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Drive Medical Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair Review (2023): Compact + Great for Travel

By jwilder

Drive Medical Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair

Finding a good wheelchair can be frustrating: there are hundreds of different choices, all claiming the same benefits.

The Silver Sport I, from Drive Medical, is one such wheelchair that can back up its claims! It’s great for seniors who travel a lot, need a compact wheelchair to fit in narrow spaces, or just need a wheelchair that fits their frame.

Check out our Drive Silver Sport I wheelchair review to learn more about this model and discover if it’s the mobility solution for you!

Review of: Drive Silver Sport I Wheelchair

Drive Medical DFL19-RD Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchair with Swing-Away Footrests, Red, Black

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What We Like:

  • Portability
  • Lightweight wheels
  • Narrow frame
  • Ideal for Indoors

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low weight capacity
  • Low traction

Our Conclusion: The Drive Silver Sport I wheelchair is a great choice of mobility aid for many seniors. While it might be too small for some, it is versatile and easy to transport. It’s also very affordable and can maneuver around tight spaces like a dream. 

Features and Benefits – Drive Medical Silver Sport 1

Drive Medical SSP118FA-SF Silver Sport 1 Wheelchair with Full Arms and Swing away Removable Footrest, Black

Petite Size

The Silver Sport 1 has an 18-inch wide seat, just a bit more narrow than the standard 20 to 24-inch width. This makes it great for seniors who have narrower frames. Wheelchairs are best when they truly fit the user; a wheelchair that is too wide can make seniors feel uncomfortable and unstable in the chair. Millions of people use a wheelchair, but smaller users can feel left out of the designs that favor larger body types.

A wheelchair that’s too wide isn’t just a nuisance. It can actually be dangerous if the user cannot reach their arms over the side to propel and stop themselves! If you are shorter than 5’3” and have a narrow frame to match, the Silver Sport 1 will help you move around safely and comfortably!

Narrow wheelchairs are also ideal for seniors who live in older homes; historic homes typically have narrower door frames and hallways, and standard wheelchairs might not fit. If this is a concern for you (and you’re not too big for the Silver Sport yourself), this wheelchair may be able to help!

Lightweight Wheels

The large tires used to propel the chair are made of a synthetic composite and polyurethane for grip. They’re much lighter than traditional steel wheels, and even lighter than aluminum! It’s no secret that using a manual wheelchair can be a tiring thing. In fact, overusing the wheelchair can result in muscle injuries! Since many seniors have no choice but to use a manual wheelchair, it is quite a big benefit to have one that is lighter and easier to push!

Easy Maneuverability

This benefit is a direct result of the light wheels and narrow frame: the Silver Sport 1 is one of the most maneuverable wheelchairs on the market! It can fit into tight spaces easily and turn on a zero-degree angle. This lets you feel more confident wherever you’re headed, not limited by the wheelchair. You can leave more space on sidewalks, in stores and doctor’s offices, and travel more easily.

The benefit of using a mobility aid is that it can improve your quality of life and reduces the anxiety caused by having your mobility limited. However, the wheelchair is only as good as the mobility it actually lets you regain! The Silver Sport I gives you more of your freedom back and lets you live your life more like you used to.


The Silver Sport I folds up easily and is only 11 inches wide when folded. The backrest of the chair also folds in half, making the completely folded chair very easy to store in a car trunk, airplane overhead cabin, or closet. It’s also easy to tuck the chair out of the way when you’re sitting at a restaurant table, desk, or just lounging in your recliner at home!

Specifications of Drive Medical Sport 1

drive medical sport 1

Height of Wheelchair

36 inches

Length (with leg/foot riggings)

43.5 inches


24 inches open, 11 inches folded

Seat To Floor Height

19.5 inches


37.6 pounds (33.9 pounds without leg/foot riggings)

Wheel Height

24 inches

Weight Capacity

250 pounds

Video Overview of Drive Medical Silver Sport 1

Pros & Cons – Drive Medical Silver Sport 1


  • Portability: When it is folded up, the Silver Sport is only 11 inches wide and 30 inches tall, roughly the size of a carry-on suitcase! This makes it incredibly easy to keep out of the way; when it’s time to use the wheelchair, it will unfold and be ready to roll within seconds!
  • Lightweight Wheels: Wheels made of synthetic composite material are much easier to push, lessening the strain on your arms and helping you stay out longer.
  • Narrow Frame: The entire width of the wheelchair is just 24 inches, the same width as the seat of many other wheelchairs. You can squeeze the chair into narrower spaces, which is great for older homes; it’s also ideal for smaller users.
  • Ideal For Indoors: This is a great wheelchair to use indoors; it can maneuver into tight spaces and travel around corners with ease, and the armrests are short enough that you can use the wheelchair at a table or desk!


  • Low Weight Capacity: The maximum weight this wheelchair can support is 250 pounds. For most people, this won’t be an issue. Seniors who weigh more than 230 pounds should look for a stronger wheelchair so that they don’t risk an accident or mechanical failure.
  • Narrow Seat: This is a benefit to some and a drawback to others. If you have a wider frame, it might be wise to choose a wheelchair with a wider frame!
  • Low Traction: The wheels on the Silver Sport I will provide great traction indoors or on sidewalks, but they are not ideal for anything else. They won’t perform very well on grass, dirt, or gravel. If you’re in need of an outdoor-friendly wheelchair, this might not be the one for you!
  • Fixed Armrests: Not being able to move the armrests means that seniors who need to be lifted in and out of their wheelchair are at a disadvantage. The caregiver must do a bit of extra work to get them in/out, and it can cause injuries to both parties.

Who the Silver Sport I is Best For?

This is an excellent wheelchair for the needs of many different seniors. It might not be a fit for everyone because of its smaller size, but it is quite versatile nonetheless! Here are some of the ideal uses for the Silver Sport I:

Smaller Users, Smaller Homes

The narrow frame of this wheelchair is ideal for people who need their wheelchair to fit their smaller frames or their smaller homes. Larger wheelchairs work great in wider spaces but can be a real hassle when they’re too wide to fit down a hallway or through a door. Similarly, a narrow wheelchair makes a more petite senior feel comfortable and secure in their wheelchair.

Seniors Who Travel

If you’ve got a big cruise planned or tend to take more vacations than your peers, you need a wheelchair that fits your lifestyle. This model is airplane safe and can even fold up small enough to be stored in the overhead compartment on a plane! The flight attendant might not let you do that, but the point stands: this is a compact wheelchair that is absolutely ideal for seniors who travel!

Helpful Links for the Drive Silver Sport I

Top Competitor Product: Featherweight Wheelchair, Matte Black

Featherweight Wheelchair® in Matte Black

This wheelchair maybe five times as expensive as the Silver Sport I, but it has a few premium features that could make it worth the price tag! First off, it weighs less than 20 pounds, about half the weight of a normal wheelchair. This makes it easy for even frail users to maneuver and even lift it! The rear wheels even detach easily, making it even easier to lift.

The Featherweight also has a very comfortable seat and backrest that uses premium foam padding and breathable nylon. The wheels have lots of traction, too, so you can use it outdoors more safely. Finally, it has a 350-pound weight capacity, so seniors who cannot fit in the Silver Sport I are able to safely use this model!


  • Ultralight design, weighs only 19 pounds
  • Premium padding in seat and backrest
  • Lots of traction with bicycle-style tires
  • Higher weight capacity, 350 pounds
  • Wheels pop off easily for lighter transport


  • Very expensive, three times more expensive than most wheelchairs
  • Smaller wheels may be harder to push (22 inches vs the standard 24)
  • Fixed armrests, caregivers cannot easily lift the user in or out of the chair.

Rueben Bechtel’s Drive Medical Sivler Sport 1 Review


If you’re looking for a light, durable wheelchair that doesn’t get in the way, look no further than the Drive Silver Sport I!

Do you have any questions about this wheelchair? Feel free to ask in the comments section below!

Drive Medical DFL19-RD Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Folding Transport Wheelchair with Swing-Away Footrests, Red, Black

Drive Medical Silver Sport I (Click image for more info)

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