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Free Walking Canes: How to Get a Free Cane Near Me

By Maurice

free walking cane

Being visually impaired can make a person’s life quite difficult and having aids such as walking canes can make a big difference in their quality of life. However, finding a good cane at a reasonable price can be tough, especially if you’re already spending money on necessary expenses.

Fortunately, there are ways to get a free walking cane that isn’t flimsy or of inferior quality. These canes are available to anyone who needs them at no cost.

After reading this article, you’ll also know how to get a free walking cane so you don’t have to struggle without one or use a low-quality product that will break easily or let you down when you need it most.

How to Get a Free Walking Cane

When looking for a free walking cane, there are actually many different options to choose from. There are many programs dedicated to providing people with good canes that they can trust.

Here are some of the best programs and organizations that are currently helping people out:

Free White Cane Program

This organization is really dedicated to its cause and has given over 64,000 blind people canes that improved their lives. With these canes, they’re able to live full, independent lives with dignity and pride.

They make sure that blind people don’t have to travel long distances to find a free walking cane by letting people request a cane online. The online application is easy to fill out, while people can also visit their office or send in an application through the mail.

Blind people in the US, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia can request a can and receive it as quickly as the delivery options allow.

Social Services

Your local social services should also be able to help you get a free walking cane. Additionally, they should also be able to teach you how to use your cane properly so you can walk around with yours safely.

Free Cane Through Medicare: How It Works

Medicare offers coverage for durable medical equipment (DME) with Medicare Part B, and canes and walkers fall under this category. As you might expect, there are certain conditions that your equipment needs to meed before it will be covered by Medicare.

Additionally, the doctors who work with you as well as the suppliers of your cane need to meet strict standards before Medicare will cover your cane.

It is best to contact Medicare and find out from them whether or not the cane you’re hoping to get for free is covered and how to proceed to get it.

Medicare will definitely pay for your cane if it has been found that it is medically necessary for you. Your doctor will have to prove this and your supplier must be approved by Medicare. You will be able to choose from a range of canes that have been approved, so it might not be possible to get the one you’ve set your heart on, unfortunately.

Free Cane Through Medicaid: How It Works

It is not easy to say off-hand whether or not Medicaid will help you get a free cane. There are different rules depending on what state you live in and what Medicaid sub-program you’re part of.

However, generally speaking, Medicaid will pay for any medical equipment that is deemed medically necessary, including canes and walkers. That means you will have to meet Medicaid’s requirements, and the cane in question will have to tick the right boxes.

For example, it needs to be cost-effective, durable, and serve a medical purpose.

Free Cane for Veterans: Where to Get One

There are many ways for veterans to get their hands on high-quality and reliable canes without paying for them. If they’re not getting assistance from the VA, they may look at help from many different organizations.

The Free Canes For Veterans organization, for example, provides veterans with free artistic wooden canes that will last them a lifetime.Veteran Horizons is another organization that works to help out veterans who need medical assistance, such as finding a good cane. They are happy and proud to give free canes to veterans who apply for assistance.

Free Cane for the Disabled: Where to Get One

The disabled have many avenues to take when they’re looking for assistance to walk around freely and safely. The Free White Cane program (also mentioned earlier) is happy to help out the blind without asking for anything in return. They help the disabled regardless of age and are active all over the US as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Charitable Individuals

In addition to these organizations, there are also many individuals who are more than happy to give away free canes to anyone who needs them. They typically don’t work with organizations but accept donations and assistance from other kind-hearted people to help them do what they do.

If you need a cane and did not have any luck with official organizations, you can always turn to individuals who aim to make people’s lives better by giving them free canes.


There you have it—the best ways to get a free walking cane easily and quickly. There are many organizations as well as individuals who can help you find a cane without much hassle and they might even customize the canes to meet your unique requirements. Hopefully, you or your loved one will now be able to walk around with confidence and feel secure.

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