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Bath Lift Problems: Troubleshooting Guide for Owners

By Maurice

Bath Lift Problems

You probably spent a lot of money on your bath lift, a significant financial investment. As such, you must safeguard it at all times to not only enjoy an extended service life but also reap its full benefits.

However, while your bath lift might be top quality, there are some unwarranted bath lift problems that it might encounter. It is imperative to get accustomed to these issues so you can decide on the right course of action when they come along.

This article will help you through the bath lift troubleshooting process. Moreover, it will identify the common problems and recommend ways to fix them. It will also point you to the best places to get bath lift repair parts.

Bath Lift Problems: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Some of the common bath lift issues include the following:

Bath Lift Seat Cover Inflates in a Stop-and-Start Manner

The primary cause of this problem is failure to depress the hand control in full. It could also be caused by a kinked. To correct it, press the button regularly until the motor stops. If not, check whether the hose is kinked.

Bath Lift Motor Not Working

Usually, this issue results from a broken or overheated motor. Confirm whether the motor’s light is on, which will help you to know whether the motor is broken. If the light is on, the motor is alright but overheated, and you will have to wait until it cools down. Usually, this takes about 40 minutes. Consult a technician or your lift’s distributor if the issue persists.

Suckers are Loose and No Longer Stick at the Bottom

The use of oily soaps is the leading cause of this issue. Assess the tub’s bottom and the suckers for the presence of oily deposits. Then, thoroughly clean the tub and the suckers before taking your next bath. Ensure you use non-bio detergents during the cleaning process.

Bath Lift Makes a Hissing Sound from the Motor

This sound results from air escaping from the motor. The nozzle’s end at the interconnection between the hose and the motor has an O-Ring which might wear out or disappear from the end of the nozzle, causing the hissing sound.

This issue is often complicated and will require a more qualified person to correct it. Contact your distributor or hire a technician.

Bath Lift Doesn’t Move

Several issues can lead to this problem. For instance, the hand control battery might be empty, or the hand control’s contacts are contaminated. In addition, a poor hand control connection might be the cause.

Correct this issue by:

  • Charging the battery if it’s flat.
  • If not, wipe and dry the hand control after unplugging from the lift. Reconnect and try to operate the lift.
  • Check the hand control’s plug-type connections

Bath Lift Stops Repeatedly

The main causes of this problem include:

  • Excessive loading. The user may weigh heavier than the lift’s weight capacity. The only solution is to purchase a bath lift that can hold more weight.
  • A faulty battery. You have to replace the battery to correct this issue.
  • Unplugged jack plugs. Correct the issue by connecting the plugs.

Bath Lift Actuator is Disconnected

Image 1 shows an incorrect connection between the bath lift’s rear actuator and lock. To fix this, physically adjust the actuator to picture 2 as indicated. However, ensure you contact the distributor if troubleshooting fails to resolve this issue.

Faded Seat Covers

This issue results when the covers are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. Similarly, oils and emoluments that you use during baths may also discolor the seat covers. You can correct this issue by cleaning them with furniture polish and non-bio detergents after every use.

Air Escaping into the Bath Water

This is an indication of a faulty hose. Contact a technician immediately if this happens. Do not use the lift when it is in this condition.

Cushion Doesn’t Fully Deflate

This problem indicates that the cushions are excessively filled up with air. Begin by detaching the hose from the blower unit. This will enable the majority of the air to flow out of the cushion more easily. Then, apply light pressure on the cushion, or roll it into a cylinder, beginning with the end farthest away from the hose.

Hand Control’s Red LED Light Flashes for 5 Seconds

The cause of this issue is common when the plugged hand control is incorrectly plugged into the drive unit. To correct this, reconnect the jack plug with the jack socket.

Bath Lift Raises but Cannot Lower

Some bath lifts have low-voltage power protection, which automatically alters the lift’s operation. You can only correct this issue by recharging the battery.

Lift Arms Keep Falling

This issue results from loose jam nuts. Tighten the nuts to correct the problem. See the illustration below.

Unusual Actuator Noise

This problem is common if the actuator is worn out or damaged. Contact your service provider or a reputable technician to get the issue corrected.

Bath Lift Parts: Major Bath Lift Parts and Where to Buy Them (Online & In-Store)

Damage to one or more of your bath lift’s components doesn’t necessarily mean you will no longer enjoy your bath lift. Ideally, you can replace an individual component and continue enjoying the benefits. You can buy these parts from various authorized shops and stores. Among the available spare parts are the following:

  • Hand control
  • Side flaps and hinges
  • Compressor kit
  • Suction cups
  • Charger
  • Cover set
  • Unlock ramp
  • Cushion
  • Actuator

Bath Lift Parts Diagram

Where to Buy Bath Lift Parts – Online and in Retail Stores

You can get quality bath lift parts from the most reputable online and offline bath lift retailers. Even better, individual brand manufacturers offer their replacement parts through their websites.

However, regardless of where you get your parts, check what they have versus what your owner’s handbook recommends. This is a great way to ensure you get the proper parts for your bath lift.

The following stores sell these products, both online and in-store:


It’s common for electronic devices to break down at some point in their service life and bath lifts are no exception. They can encounter unwarranted issues due to continued use, and you have to counter them in the best way possible. Some of the problems begin as minor, detectable, and preventable issues, and if attended to early enough, you avoid bigger problems. As such, you have to troubleshoot your bath lift for problems regularly, and in case you need repairs, you have to get the recommended options from the right sources.

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