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Free Shower Chair for Elderly: How to Get a Free Shower Chair Near Me

By Maurice

free shower chair for elderly

Regarding mobility equipment for the elderly, a shower chair is usually essential. They allow you to sit for an extended time in the shower so you can thoroughly bathe without any difficulty. They aid in everyday cleanliness for a period of slipping or falling in the shower.

You will very well benefit from a shower chair if you have difficulty standing for long periods of time or have difficulty walking. If you need to have a shower chair, you may even qualify for a free shower chair.

How To Get A Free Shower Chair for Seniors

To get a shower chair for free there are a few options and paths to take. This may be:

  • Getting one through Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Receive one from a Veterans Assistance program.
  • Getting a donation from a church or local senior citizens community.
  • Finding one at a thrift store like the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

While finding a chair at a thrift store may charge you, you will get one at a lower cost than buying a new one.

Free Shower Chair Through Medicare: How It Works

If a shower chair is deemed necessary by Medicare under their “Durable Medical Equipment” for home use, then the shower chair will be paid for through Medicare.

If the shower chair is completely necessary and you do have issues standing for an extended amount of time, a doctor can show that you need it. Afterwards, your doctor or a supplier can give you a shower chair through your Medicare plan.

When it comes to Medicare, your shower chair must follow the “Durable Medical Equipment” requirements. This means that it is medically necessary for you to have a shower chair in your home. If you are in a facility that already has shower chairs, this will be paid for under Medicare coverage as well. Any other supplies you need during your stay at a facility will be paid under Medicare.

How Can You Get a Free Shower Chair Through Medicare?

There are a few requirements that you will have to meet for Medicare to cover the cost of a shower chair. For your shower chair to be covered, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Intended for your home
  • Used for medical reasons
  • Can be used repeatedly
  • Expected to last for at least three years
  • Be prescribed by a doctor.
  • The supplier and the doctor must participate in Medicare.
  • The supply and the doctor must accept your request.

While you may be getting the chair for free through Medicare, you may also be responsible for copayment or coinsurance. Your deductible will also apply.

Types of Shower Chairs Through Medicare

How to Use Shower Chair

There are multiple types of shower chairs available, and Medicare virtually covers each type. The chairs available through Medicare are the following:

  • Permanent Shower Chairs. These shower chairs are installed in your shower and are permanently placed in the shower. The folding shower chair usually has handlebars and a back piece and is able to be folded up and put away.
  • Transfer Benches. A transfer bench is a bench that is half in the shower and half outside of it. Transfer benches will allow you to sit on the chair before getting into the tub.
  • Rolling Shower Chair. These shower chairs have wheels and can be locked to be secured.
  • Standard Shower Chair. Standard shower chairs normally have holes throughout the chair, handgrips, and a backrest.
  • Portable Shower Chair. A portable shower chair is easily foldable if multiple people use the same shower. You can fold the shower chair out to use it and take it out of the shower when you are done.

Finding a supplier that sells these chairs and works with Medicare may be tough depending on where you live or what is close to you. Medicare offers a directory called Medicare Supplies Directory so you can find a store in your area. You can find a list of stores that will be able to provide you with a shower chair through Medicare.

Free Shower Chair for Veterans: Where to Get One

There are assistance programs that help veterans get the medically necessary equipment they need for their daily life. This always includes a shower chair.

These programs are:

  • Tricare. Just like Medicare, Tricare will pay for a shower chair if a doctor prescribes one.
  • Hospital Community Services. There are community services that are offered at every local hospital to help veterans with medical equipment costs free of charge.
  • Veterans Grants. Some veterans’ grants pay for any medical equipment that is deemed necessary. You can contact your local veteran’s office to find the grant that best suits your situation.
  • Veterans Pensions. If you reach out to the Veterans Affairs office, there are veterans’ pensions that provide cash for veterans. With a veteran’s pension, a veteran can purchase anything needed, such as a shower chair.

Free Shower Chair for Disabled: Where to Get One

Just like seniors, anyone who is disabled and is getting financial assistance through Supplementary Security Income is eligible for Medicaid.

Just like Medicare, if a shower chair is deemed medically necessary and the program is accepted by your doctor, you will be able to get a shower chair for free. You may have to pay a copayment and your deductible to receive a shower chair for free through Medicare or Medicaid.


Most insurance, along with Medicare and Medicaid will cover a shower chair if it is deemed medically necessary. By going through your insurance, you will be able to get a shower chair free of charge. While a copay may apply along with your deductible, the chair itself will be covered through your insurance.

You may also find one through a donation through a local thrift store, church, or senior citizens’ community center. Finding a shower chair may very well be necessary, so finding one through your insurance or through a donation is the best way to get one for free.

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