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Used Mobility Scooters (2023): Where to Buy & How to Get the Best Deal

By jwilder

Used Mobility Scooters

Getting a mobility scooter is a great way to overcome the obstacles of having limited mobility, not being able to drive a car, and more. They’re great for your body, for your social life, and even for your physical fitness. If you want to regain your independence with a mobility scooter, you aren’t alone – many, many seniors use them.

The biggest problem with these scooters? The cost. They aren’t cheap – some premium models can cost more than $2,000. That’s why we put together this guide on buying used mobility scooters. Read on to learn how to get a great deal on a used mobility scooter – and avoid a scam!

Pros & Cons of Buying a Used Mobility Scooter (vs New)

Pros of Used Mobility Scooters

  • Saving Money: Without a doubt, this is the most important reason anyone buys a used mobility scooter. If you can’t afford a $1,500 scooter, you may be lucky enough to find the same model for half the price on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.
  • Helping Others: When someone sells a used mobility scooter, it’s usually because they invested a lot of money into it, no longer need it, and want to recoup some of that investment. By buying used, you help someone out of what could be a tight financial situation.
  • Local Pickup: Very few stores sell mobility scooters, which means, 90% of the time, customers buy these scooters sight unseen. Buying a used mobility scooter can sometimes mean you’re picking it up in your city, which means you can see it in person before you pay for it!

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Used Mobility Scooters for Sale by Owner – How to find Used Mobility Scooters for Sale Near Me

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There are two places to find mobility scooters for sale in your area:

  • Facebook Marketplace: If you want to find something used in your town, this is the place to do it. Thousands of people buy and sell items in your zip code each day, and you’re bound to find a mobility scooter near you within a week or two of checking daily. One added benefit is that you can communicate with the seller on Facebook, which adds trust and security to all transactions!
  • Craigslist: Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist has localized websites for every city and metro area. If you can’t find a scooter on Facebook, Craigslist is your next best bet!

Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters for Sale by Owner – How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Craigslist is a great place to shop, but it’s not immune to used gear scams. Follow these three tips to avoid a scam:

  1. 1Ask for a Serial Number: Asking your seller to give you a serial number allows you to confirm it when you inspect the product. If they’re unwilling to give you that number, it’s likely that they do not actually have the item on hand, which can mean it’s a scam!
  2. 2Meet in Public, During Broad Daylight: A seller who asks you to meet at their property (unless it’s in a residential neighborhood with plenty of others around) or at night is likely trying to rob you. It doesn’t happen often, but it is a possibility. This means you should avoid those red flags!
  3. 3Test the Scooter: Give the scooter a full and thorough test before handing over cash. You never want to pay for a scooter until you’ve confirmed that it works and is safe!

Used Mobility Scooters for Sale on eBay – Tips for Using eBay

Buying on eBay isn’t nearly as popular as it used to be, but eBay still hosts more than 187 million users each year. This makes it an awesome place to find a used mobility scooter, provided you know how to use the site like a pro:

  • Check Battery Mentions: If the used scooter you’re looking at mentions that it has new batteries, you’ve found a great deal. If it doesn’t mention that, you should count on having to buy new batteries soon after buying the scooter.
  • Avoid Auctions: Most people think of eBay as an online auction site, but most transactions are straightforward and don’t have any bidding. If you want a good deal, you can try your luck with auctions, but it’s far easier to simply buy at a fixed price.
  • Check Shipping: Unlike Amazon, free shipping is harder to find on eBay. Before choosing a mobility scooter that seems cheaper than another, check the shipping costs of each scooter you’re considering!

Used Mobility Scooter Carrier – Where to Buy One

Just like the scooters themselves, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace are the best sites to find a used scooter carrier. It’ll be nearly impossible to find one in a used goods or discount store, because these items aren’t exactly common. The good news is that, just like scooters, you can expect to save upwards of 50% on a used mobility scooter carrier compared to a new one.

Used Mobility Scooter Parts – Best Online Stores

Here are some of the best (and only) places to get your hands on used parts for your mobility scooter:

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Buying a Used Mobility Scooter

  • Batteries: As mentioned, used scooters tend to have poor batteries. Unless the used scooter you buy mentions having brand new batteries, you should plan on buying new ones soon. That adds to the total cost of buying a used mobility scooter, but it can still be cheaper overall than a new one.
  • Wheels: Just like the batteries, you should take an extra close look at the wheels on the used scooter you are considering buying. The more worn out they look, the less stable your scooter will be, and the sooner you’ll have to replace them.
  • Accessories: If the used scooter you’re looking at already comes with a storage basket, umbrella, and spare charger, you won’t have to shop around as much for accessories. While it won’t make or break your used mobility scooter purchase, it’s always something to keep in mind – the more accessories included, the better!


Buying a used mobility scooter isn’t always a good idea; sometimes, they cause more trouble and cost more to fix than they’re worth. If you know where to look, and what to look for, though, you can find a great deal on a scooter that will improve your quality of life.

What do you think? Is it worth it to buy a used mobility scooter? Or, as many conclude, is it just simpler to buy a brand new one? Leave your thoughts below!

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4 thoughts on “Used Mobility Scooters (2023): Where to Buy & How to Get the Best Deal”

  1. Mrs Fran Waldron

    I bought a 2006 Shoprider 3-wheel scooter off Preloved, UK last October and the seller delivered for free because I lived within 10 miles. It was in good working order and a couple of months later, I sold it on. Next, I bought a used 2018 Shoprider 4-wheel scooter with 6 months warranty and was offered an extended warranty for 12 months more at extra cost. I took it. It’s my current vehicle. Next, I bought a used 2020 Pride Go electric chair off ebay last week with (make an offer option) and paid a reasonable fee for delivery so that I could take it on the bus. Only limited types of scooters are allowed on buses and my Shopriders were excluded.

    Seller of the Pride Go chair was very helpful and even came to my house 5 hours drive away to show me how to assemble/disassemble. I am currently using it as well.

    All items came in excellent condition and all working great.

  2. Thank you for the great article, I am in great need of mobility and was just going to look online to see what i could fine. I ran across you article, after reading through I feel a more comfortable about what to do. Thanks!


    Hello, my name is Ruben, i am in the process of selling a quickie q500m mobility scooter that my wife and i bought for my mother. Unfortunately, my Mother passed away a month ago and she never used it, NOT EVEN ONCE! I really need help selling this as soon as possible. Thank You for this site!

  4. Hello .
    My name is Jeff Brown from Electrowheels inc.
    We have been producing electric scooters since 2004.
    Our US facility is located in the state of Florida.
    Presently we have SEVERAL used scooters that we have accumulated over the years.
    Hundreds to choose from.
    PARTS of all nature , from Chargers , batteries, tires , frames, wheels, Controlllers.
    Handy people will benefit ,lots of potential projects. DiY..
    Looking for bulk sales ,time to clean up our facility.
    Call me 954-400-8509

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