Best Mobility Scooter Ramp

Best Mobility Scooter Ramps: 12 Top Ramps for Every Need

By Maurice

Best Mobility Scooter Ramp

If you have a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair, chances are you are going to need to get a ramp to go along with it.

Without a solid mobility ramp that meets your needs, you can find yourself stuck in a lot of bad situations that range from frustrating to dangerous. Since Medicare doesn’t covers the cost of home alterations, you will be on the hook for choosing and purchasing your own ramp!

The importance of a good ramp cannot be understated. That is why we dug deep and found the top 12 best mobility scooter ramps for every occasion. All of the information you need to pick the perfect scooter ramp is right here all in one helpful guide.

Top Mobility Scooter Ramp Reviews

Best Mobility Scooter Ramp (Overall): ORFORD Non Skid Wheelchair Ramp 3FT

ORFORD Non Skid Wheelchair Ramp 3FT, 800 lbs Weight Capacity, Utility Mobility Access Threshold Ramp for Home, Steps, Stairs, Doorways, Scooter

The best ramp on this list combines the best components of every mobility scooter ramp into one convenient package. It has a safe non-slip surface, a large 800lbs weight capacity, and extends to three feet in length giving it enough size to bridge the most common gaps.

On top of that, it is super affordable coming in below average on price while racking up nearly universal praise. If you are looking for a basic ramp that will fit any basic need without fail, you need to give the ORFORD Ramp a good hard look. It is not hard to see why this is one of the best selling ramps on the market today.

Best Affordable Mobility Scooter Ramp: Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp

Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp, 10 x 32 Inch

Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs are expensive and buying one can set you back quite a bit of cash. That is why sometimes you just need an affordable ramp to get you through the day. The TH1032 Threshold Ramp is the perfect ramp for people on a budget. At less than $40, it can easily bridge gaps, curbs, and small ledges.

This ramp is easy to use, super affordable, and can come in handy for anyone who doesn’t have a ton of money to drop on a ramp right this second. Despite the low price, it still has a 600lbs weight capacity, a full 32” width and a high traction surface meaning you don’t miss out on the important features when saving on price.

Best Mobility Scooter Ramp For Cars: ECOTRIC Trailer Hitch Folding Carrier

ECOTRIC Trailer Hitch Folding Carrier for Wheelchair Scooter Disability Mobility Rack w/Loading Ramp - 400 lbs Weight Capacity

Most cars, especially small cars, do not have room to wheel a fully assembled scooter right up into the back of it. That is why for this entry we have included one of the best regarded car trailers for mobility scooters. This trailer by ECOTRIC is perfect for small cars as it is not too large and not too heavy and still includes the needed ramp for getting it up onto the back of the vehicle.

When this carrier is not in use, the whole thing folds up into a small package. The weight of the ramp itself is only 16lbs and allows you to easily secure your mobility scooter to the back of any car, no matter how small (as long as it features a tail hitch).

Best Mobility Scooter Ramp For SUVs: HOMCOM Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp

HOMCOM Aluminum Portable Skidproof PVC Carpeted Folding Wheelchair Ramp, 8'

The HOMCOM Carpeted Folding Ramp is the perfect addition to any large SUV capable of holding your mobility scooter. With a large eight foot length, it can easily extend to the point you need to safely wheel your mobility device into the back of your SUV. This carpeted ramp is long, smooth, and safe which is perfect for getting your chair up the span it needs and into your SUV.

When not in use this large ramp easily folds down into roughly the size of a briefcase and even includes a handy carrying handle. Unlike some ramps, this one has a lip specially designed to work with vehicles making it a perfect ramp for your SUV.

Best Mobility Scooter Ramp For Mini Vans: PVI Ramps Rear Door Van Multi-Folding Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Ramps Rear Door Van Multi-Folding Wheelchair Ramp, 8'L x 27"W - 40" (Folded Height)

This is one of the only ramps on the market that is designed specifically to fold into a minivan. The PVI Van Ramp is securely attached to any minivan trunk and unfolds to allow for your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair to seamlessly roll straight into the vehicle. The spring assisted design ensures that it can easily be operated by a single person at all times.

This ramp is pricey, no bones about that, but if you are someone sick of dealing with cheap ramps that never fit or secure properly to your van, this is the ramp that is going to change your life. If you can afford the upfront cost, this van ramp is worth every penny for someone who uses a ramp regularly.

Best Mobility Scooter Carrier With Ramp: Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Ramp

Silver Spring SC500-V3 Folding Steel Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier with Ramp

For a mobility scooter carrier that includes a ramp for loading, you cannot get much better than the Silver Spring SC500-V3. This carrier is made from extremely durable black steel that will stand up to extended use. In addition to being a durable and safe carrier, this model also features a full 59” ramp that allows you to easily load your mobility device without a steep grade.

When not in use this carrier folds up to a more manageable size, it fits most hitch configurations and can hold up to 500lbs of carrying weight. All of these things elevate this carrier to the next level in durability and usability.

Best Folding Mobility Scooter Ramp: HOMCOM Portable Textured Aluminum Folding Ramp

HOMCOM brings us the best folding ramp on this list. With a super small size coming in at 36" L x 14.25" W x 6.25" H when folded you don’t get much better than that. But this ramp does not just easily fold down it also features all of the things that you expect out of a good ramp including a textured surface, lightweight aluminum body, and a 600lbs capacity that can hold a fully loaded wheelchair or scooter.

A lot of ramps claim to easily fold down but then include an array of confusing pins and stops which defeats the purpose. This one truly is the easiest and best folding ramp on this list.

Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp with Carry Handle and Travel Bag, 2 Feet Long, Gun Metal (2 Feet x 28.5 Inch)

The Drive Medical Portable Ramp is specifically designed to be portable. Unlike other ramps which just throw an uncomfortable handle onto their ramps and call it a day, Drive Medical has made a fully portable system for their ramp. It breaks down and then slides into a soft sided carrying bag which makes taking this ramp from place to place easier and more discreet than ever.

This is the only ramp on this list that comes with a specially designed carry bag to protect your ramp when in transit.

Best Lightweight Mobility Scooter Ramp: Silver Spring 4" High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp

Silver Spring 4" High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooters, and Power Chairs

Some mobility scooter ramps claim to be light and then end up weighing 30lbs, 40lbs, and more. If you want a truly lightweight mobility scooter ramp you want to check out the Silver Spring Foam Threshold Ramps. The 4” model only weighs five pounds. That’s right, at five pounds this can be handled by almost anyone in the world without any assistance or hassle.

Despite weighing so little, this ramp can still bridge a wide variety of thresholds and gaps and even has a weight capacity of 800lbs and a rise of four inches. And this innovative foam design will not break the bank with its budget friendly price and superior performance.

Best Door Ramp for a Mobility Scooter: Prairie View Industries TH2432 Threshold Ramp

Prairie View Industries TH2432 Threshold Ramp, 24 x 32 Inch

The Prairie View Industries TH2432 is a modified version of the ramp that was named Best Overall on this list. That is why it is definitely the best ramp to bridge standard doors in your life. It is durable, affordable, and can easily get you up and over most thresholds and where you need to go.  

At 32” wide and 24” long it is the perfect bridge for almost any doorway you can think of which is why the Prairie View Industries TH2432 is our choice for the best ramp for basic doors.

Best Threshold Ramp for Mobility Scooter: EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Rubber Threshold Ramp

EZ-ACCESS TRANSITIONS Rubber Angled Entry Mat in Black, 2.5" Rise

Not every ramp needs to be portable or be removed after each and every use. Some ramps are designed to be left in place so you don’t have to worry about it. That is what you get with the EZ-ACCESS Rubber Ramp. You can easily place this at any door in your house and the rubber design will allow it to sit outside undisturbed for long periods of time.

This is the perfect threshold ramp to be set up and left in place so you always easily glide out of your house and into the world without issue and without the need to constantly adjust and move your ramp before and after use.

Best Fiberglass Mobility Scooter Ramp: DecPac Portable 4-Panel Folding Fiberglass Ramp

DecPac Portable 4-Panel Folding Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp, 660 lbs. Capacity (4' L x 4" W)

Fiberglass ramps are super durable and extremely lightweight. Using the same technology that goes into sportscars and airplanes, the DecPac Portable Folding Ramp gives you the ability to take a safe ramp anywhere. It easily folds up into a completely manageable and carriable size. It hardly weighs anything compared to similarly sized ramps and is a full four feet long. That is long enough to span some of the hardest obstacles you may encounter.

This ramp is perfect for anyone who needs to take their ramp along with them to different places. The lightweight durable fiberglass design makes it more versatile than almost any other ramp on the market today.

Mobility Scooter Ramp Buyers’ Guide

What is a mobility scooter ramp?

A mobility scooter ramp is something designed to bridge a gap that a mobility scooter cannot cross on its own. These obstacles can include stairs, large curbs, gaps, vehicles, and doors. Anything that you might get stuck on, fall off of, or be unable to move up and over are things that mobility scooter ramps work to eliminate. There are many different kinds of mobility scooter ramps for all different occasions.

With a mobility scooter ramp in place, you will be able to take your scooter over all of these kinds of obstacles safely. It prevents falls and prevents you from getting stuck and they are extremely important when navigating anything other than flat land.

What is the typical price for an average mobility scooter ramp?

A standard mobility scooter ramp is going to run right around $150. The vast majority of good ramps are going to be available from $100 to $200. A few ramps are going to be able to be purchased for less than a hundred dollars but they might not have all of the features required. Similarly, there are the specialty and upgraded ramps that can easily clear $200 and more depending on the uses you need out of it.

For a basic budget for a standard ramp, $150 is the perfect starting point.

What to look for in your mobility scooter ramp

There are a couple of key things that you need to keep in mind when looking to buy a mobility scooter ramp. First, you need to identify the primary obstacle in your life that needs bridging. This is going to be different for each and every person who reads this. Some people are going to have a small staircase at the front of their home, others are going to have a van they use to get around in that needs to be loaded.

Secondly, once you identify the primary obstacle you face, you need to pick a ramp that fits that obstacle best. Measure and pay attention because details are very important. Not all ramps will be long enough to cover your stairs and others might not be fitted to be attached to a car bumper. Make sure you have all of your measurements and your intentions clear before buying anything and you will do just fine.

How To Choose a Wheelchair or Scooter Ramp


We went out of our way to provide you with the most information possible in a quickly digestible guide. There is a mobility scooter ramp on here that will fit almost every lifestyle and there is a ramp on this list that is right for you. Before making your next purchase make sure you have access to the best information and best buyer’s guide at your fingertips so you can make an informed decision that is right for you.

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