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Walker Repair Complete Guide: Near Me, DIY, Videos, Parts & More

By Maurice

walker repair near me

Your walker is one of the most important mobility aids that you own. We’ve got some tips and guides for walker repair that will save you money and time while keeping your walker in great shape.

Let’s cover everything you need to know—with some video guides—about walker repair.

Walker Repair Near Me: How To Find A Reputable Shop

There are a few important things that you should look out for when finding a shop to handle your walker repairs.

The first thing you should consider is Medicare’s policy for durable medical equipment. A walker counts as a piece of durable medical equipment. This means Medicare might be able to help cover the cost of repairs or an entirely new Walker.

Many reputable shops work with Medicare. It’s often a sign that there are more serious businesses, and they’re able to deliver on the quality or looking for if they accept Medicare.

You should also look for a shop that offers cleaning and maintenance services in addition to more substantive repairs. Incidentally, Medicare can also help cover the cost of maintenance for walkers and other durable medical equipment.

You should also make sure that the shop will be able to complete the job in time. A walker is a piece of vital medical equipment, and you don’t want to go out without it for too long.

The repair shop should also have skill and experience when it comes to handling these repairs. Walker repairs tend to be a lot simpler than other durable medical equipment, but you still want to make sure that it’s handled correctly for your safety and well-being.

The last thing to think about is how you feel when you interact with the repair shop’s staff. If you don’t feel welcomed and listened to, it might be a sign that you’re better off doing business elsewhere.

Common Walker Problems

There are a few common problems that you’re going to have to keep an eye out for with your walker. Let’s walk through a few of the more prominent issues you can face with these devices.

The first thing you should look out for is making sure that all the parts of your walker are securely connected. Any loose screws or wobbly parts can lead to structural stability problems which could even be a fall risk.

You should also make sure that the hand brakes are functioning properly. This is one of the most important features on your walker, and they should be checked regularly to ensure that they’re in working order.

Keep an eye out for any dented or damaged sections of your walker. Your walkers are going to take a few things here and there, but they shouldn’t be causing structural problems.

If your walker has a seat, you want to make sure that it’s not ripped or molding. The seat should be able to comfortably support you without causing pain.

Here’s a recap of a few common water problems to look out for.

  • No wobbly sections
  • Everything connecting firmly and securely
  • No major dings, dents, or corrosion like rust
  • The seat should be in good shape
  • Handbrakes should function as intended

How To Repair A Walker – Best YouTube Videos

You should have a few guides on hand to keep your Walker in great shape. Here are a few videos that everyone knows should be familiar with for walker repair.

Our first two videos are how to assemble your walker. They cover both minimalist walkers and models that feature hand brakes and a seat. Knowing how to put your walker together and take it apart is the first step for handling repairs.

You should also know how to adjust all the customizable options on your walker. You can change the responsiveness of the brakes, the height of your walker, and other changeable features. Many people even think that their walkers are broken, but it’s just an adjustable feature they need to change.

This next video will cut to the most important issue and show you how to maintain your walker brakes in your own kitchen!

Your brakes might also totally brake! This video shows you how to fix walker brakes.

Wheels are a big problem or walkers. You might even need to change yours out over time. Here’s how you can take the wheels off your walker.

Walker Parts – Where To Buy Them Online & In-Store

This might be surprising, but you’ve actually got plenty of options when it comes to buying new parts for your walker. Whether you’re looking for a new brake assembly, a seat, or handles, you can find walker parts online and in physical stores.

Here’s four places you can find walker parts.


Amazon is full of parts for all different kinds of walkers. They even have generic parts that are designed to work across multiple brands.

The only downside to shopping for parts on Amazon is that their stock is very inconsistent. Amazon actually relies on a lot of third-party sellers for walker parts which means that you might not be able to find what you’re looking for.


eBay is similar to Amazon when it comes to buying walker parts, but the selection is surprisingly better.There is a diversity of sellers on eBay that keeps the stock of walker parts high. You’ll be able to find parts for specific brands as well as generic parts.


MedMart is a national chain of medical supply stores. They also have an online website. Both are in person stores and their website sells walker parts.

Local Medical Equipment Stores

The last place you can shop for walker parts is by checking your local medical equipment stores. Many of these local medical equipment stores even accept Medicare for walkers.

Most major cities in the United States have several medical equipment stores. These locations often stock walker parts for some of the biggest brands in the newest models.

You can also get lucky at medical equipment stores. Many of them carry stock from older walkers which helps you find parts even if your walker isn’t a newer model.

Conclusion—Getting Your Walker Repaired

Walker repair is easy as long as you know how to access the resources you need to get the job done. Medicare might be able to cover the cost of these repairs, but it also helps to have a few DIY Walker repair videos on hand.

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your walker in great shape and helping to prevent a serious breakdown.

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