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How to Keep Elderly Warm in Bed: Quick Guide for Caregivers

By Maurice

How to Keep Elderly Warm in Bed

When you’re a senior, exposure to cold is dangerous because it might cause hypothermia. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to even little temperature changes. In the winter, exposure to the cold can cause a senior’s body temperature to drop below 35 degrees.

This temp change can result to respiratory illnesses, some of which are fatal. But, let’s be more optimistic about the cold season. Especially since family caregivers can use some techniques and the greatest smart gadgets to keep seniors comfy and warm during the cold seasons.

So, what are some of the smart gadgets and techniques for keeping seniors warm and comfortable? Check them out below!

But first…

Do Seniors Feel Colder in Bed Than Younger People?

Yes! Seniors feel colder in bed than younger folks because of various behavioral and physiological factors. These include:

  • Limited ability of their bodies to regulate temperatures.
  • Older people are more likely to be isolated, sedentary, and dressed poorly for cold weather.
  • Some senior citizens choose not to heat their houses properly because they may not have the funds to purchase high-end room heaters.
  • Nutritional deficiencies that adds to the elderly’s fragility to cold.

Now let’s look into smart gadgets that caregivers can use to keep seniors warm!

Smart Devices that will keep Seniors Warm In Bed

The following are some smart gadgets that will keep your older adults warm in bed:

1. Smart Thermostat

According to the US Department of Energy, heating homes accounts for roughly a quarter of the power bills. As a result, a smart thermostat is a must-have for seniors’ modern homes.

The thermostat allows you to manage the temperature remotely, which is a terrific method to warm up your senior’s room or the entire house before you return. These devices can connect to the house’s wifi network, allowing control of your senior’s bedroom temperatures as if you were at home.

It also offers you all the features you would want, such as the ability to detect cold air zones in your senior’s bedroom and enable increased air circulation to evenly heat the room.

But that’s not all; these smart devices also offer you voice control via Google Home and Alexa. You can save a lot of money by making an intricate schedule for each day of the week or just turning on the heating remotely if your schedule changes abruptly.

2. Fan Heater

A fan heater like the Lasko FH500 Fan is a smart and stylish device for your senior’s bedroom. This device can be used as a personal heater and comes with a focused and controlled jet of both hot and cold air.

Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower, 42 Inch, Black White

It can also be set to function as a whole-house heater. It has a cooling mode that allows it to run continuously without needing to be turned off.

Furthermore, this device can autonomously monitor your senior’s bedroom temperature and make any necessary temperature adjustments.

This is arguably one of the best heaters available, as it is quite strong and has a distinctive design. It has a paperclip that forces hot air forward while sucking cold air from the back of the loop to equalize airflow.

The fan is quite silent when used as a heater. It comes with a remote controller for further convenience for senior citizens. Although the device does not replace central heating systems, it does take only a few minutes to warm up a space on a cold day.

The heater has no visible heating elements or blades, so it can shut off without causing damage in case it falls.

3. Heated Body Pillow

The Sunbeam heated body pillow will improve your senior’s quality of sleep dramatically! It supports your senior’s lower back and hips, relieves muscle pains and tension, and provides soothing, cozy warmth.

Sunbeam Heated Body Pillow, 1 Count (Pack of 1)

The body pillow is also super-soft, with a 200 thread count and diamond-quilted 100 percent cotton cover and 1500 grams of polyester fill for a firmer sensation.

The heated pillow package comes with a controller that has three heat settings and a 10-hour auto-off feature.

4. Couples Comforter

A Couples Comforter like KÖMFORTE is a must-have item for older folks who want to sleep better in the cold season.

This device will provide the benefit of an isolated spouse, especially for the elderly. You won’t have to replace their beddings since the technology fits right beneath the duvet cover and heats the senior’s body effectively using strategically positioned chambers.

Kömforte Dual Zone Comforter for Couples - Alternative Down His and Her Duvet Insert Keeps Everyone Comfortable - Machine Washable Two Temperature Comforter (White, Queen)

The Couples comforter is designed to improve elderly folks’ sleeping experience. It will allow your seniors to regulate the temperature from any side of the bed.

Couples comforter comes with a control box that fits precisely beneath the bed discreetly, allowing its equally spaced chambers to effectively reduce humidity throughout the night, keeping your senior warm and comfortable.

Its consistent technique minimizes night sweats, reducing the likelihood of bed bugs invading the bed. This is an incredible and wonderful gift for anyone’s elderly loved ones.

5. Heated Mattress Pad

Your elders won’t just dream of a warm climate in the cold season. With an Electric Zoned Heated Mattress Pad, you’ll give them one!

This mattress pad comes with a controller that can be customized with auto shut-off times ranging from 1 to 12 hours. It has ten different heat settings.

King Size Electric Zoned Heated Mattress Pad Cover Dual Control,Heating Blanket with Timer,Adjustable 1-12 Hours Auto Shut Off, 10 Heat Settings

Furthermore, it has a ventilated top surface that is highly breathable to assist your elderly loved ones get rid of heat flashes while sleeping. You will undoubtedly improve your senior’s sleep with this heated mattress.

Now let’s look at tips to keep seniors warm in bed!

Top Tips To Keep Seniors Warm In Bed

You can help your elderly stay warm in bed by using various techniques. Among them are:

  • Increase the temperature of their bedroom.
  • Ensure that they are eating nutritious foods, such as robust soups that contain nutrients necessary for a healthy immune system.
  • Ensure that their home is sufficiently insulated to keep heat and that doors and windows are draft-proof.
  • Give them warm beverages, such as tea just before bed.
  • Get your loved one vaccinated from flu right before winter, since flu can lead to pneumonia.
  • Try to convince them to get up and walk around instead of sitting all day.


Cold and winter seasons are notoriously tough for seniors. With the increasing costs of electricity, the risk of older adults developing cold-related issues is escalating. This includes serious flu, chest infections, and other heart and respiratory issues.

In such circumstances, the advent of energy-saving tech gadgets, such as those mentioned above, is critical. This will not only lower the amount of cold-related issues, but also help senior citizens sleep comfortably.

Take a big step to improve your elder loved ones bedtime with the smart gadgets and techniques mentioned above!

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