightly in front of the seat, which puts your feet in front of you while you ride the bike instead of directly beneath you. This takes a bit of pressure off of your knees and helps you ride longer distances without getting exhausted or sore. Any senior woman who chooses this bike is likely to find themselves riding it more often than they planned, simply because it’s such a pleasure to do so!

4. Best Men’s Step-Through Bike for Seniors: SixThreeZero Body Ease

The Body Ease is a wonderful step-through bike for men. It’s designed for people who like to ride at consistent, average speeds and need a bike with enough versatility to be ridden every day. It even has suspension springs on the front fork to absorb any impacts from riding in the city, at the park, or on the bike path.

Sometimes, people confuse step-through bike frames with women’s bike frames because bicycles designated for men typically don’t include step-through frames. The Body Ease is hard to mistake as a women’s bike, though, because it has a strong design and uses materials that give off a sense of masculinity and sharpness. For any senior man in the market for a step-through bike, the Body Ease is sure to be far more than satisfactory!

5. Best Folding Step-Through Bike for Seniors: Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Carry Rack, Carrying Bag, Black

Are you someone who needs a bike that won’t take up a ton of space? The Schwinn Loop is perfect for you. When you ride it, it feels exactly like a comfortable, smooth-pedaling Schwinn classic. However, when you’re done riding, it folds up nicely into a small package that is easy to tuck into a corner, closet, or even on public transportation!

The bike also comes with a rear storage rack and a detachable bag that will hold your things for you as you ride. The biggest drawback of this bike is that the wheels are small and aren’t very versatile; it’s great for paved roads but not so much for dirt, grass, and other slippery surfaces. Despite that, though, if you’re someone without much space in your home, or you need to transport your bike often, the Schwinn Loop is an excellent choice.

Buying Guide: Step-Through Bikes

What to Look for in a Step-Through Bike for Seniors

Type of Bike

Because step-through frames are not exclusive to one type of bicycle, you have the freedom to choose a bike from virtually any bicycle category. Do you thirst for adventure or speed? Get a step-through mountain bike or road bike that’ll let you ride to your heart’s content. If you’re a more relaxed type of person or need something to get around town? Find a nice city or comfort bike with a step-through frame that’ll be more your speed.

Number of Gears

The bike’s drivetrain (where the chain and gears connect to the pedal) can have anywhere from one to twenty-one gears. The more gears you have, the more control you have over your ability to pedal in different scenarios. If you’re riding uphill, drop into a lower gear that will make the pedaling easier and more efficient. If you’re riding downhill or on smooth, flat ground, shifting into a higher gear lets you ride faster without increasing your effort.

How to Find the Best Price on a Step-Through Bike for Seniors

  • Online vs In-Store: Shopping in a bike shop has its advantages, but low prices are not one of them. You can, almost without exception, find great bikes for much less by shopping online.
  • Types of Bikes: The more specific a bike’s purpose, the more expensive it is likely to be. Comfort, city, and hybrid bikes are commonly the least expensive type of bike. Mountain bikes and road bikes, on the other hand, often cost more than $2,000- some will set you back close to ten grand!


Step-through bikes are very versatile and beneficial for seniors. They are easy to get in and out of, and they don’t have much of an effect on the overall performance of the bike. Which bike from our list did you find the most intriguing? Do you have any questions about step-through bikes, or any of the models we looked at? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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