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Best Rollator Accessories: Walker Accessories for Every Need

By jwilder

Best Rollator Accessories

Rollator walkers are one of the safest, healthiest ways to stay active and independent as a senior. They’re easy to use, improve your balance, and help you avoid fatigue and falls while out. With all their strengths, though, rollators can always use an upgrade in the form of a few choice accessories.

Read our best rollator accessories list to find items that will optimize your rollator experience. Getting the right accessories helps you go faster, farther, and stay out longer; they can also help you stay safer. Below, you’ll see descriptions of different rollator accessories, and our top choices for each!

Rollator Trays

What Are Rollator Trays?

Rollator trays are small trays that are placed on top of the rollator seat; they’re used to more safely transport things like food and drinks.

Often, they’re made of slip-resistant material that will help keep items in place while walking. They instantly increase the amount of storage space on your rollator!

Why Might I Need a Rollator Tray?

This type of accessory is most useful when you need to move your meals from the kitchen to the table or living room. They can safely hold your dinner for you, allowing you to use your rollator to walk and move the food at the same time. Trying to balance a full plate and walk with a rollator at once is a foolish and dangerous task! Rollator trays let you focus on the walking so that you don’t risk spilling your food- or falling!

This is an excellent little tray that does its job effectively. It’s just under 16 inches wide, which is large enough to hold a 12-inch dinner plate, silverware, and a beverage. The best feature of this clear plastic tray is that it has a 1.5-inch high wall around the border; this makes it extra secure, preventing things from falling to the floor.

NOVA Medical Products Walker Tray

This tray wasn’t designed specifically for rollators, but it’s the perfect size to fit right on your rollator seat! It’s made of non-slip rubber that’s very easy to clean, and you can get it in a variety of different colors. This is a great, inexpensive way to make sure you can get from the kitchen to the dinner table safely and without hassle!

Oggi Rectangle Non Skid Rubber Grip Serving Tray, Aqua

Rollator Cup Holders

What Are Rollator Cup Holders?

These are small items that attach to the frame of the rollator and can hold a water bottle, cup, or other containers. They prevent you from having to use your hands to hold the cup while walking, a potentially risky situation.

Why Might I Need a Rollator Cup Holder?

Cup holders are a convenient accessory when indoors and a necessity outdoors. If you like to take walks outside, cupholders are a must-have feature for staying hydrated and keeping your hands free. Dehydration is extremely risky for seniors; this is an easy solution!

This cupholder attachment is perfect for just about anyone, and, more importantly, just about any rollator! It has a clamp that will fit around and hold tight to any rollator frame. It also rotates so that you can make sure the cupholder is always upright even when mounted on a diagonal or horizontal part of the frame! Lastly, the cupholder has four rubber tabs that grip onto the cup, preventing spills.

Wheelchair Cup Holder, Walker Cup Holder, Rollator Cup Holder, 4 Flexible Tabs with Hook Drink Holder for Walker, Sooter, Stroller, Mobility

The greatest feature of this cupholder is the thick insulation; it keeps cold things cold and hot things hot- for hours and hours! That alone makes it more than worth your consideration!

On the negative side, the attachment is a bit lacking. It relies on velcro straps to hold onto the rollator frame, which is a limited method of attachment. It takes a strong hand to get it on tight, and it must be mounted to a completely straight piece of the frame. If you can overlook this, though, you’ll love the insulation!

kemimoto Wheelchair Cup Holder, Rollator Drink Holder Universal Walker Cup Holder Stroller Water Bottle Carrier with Mesh Pockets-Washable Collapsible Adjustable, Black…

Rollator Cane Holders

What Are Rollator Cane Holders?

These small attachments allow you to carry a cane with you as a backup mobility aid. Most often, this is accomplished with a plastic hook that you “snap” the cane into, or velcro straps that wrap around the cane and hold it in place.

Why Might I Need a Rollator Cane Holder?

You may think, “If I already have a rollator, what’s the use of a cane?” Since rollators aren’t perfect for every scenario- think stairs or narrow hallways- having a cane with you lets you leave your rollator behind for a moment to go places it can’t. The cane holder just makes this easier. If you’re out walking and reach a place your rollator can’t go, you’re not stopped in your tracks. Just grab your cane, and return to your rollator when you’re done!

This cane holder is extremely easy to install- simply tighten the rubber strap around the frame of your rollator, and you’re ready to go! The hooks can rotate, meaning you can carry your cane horizontally or vertically depending on your need.

Easy to Use Products Mobility Dual Hooks - Bag, Cane, or Light Holder

This attachment is made up of two separate clamps that you can place on any straight section of the rollator frame. They hold onto the rollator much tighter than the first cane holder we looked at, but you lose the ability to rotate the hook. If you need a tight grip and a secure cane, though, this is a great option!

Cane Holder for Walker - Universal Walking Stick Holder Accessories for Rolling Walker Rollator (2pcs/Set)

Rollator Bags

What Are Rollator Bags?

Rollator bags are all about storage. They attach to the rollator frame and can be just one large bag or a series of small bags and pouches. Typically, they’re made in such a way that they won’t disrupt your walking motion; the best thing about rollators is that you can walk naturally, and using rollator bags shouldn’t take away from that!

Why Might I Need a Rollator Bag?

Having increased storage capacity isn’t just convenient- it’s very beneficial! Rollator walkers are the best mobility aid for taking longer trips and walking longer distances. Having more storage is perfect when you’re out for long walks in nature or shopping. They’re also useful for people who need to carry medicine and other medically necessary items with them!

This affordable bag comes in two sizes and many different colors, making it easy to find the bag that’s right for you! It’s essentially a large zippered tote bag that velcro-straps onto your rollator at four different points. It’s roomy, stable, and simple- perfect for any senior looking to carry their things with them as they walk!

GUOER Walker Bag Suitable for Multiple Walking Aids Rollator Bag Multi-Size Multiple Colors (9.8Wx15.7L in,Color9807)

This multi-pocketed bag is perfect for carrying things like umbrellas, snacks, and more in an organized and easily-accessible way. The main pocket is very spacious, roughly equivalent to the size of an over-the-shoulder sling bag. With this rollator bag, you can carry all your things without putting any pressure on your back or shoulders!

SupreGear Rollator Bag, Lightweight Durable Nylon Universal Fit Organizer Carry Bag Travel Tote Walker Accessories Bag for Any Walker Style Rollator Wheelchair Transport Chair

Rollator Seat Covers

What Are Rollator Seat Covers?

Seat covers are fitted pieces of fabric that slide over the seat on a rollator walker. They are typically made to preserve the quality of the seat, but can also feature additional padding. Many rollator seat covers also come with a matching cover for the backrest!

Why Might I Need a Rollator Seat Cover?

Many seniors choose to (or are instructed by Medicare) to rent their rollators. Having a seat cover keeps the seat safe from damage and wear. Padded seat covers can also help you rest while walking, a great benefit for people with COPD and sciatic pain!

Available in a few different designs, this cloth seat cover adds a lot of protection and a lot of style to your rollator seat! It’s made of soft, stretchy fabric that will slip over any rollator seat and hold tight. If you’re looking to personalize your rollator while protecting the seat underneath, this is the way to go!

NOVA Medical Products Rollator Walker Seat & Back Cover, Removable & Washable, Garden Flowers

A seat cover with a bit of extra padding doubles down on the comfort your rollator provides. For people who need to rest or take breathing breaks often, especially for lung or heart issues, having some extra fluff helps out! You can sit for a bit longer, with more comfort, and get better rest before going on. If you sit in your rollator frequently, consider adding a soft, lightly padded seat cover like this one!

Allman Premium Black Fleece Seat & Back Cover for Rollator

Rollator Platform Attachments

What Are Rollator Platform Attachments?

Rollator platform attachments essentially transform a standard rollator into an upright rollator with forearm support for one or both arms. Typically, they are sold one at a time, as they are not intended to replace the handlebars or brake system on your rollator.

Why Might I Need a Rollator Platform Attachment?

Platform attachments are a perfect rollator upgrade for people who want to have better posture or need to support one arm while recovering from injury or surgery. While it’s not the same as an upright rollator, you get some of the same benefits. You’ll be able to stand up a bit straighter, and your injured arm will get appropriate elevation and protection that will aid in your recovery process.

This platform is made for Medline rollators, but will work well with almost any brand. Simply attach the platform to the rollator frame, and you’ve got a stable, secure place to rest an arm.

It’s simple, affordable, and beneficial!

Medline G07702 Walker Platform Attachment

This universal platform attachment features a very soft and secure forearm rest. When you need to isolate an arm or shoulder and prevent it from moving, this attachment will be your best friend! It has a soft strap that goes over your forearm to help prevent accidental movement. If you’re recovering, or have an ongoing issue with one arm, this platform attachment will work wonders for you!

Drive Medical 10105-1 Platform Walker/Crutch Attachment, Silver

Rollator Baskets

What Are Rollator Baskets?

These metal baskets attach to the front or sides of your rollator. They’re generally inexpensive and easy to remove when you aren’t using them.

Why Might I Need a Rollator Basket?

Just like rollator bags, baskets help you transport more than just your own body safely. Trying to carry an armful of belongings while using a rollator is a tricky and often risky task. Similarly, wearing a purse, sling bag, or backpack can have negative impacts on your posture and cause back/shoulder pain. It’s always helpful to have extra storage room!

This simple wire basket hooks onto your rollator and folds away easily when not in use. Having a wire basket is perfect for times when you need to carry things that can’t get squished like they would in a cloth bag. It’s affordable, functional, and minimal- everything you need in a rollator basket!

Drive Medical Basket Only for 4 Wheel Rollator Walker with Fold Up Removable Back Support ( 10257RD-1, 10257BL-1)

A compact wire basket that includes a tray insert? What’s not to love? This small basket can hold many of your belongings and takes up very little space. It also has a tray insert that features a cupholder, helping you stay organized and clean on the go!

HealthSmart Universal Walker Storage Basket with Insert Tray and Cup Holder, No Tools Needed, White

Rollator Oxygen Tank Holders

What Are Rollator Oxygen Tank Holders?

Tank holders attach to the frame of the walker and keep your oxygen tank secure. Most of the time, these are universal items that attach with heavy-duty straps or clamps.

Why Might I Need a Rollator Oxygen Tank Holder?

Anyone who uses an oxygen tank knows that they’re heavy and clunky medical devices. Having an oxygen tank holder makes everything a bit more convenient. On top of that, they’re a safer option than just putting the tank in the rollator’s storage compartment; they hold the oxygen tank still so there’s little chance of it falling or bouncing around!

This tank holder can secure one D or E oxygen cylinder and keep it from moving. It’s a simple, sturdy design that can give you peace of mind about your oxygen tank while you’re walking! It’s made from metal and hard plastic- it would take a pretty major accident for that oxygen tank to do anything but sit completely still!

Walker Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollators & Walking Aids JO2W, Holds Single D or E Oxygen Cylinder Tanks

This is a more affordable option that does an equally great job of keeping your tank secure. It attaches with screw-down clamps that will hold tight for as long as you own your rollator. If you’re looking for an inexpensive, reliable tank holder, this is it!

Royln Prest-15490 Oxygen Tank Holder for Rollators, Easily Attaches to Most Rollators for Transport of Either D or E Oxygen Cylinders - Black


Having the right rollator accessories can make a world of difference. They go a long way toward keeping you safe, stable, and independent, despite the effects of aging, disease, or injury. Some accessories are more luxurious; others are necessities for many people. Did you find the perfect rollator accessory? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. I’m sitting on my rollator and want to have a cup of tea or glass of wine, but there’s nowhere to put it! Has nobody designed a little tray or basket that can fit on the SIDE of the rollator at the bottom, where the connecting struts are?

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