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Mobility Scooter Brands: 24 Popular Mobility Scooter Brands for Every Need

By Maurice

Mobility Scooter Brands

It’s easy to take the ability to move, walk, and run freely for granted, but for many people, traveling from place to place, even over short distances, can be an enormous challenge. Over the years, there have been drastic improvements in the options to assist people with movement, and one of today’s most commonly used devices is the mobility scooter.

Physical limitations can be frustrating and demoralizing, but people are sometimes hesitant to use mobility scooters because they associate them with a loss of independence and agency.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters

For many people whose ability to walk is restricted, mobility scooters are a way to improve their quality of life, engage in more social activities, and feel in more control of their movements and activities.

Another important reason for purchasing a mobility scooter is safety. For people who struggle with balance, for example, a scooter can offer a worry-free way of moving through the house, in the store, or even on a trail through the forest without the fear of falling.

The danger of falling is an increasingly important health and safety issue, as every year in the United States 3 million people over the age of 65 are admitted to emergency rooms because of injuries from a fall.

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

The design of mobility scooters has improved over the years, and now there is an incredible variety of features and styles to choose from. In basic terms, all mobility scooters allow people to travel distances that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible for them. But there are many options to consider when choosing the best scooter for you or your loved one.

When making your selection, asking yourself some basic questions can help guide your decision.

  • Do you have limited storage space for your scooter? If so, how compact does it need to be?
  • How much can you afford to spend on a mobility scooter, and will any of the costs be covered by Medicaid or other health insurance coverage?
  • Would you prefer three or four wheels on your scooter? There are different benefits to the two options. For example, some people prefer the weight distribution of a four-wheel model.
  • Do you need a scooter for movement indoors, outdoors, or both? If you’re using it outdoors, will the terrain always be smooth, will you be going off-road, and will there be inclines? The question of how and where you will use your scooter is key to finding the option best suited to your life.
  • How far will you need to travel in a single trip? Will your longest potential trip be five, ten, or even twenty miles? This is a specification that is included in the description of any scooter you might purchase, and it’s one that you should carefully consider.
  • Do you know what class of scooter is best for you? Class 2 scooters are typically lighter and operate at lower speeds than Class 3 models, which are more appropriate for rougher terrain and can move much more quickly.
  • How important is it for your scooter to be portable? In your daily life, will you need to transport the scooter in a car or truck? Will you be taking it on airplanes for trips, or is this something that will primarily be used only in your home?
  • The possible features of today’s scooters are seemingly endless. Consider what other options might best suit your lifestyle. For example, do you need a large basket or storage area on your scooter?

Once you have answered these questions, you should be well-prepared to start shopping for a scooter, and you should feel confident that, among all the possible brands and models, you are certain to find one that meets all of your requirements and expectations.

Mobility Scooter Brands – Best Scooter Brands on the Market

There are many mobility scooter brands on today’s market, partly because there is such a large pool of potential customers. In fact, according to the CDC, 13.7% of American adults have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs.

Sorting through all of the possibilities when choosing a scooter can feel overwhelming, but you can begin by reviewing the best-known brands. While some have a large variety of options, others specialize in a particular scooter type or class. Eliminating the brands that are unlikely to meet your needs makes the process faster and less stressful.

Pride Mobility 

In addition to the other kinds of mobility products that they sell, Pride is one of the leading brands of scooters. Among their many offerings are travel, medical, and 4-wheel scooters. The Raptor is one of their most powerful scooters and features an LCD display and a 400-pound capacity. Other popular models include Victory and Maxima.

Drive Medical

Drive is a part of DeVilbiss Healthcare, and they offer multiple healthcare services in addition to mobility scooters. They have compact, full-size, heavy-duty, and recreational models available.

The Phoenix HD 4, a compact scooter with anti-tip wheels and a headlight, is currently their most popular product.

Golden Technologies

A family-owned and operated company founded in 1985, Golden Technologies produces scooters that consistently receive high ratings from reviewers. They have off-road, portable, and full-size models, with extreme and luxury versions available for many of them.

The Buzzaround CarryOn scooter is especially popular because of its travel range of 18 miles and impressive ground clearance, which is superior to many other portable scooters.


Solax is a direct-to-consumer retailer, meaning that you don’t need to find a provider to order one. They have two scooter options, the Mobie and Transformer, both of which are foldable scooters.

The Transformer is the more premium choice as it features a remote control for folding and unfolding. It is also easy to transport because it can be pulled like luggage.


Specializing in recreational scooters, eWheels offers foldable scooters and options with either three or four wheels. They also allow customers to create custom scooters to meet their precise specifications. The company prioritizes attractive, trendy designs, so they have bright and eye-catching color options.

The EW-36 recreational electric mobility scooter is one of their most popular products.

EV Rider

Much of the focus at EV Rider is on power, and they also attempt to make their products eco-friendly. They have scooters for every age and size, from children to seniors.

Some of the standout models are the TeQno, which has laser beams for guidance, and the Vita Monster. True to its name, the Monster is a large and sturdy all-terrain power scooter for those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors.


Like a few other brands, Vive is not limited to mobility scooters and sells many different health products. When browsing their catalog, you’ll see that they have four different scooter types, and of those, the best-sellers are the 3 Wheel Mobility VH and 4 Wheel Mobility VH, both of which are available in four color options.

These scooters are also at a lower price point than many other brands, so if you’re buying on a limited budget, Vive might be worth considering.


Although they have a wide range of scooter models, much of Shoprider’s current promotion is centered on the Flagship. It has features that aren’t found on most other scooters, including a canopy enclosure, removable doors with key locks, and a windscreen wiper/washer system. With the doors and canopy in place, the Flagship looks more like a small car than a traditional scooter.

If you’re looking for something less elaborate, Shoprider also has folding and mid-size options.


GIO has only two models of scooters, but they both have impressive features. First is the Titan, which is intended for everyday travel and has a torque engine and front disc brake to lessen the chance of getting stuck along the way. The Titan can travel up to 30 miles on a full charge, which is farther than many other models.

The more expensive option available from GIO is the Tron, which has a smart seat and steering design and the same capability for long-range travel.


Unlike many other brands, all Tzora models are foldable, and they emphasize that their products are easier to load because they are lightweight. They have both three and four-wheel models that are light and compact enough to be checked on an airplane.

Tzora has been in business for 25 years, and in that time they have refined their designs and incorporated dividable features so that they can be transported in either one or two pieces.

Vintage Mobility

If you’re looking for a scooter that will be noticed by everyone, the Gatsby from Vintage Mobility may be your best option. It is a heavy-duty scooter modeled after the most well-known car of the 1920s, with everything from a decorative grille, to ultra-bright headlights and a 1920s-style Gatsby hood ornament. The Gatsby scooter is available in black, red, and green.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Gatsby also has practical benefits, including a 31-mile range at a speed of up to 10 miles per hour. Keep in mind that this ultra-stylized model is at the more expensive end of the price range for mobility scooters.


The ATTO scooter is one of two models offered by MovingLife. It’s available in sport, sport max, and classic styles, with classic being the most popular scooter they offer. The highly popular classic ATTO unfolds quickly, is compact enough to fit into a car trunk, splits into two parts when needed, and is flight approved.

Merits Health

Similar to other brands, Merits sells a variety of products for people with mobility challenges, including a large range of scooter models. They offer portable, indoor, outdoor, three-wheel, and four-wheel models with features ranging from basic to premium. The Coupe 3 is one of their best sellers. It can be disassembled into five pieces and includes a large shopping basket.

Chien Ti Enterprise (CTM)

No matter what size you need, CTM has a model available. They have micro, mini, midi, and maxi-scooters with a wide variety of colors and options. One of their newest additions is the HS 850, which has a 2-way cabin and a capacity of 441 pounds, which is one of the higher capacities available on a mobility scooter.

iLiving USA

In addition to selling a variety of fans, heaters, and heated cables, iLiving also has a small selection of scooters. The award-winning V8 foldable is their best-selling product. It can travel up to 15 miles, weighs 40 pounds, doesn’t require any assembly, and has a USB port so that you can charge your phone on the go.

Action Trackchair

This particular mobility device is unlike almost any others available. With tracks instead of wheels, the Action Trackchair is an all-terrain vehicle that has been tested for travel through mud, sand, snow, and water. The company, which has been in business for 14 years and now has authorized dealers around the world, sells youth and adult sizes of the Trackchair.

Because they are customizable and intended for such intense conditions, the Trackchair is more expensive than many other mobility device options. If you or your loved one spends a lot of time in the wilderness or at the beach, it may very well be a worthwhile investment.


The makers of the Luggie refer to it as the most portable scooter in the world. Although they have several different models, the 2022 Luggie Standard is their most popular. It can operate in reverse, which isn’t true of all scooters, and it’s lightweight and quick folding with an under-seat folding basket.


Invacare has an assortment of home medical products to support people with active lifestyles. The company was founded in 1885, and since then its mission has been to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

The availability of Invacare scooters is currently limited, with the M41 and M51 power wheelchairs the devices that can be found the most easily. They also offer many scooter accessories, including walker holders, rear baskets, crutch and cane holders, and safety flags.

Pet Scooters

Pet Scooters produces an assortment of scooter styles with a number of different features. From four-wheel high-performance to the much simpler Pet Pro Flex 500, Pet Scooters is an excellent brand if you’re looking for a brand with many available options. Perhaps their most unique product is the electric cargo truck, which features three wheels and a truck bed.

Quick N Mobile

The Optimus automatic folding scooter from Quick N Mobile is noteworthy because it’s a fully automatic folding scooter. This means that it folds and unfolds by itself with the push of a button, requiring no physical effort on your part. It also has remote control operation and can travel 13.5 miles on each charge.

Amigo Mobility International

Amigo is a family-owned business that has been in operation for 50 years, and in that time they have developed scooters for personal use as well as for commercial purposes. Among their mobility scooters, the Amigo RD is the most popular model. The Amigo HD follows the same design but is designed for the comfort of larger people.

Like some other brands, Amigo scooters are customizable, so you can choose the material of the seat or even include the Shabbat option if you want to honor the Sabbath. Each of Amigo’s models has a standard and deluxe version.


The team at Relync refers to their product as the smallest and smartest folding scooter available. It features a rapid folding design that allows for three-second folding. Once folded, the design is incredibly compact, looking much more like a suitcase than a scooter. Because of its design, the Relync scooter has a lower weight limit than some others, with a 265-pound maximum capacity.


The most remarkable feature of the Scoozy is the range, which the company states is up to 60 miles. The Scoozy is a tough scooter meant for outdoor use. In addition to its impressive range, it also has 4-wheel drive, easy navigation with only one hand control, and large 16-inch wheels.


Ephesus sells both electric wheelchairs and scooters. They have two scooter options, the S5 standard seat and the S5 wide seat. Regardless of your seat choice, this is a folding scooter with an adjustable handlebar.

Ephesus says that the S5 device has been tested for travel on bumpy, grassy, muddy, or brick roads, has a range of at least 15 miles, and can be operated at 3 speeds.


In the end, no matter what scooter you choose, you are certain to have an improvement in your social life, independence, and safety. Each of these advancements, in turn, leads to better mental health and an enhanced quality of life.

For instance, social interaction in seniors has been shown to reduce symptoms of dementia, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Choosing the best mobility scooter for the needs of yourself or your loved one can feel daunting, but try not to become overwhelmed. After answering some essential questions about price, size, and preferences, you can quickly narrow down your options to the brands that best meet your particular needs.

In the past, using a mobility scooter was often stigmatized, but it has become more common every day. Now, mobility scooters are a billion dollar business, and the use of scooters is sure to increase as the elderly population continues to grow.

Get ready to move with a mobility scooter that gives you comfort, self-sufficiency, and the freedom to explore.

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