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Free Blood Pressure Monitor for Seniors: 15 Programs to Check Out Today

By Maurice

free blood pressure monitor

CDC recommends that you measure your blood pressure regularly to help your health care team diagnose any health problems early. Regular blood pressure reading also gives you a clearer picture of your risk for heart disease and stroke. If you are looking for a free blood pressure monitor for seniors, you are in the right place. Below you will find programs that can help you obtain a free blood pressure monitor to use at home.

Free Blood Pressure Monitor – National Programs 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Blue Cross has a Hypertension Management Program, which provides a blood pressure monitor at no out-of-pocket expense, the plan assists its members in focusing on their heart health and taking steps to manage high blood pressure.


In select states, Medicaid may pay for home blood pressure monitor.

Local hospital

Mendocino Coast Clinics offer free, at-home high blood pressure monitoring for their patients. Reach out to your local hospital to see if they offer a free blood pressure monitor.

Department of Veterans Affairs

VA has programs where they not only provide blood pressure monitors but also help veterans take readings.

Healthy Delaware

Get a free blood pressure monitor to measure and record their blood pressure at least twice per month. This is a FREE, 100%-virtual program that focuses on self-monitoring of your blood pressure with individualized support, and teaches lifestyle techniques through nutrition education and cooking classes.

Good for the Neighborhood

Good for the Neighborhood Empowers families in underserved neighborhoods to eat right, be active, see their doctor, and live a smoke-free lifestyle by connecting them with the tools and resources needed to be healthy. The Blood Pressure Monitoring Program is a project built to give our communities the power to understand, prevent, and control high blood pressure. Participants receive a free blood pressure cuff and get rewards for taking weekly readings.

Free Blood Pressure Monitor – Charities

Foundation for Senior Living (Arizona)

FSL was established by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix as a private non-profit, originally providing housing and social services to elders and individuals with disabilities without regard to race, religion, or social status. One of the goals of the FSL is to ensure that patients are safe at home, but not everyone has easy access to medical equipment.  That’s why we opened the ACTIVATE Kindness Closet, located on the campus of each Dignity Health Hospital accepts medical equipment donations and lends medical equipment. Equipment includes Wheelchairs, Transport Wheelchairs, Electric Wheelchairs, Bedside Commodes, Front-wheeled Walkers, Seated Walkers, Toilet Seat Risers, Wound Care Supplies, Blood Pressure Monitors, and more.

ReCARES (California)

ReCARES is an IRS-recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Every week in Oakland, San Francisco, and Marin volunteers gather at their sites to accept donations of durable medical equipment and supplies.  They provide the items they collect to people who need them. Almost everything medical that a person could use in their home such as briefs, apnea machines, bedrails, blood pressure monitors, canes, commodes, crutches, cushions,

Marin Medical Equipment Recyclers (California)

Marin Medical Equipment Recyclers is a locally run volunteer non-profit based in San Rafael. They accept donations of clean, useable medical equipment and supplies and give them to individuals in our community who need them. Some of the equipment they accept and distribute include Companion Chairs, Transfer Benches, Shower Chairs, Toilet risers, Small orthopedic supports, Blood Pressure Machines, C-Pap machines, O2 concentrators, Canes, and more.

Goshen Community Care and Hospice (Connecticut)

Located in Goshen Connecticut, Goshen Community Care and Hospice have many items for loan thanks to grant funds and donated items. Items in the Medical Closet include Standard walkers, Rolling walkers with seats, Commodes, Shower Chairs, Shower Benches, Portable aluminum ramps, Crutches, Canes, Wheelchairs, Transport wheelchairs, Blood pressure monitors, Inflatable cushions, Grabbers, and more.

St. Patrick Senior Center (Michigan)

Since 1973, the St. Patrick Senior Center has been enriching the lives of seniors in the Detroit area. One of the most important issues that elders face is the lack of affordable health care. They attempt to cover some of the gaps left by commercial and public health systems by offering free services such as blood pressure and sugar testing, durable medical equipment, massage therapy, and preventive immunizations. There are also educational courses and seminars on disease and injury prevention, as well as advice on how to fully utilize programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Oklahoma ABLE Tech (Oklahoma)

Oklahoma ABLE Tech is the statewide Assistive Technology Act Program located at Oklahoma State University in the Department of Wellness. ABLE Tech’s Reutilization Program retrieves donated devices and works with vendors to repair equipment to ensure peak performance. All Durable Medical Equipment received is sanitized, refurbished, and reassigned to the best-matched Oklahoman. Products they provide include bath benches hospital beds (electric & semi-electric), Scooters, Blood pressure monitors,  Knee walkers, and more.

INCA Community Services (Southern Oklahoma)

INCA Community Services is a Community Action Agency serving Atoka, Johnston, Marshall, and Murray Counties in Southern Oklahoma with unique programs and services that promote self-sufficiency and open the opportunity for all to live in dignity and decency.

INCA Community Services, Inc. has an assortment of medical equipment, including wheelchairs, hospital beds, shower chairs, lift chairs, walkers, crutches, canes, etc. Other items in the lending closet are an assortment of blood pressure cuffs, adult briefs, bedding, leg, and arm braces, and many other items. The large assortment is housed in the Atoka Office.

Chosen – Durable Home Healthcare (Pennsylvania)

Chosen’s mission is to enrich and transform lives locally and internationally through the provision of healthcare equipment, mission trips, and the hope, knowledge, and love of Jesus Christ. Chosen serves as a distribution center for home health care items in the Erie, PA region. They receive gently used equipment and new supply items such as wheelchairs, walkers, transfer benches, shower chairs, bed canes, and unexpired diabetic supplies. These items are available at no cost.

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