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Free Grass Cutting for Seniors: 14 Programs to Check Out Today

By Maurice

free grass cutting for seniors

If you are looking for free grass cutting for seniors, you are in the right place. Below you will find various programs that can help you with free grass-cutting services.

Free Grass Cutting for Seniors – Charities

I want to mow your lawn

I Want To Mow Your Lawn Inc. is a free lawn mowing platform for senior citizens, veterans & disabled.

Volunteers of America

Helps seniors with limited income maintain healthy living and avoid costly citations and fines by assisting with yard cleanup including raking, weeding, mowing, cleaning gutters, trimming, and picking up trash or debris.

Elders help

Elder Helpers is a user-friendly, web-based service. They believe that compassion at its finest is free. Volunteers register to offer their services based on their true desire to help elders. The Elder Helpers program strives to safely and conveniently connect these dedicated, passionate volunteers with elders in their local communities. Through this service, you can find a volunteer that may be able to help you with grass cutting and lawn mowing.


Ethos provides services to seniors, allowing them to remain living at home independently.  Many seniors cannot clean up their own yards, so it is greatly appreciated when a volunteer can assist with raking and weeding! Volunteers will work together to spring-clean 1-2 Senior yards.


Cultivate’s YardBusters program connects members of the community with seniors who are facing the challenge of maintaining their yards during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months. Their volunteers visit seniors’ homes to perform basic yard cleanup, provide friendly interactions, and promote safety and peace of mind.

DSCC Senior Services (Kansas)

Our volunteers will go out to seniors’ homes and rake leaves and pick up any trash or debris that has been collected throughout the season and remove it. Our seniors can then enjoy a great-looking yard that they can safely enjoy.

The Whole Person

The Whole Person offers a broad range of services to people with disabilities to increase their ability to perform day-to-day activities and reduce the need for support from family members, professional attendants, or other caregiving services. This program provides assistance with general yard clean-up.

Eras Senior Network (Wisconsin)

Every year in the spring and fall, Eras needs volunteers to clean our clients’ yards. This is a one-time volunteer event where your group will rake leaves, pick up sticks, clean out flower beds, pull weeds, wash first-floor outdoor windows, clean out first-floor gutters, and place lawn furniture.

Love in the name of Christ

Love INC (In the Name of Christ) is an organization made up of local church volunteers to help people in need. Volunteers provide communication, companionship, financial counseling, after-school child care, clothing, food, transportation, and visitation to the home-bound. Volunteers offer home services such as house cleaning, snow shoveling, yard work, moving heavy items, appliance repair, general home maintenance, home weatherization, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and auto repair for the elderly or disabled.

H.O.P.E (Oregon)

H.O.P.E.’s (Honoring Our Precious Elders), mission is to provide seniors with fixed incomes and limited capabilities with free yearly yard maintenance. Zip codes they service can be found here.

CAREGIVERS (Ventura County, CA)

CAREGIVERS intergenerational program “Building Bridges” brings high school students into the homes of frail elders to visit and assist them. Under adult supervision at all times, students do the more physically demanding tasks. Such as yard work, sweeping, vacuuming, washing windows, changing bed sheets, and many other tasks that frail elders cannot do for themselves.

Free Grass Cutting for Seniors – Veterans

Raising Men & Women Lawn Care Service

Men & Women Lawn Care Service is the union of an ordinary yard maintenance service and the commitment to establish an inspiring program to keep our youth (girls & boys) on a positive path while learning and understanding their value in society. RMLCS/RWLCS provides free lawn care to our elders, those who are disabled, single mothers, and our veterans, who do not have the time, resources, and money to take care of their yards.

Project Evergreen

Project Evergreen’s GreenCare for Troops™ offers free landscaping and yardwork services to post 9/11 service-connected wounded or disabled veterans.

Free Grass Cutting for Seniors – City Governments

Some cities have programs that provide free grass-cutting services to seniors. For example:

Berea is one of the few communities that continues to offer grass cutting, leaf raking, and snow removal services. These programs are available to income-eligible senior and disabled residents who meet all qualifications.

The City of Wood Dale has initiated a Senior/Disabled Grass Cutting Program with the purpose of assisting those who need grass cutting services and do not have the means of completing it on their own. The program will be limited based on available funds and will be on a first come, first serve basis.

The Village of Bensenville also runs a Senior / Disabled Grass Cutting Program. The program is designed to help those in our community who need assistance to obtain a low-cost solution to grass cutting on their properties.

Check with your city government to see if they have any similar programs.

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