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EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter Review (2023): A Fast Scooter with Long Range

By jwilder

EWheels EW 36

Are you looking for a mobility scooter that gives you the freedom to live your life?

EWheels scooters have a reputation for making quality products that enhance your quality of life and help you stay social and independent.

The EW-36, one of their most popular models, has an incredibly long range, a very high speed, and lots of safety features/storage! Read our EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter review to learn more about this great mobility aid!

Review of: EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Electric Senior Mobility Scooter - Orange

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What We Like:

  • Stylish Design
  • Long-Range, High-Speed
  • Ample storage
  • LED lights
  • Rearview mirrors

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can tip easily
  • Lacks Electromagnetic Brakes

Our Conclusion: For people who like to stay out and about, there is no better mobility scooter than the EW-38 from EWHeels. It’s fast, it can go 43 miles on a single charge, and it has all the features you need to stay safe and independent.

Features and Benefits of EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Electric Senior Mobility Scooter - Orange


The EW-36 has a stellar top speed of 18 MPH! That’s faster than any other mobility scooter and even faster than some motorized skateboards! This makes the EW-36 one heck of a good time, not just a helpful mobility scooter.

It’s not just about fun, though- being able to travel at that speed is incredibly convenient. You can make grocery runs, trips across the neighborhood, or any other errand you might have much faster than with any other scooter.

Mobility scooters help you keep your independence and go about your life in a near-normal way despite limited mobility. Being able to travel that fast makes everything about daily life a bit simpler and closer to normal!

43-Mile Range

This feature goes hand-in-hand with speed. Some rollators have a range of only 9 miles, which makes them good for riding around the block but not much more. Being able to ride 40+ miles on a single charge lets you stay out all day, enjoying your life and getting things done without constantly fretting over whether you’ll have enough battery to make it home.

No matter what your daily routine is, whether you love spending long hours at the park or you just need to run errands without stopping, the EWheels EW-38’s range will always be welcome. It gives you more freedom and peace of mind, and that goes a long way toward improving your quality of life!

Security Features

This mobility scooter requires a key to start and open the storage compartment; it also has a loud alarm that will scare off would-be thieves. Mobility scooters are expensive, and they’re easy to steal if they don’t have robust security.

This makes them a prime target of thieves who want to make a quick, large profit by reselling your scooter. The EW-38’s security features aren’t groundbreaking, but security isn’t meant to blow your mind- it’s meant to protect your valuables. That’s exactly what these valuable security features do!

All-Terrain Wheels and Shocks

The wheels are 15 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, providing great stability and traction. The suspension system does a wonderful job of absorbing impact from bumpy terrain. When you factor in the power of the motor, you get a three-wheel scooter that can go practically anywhere!

If you’ve lived an active life, surrounded by fresh air and friendly faces, realizing you need a mobility aid is pretty frustrating. No-one wants to feel like they have to give up their lifestyle and stay at home, puttering around on a tiny scooter. The EW-38 is built so that you don’t have to make compromises- you can be at the park, at the beach, or even on a nature trail, without worrying about getting stuck!

Three-Wheel Maneuverability

Three-Wheeled mobility scooters are much easier to steer and work through tight spaces. They’re much better at “pivot”-style movement. This is a nice benefit for seniors who may want to take their scooter into the grocery store or deal with tricky corners on sidewalks.

It’s worth mentioning that three-wheel scooters require a bit of extra caution while rounding corners. You must make sure that you aren’t traveling too fast, and that you don’t suddenly squeeze the brakes while rounding a corner. Failing to turn corners properly makes the scooter very likely to tip! With mindfulness, though, the benefits of a three-wheel scooter far outweigh the risks!

Supportive High-Back Chair

The chair on a mobility scooter is one of its most important features. After all, people who need a mobility scooter need it because of medical concerns, and a low-quality chair can be damaging to their health. If you’re using a mobility chair because of back issues, a recent surgery, or a long-term disability, you need a chair that will support and protect you!The Chair on the EW-38 is 18 inches wide, made of soft cushions, and is high enough to rest your entire back and head. If you run into bumpy ground, that headrest will provide valuable stability for your neck in a moment you’d need it most! This seat is ideal for users with posture issues, back pain, or other medical concerns that require lots of support!

Specifications of EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter

  • Weight Capacity: 350Lbs.
  • Seat Width: 18”
  • Front & Rear Wheel: 15 x 3.5
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 18 MPH
  • Battery Specifications: Four (4) 12 Volt, 20 AH, Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
  • Range: Up to 43 Miles
  • Weight w/ Battery: 215 lbs.
  • Length: 61”
  • Width: 26″
  • Height: Seat Up – 53″ Seat Folded – 43″
  • Ground Clearance: 4”

Video Overview of EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter

Pros and Cons of EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter


  • Stylish Design: This scooter feels more like a leisure scooter than a medical device! It has a sporty frame that will help reduce the feeling of shame that sometimes accompanies using a mobility scooter due to negative stereotypes.
  • Long-Range, High-Speed: Go farther, and get there faster! This scooter makes doing everyday things much easier and gives you the freedom to enjoy the things you always have. Plus, peace of mind comes from knowing you’ll never run out of battery.
  • Ample Storage: Scooters are rather useless for day trips if you can’t store your things. Luckily, the EW-38 has a roomy under-seat compartment and a spacious basket!
  • LED Lights, Rearview Mirrors: These are important safety features that many other scooters leave out. You can ride in the dark easily with a series of bright LED lights, and safely see behind you when backing up with two large mirrors!


  • Can Tip Easily: As with any three-wheeled scooter, the danger of tipping is greater than that of a four-wheeled mobility scooter.
  • Lacks Electromagnetic Brakes: Electromagnetic brakes are a safer, smoother braking technology that many mobility scooters employ. This scooter has good brakes, but they’re older technology and could be a bit “jerky” when heading downhill.
  • High Deck: A four-inch deck height is perfect for all-terrain uses, but can be difficult for older/frailer users to climb into. If that is a concern for you, you may want to look for a mobility scooter with a lower deck height.

Who the EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter Best For?

This scooter is perfect for two types of people. First, it’s the ideal mobility scooter for people who want the ability to run errands, go shopping, and do everyday life despite limited mobility. The EW-36 gives you the range and the speed you need to get things done! It’s small enough to fit into most grocery stores and shops, so you won’t have to worry too much about that. Plus, it’s got all the storage you could ever want for shopping trips and other errands!

Second, this scooter is a wonderful choice for people who love the outdoors. Because of its sturdy, tall tires and spongy suspension, you’ll be able to ride over some pretty rough ground without too much struggle. With the EW-36, you won’t be limited to the sidewalk; you can hit the trail, hit the links, or hit the beach- without hitting a snag!

Helpful Links

Need help with maintenance, service, or troubleshooting for your EWheels EW-36? The links below will take you to great resources to help you on your way:

Top Competitor Product: Tzora Titan 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter

Tzora Titan 4-Wheel Electric Mobility Travel Large Scooter Red

Features and Benefits

Aside from having four wheels rather than three, this mobility scooter offers many of the same things that make the EW-38 great. It’s got heavy-duty tires and shocks that can handle sand, snow, and mud. You also get a similar storage capacity and a stylish design. On top of that, it has the stability of a four-wheel scooter you can’t expect from the EW-38.

It lacks, however, the speed and range of the EW-38. You get about 15 miles on a charge and can get up to just under 7 MPH. These are good statistics, actually- it’s just that EWheels scooters blow the competition out of the water! If you’re looking for a similar scooter with more stability (and the range/speed don’t bother you) the Tzora Titan is a wonderful choice!


  • Four-wheel stability
  • Ample storage room
  • 22-inch wide seat


  • Lower speed and range
  • Suspension is a bit rough for some users

EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter Review

Conclusion: EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter Review

Mobility scooters are a great way to improve your quality of life and feelings of freedom, and the EW-38 is an amazing option for people who want to be outside or run errands without being held back!

E-Wheels EW-36 3-Wheel Electric Senior Mobility Scooter - Orange

E-Wheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter (Click image for more info)

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2 thoughts on “EWheels EW 36 Mobility Scooter Review (2023): A Fast Scooter with Long Range”

  1. While the EW-36 is a snazzy looking scooter, don’t depend on it if you need reliable transportion.
    If it starts to rain while you’re out, odds are you won’t make it home The electrical system shorts out very easily, and the high voltage battery pack (56 VDC) supports arcing.
    The specs are highly exaggerated. The range is nowhere near what is claimed, especiallay in a mildly hilly areas. The scooter does not have regenerative so all the energy expended going uphill is burned as heat in the brakes going downhill. The scooter does accelerate pretty quickly, and, if the seat is moved full to the rear, the whole machine can flip over backwards. It’s dangerous.
    The headlight is puny and all but useless.
    And, those are the good points.
    There is virtually no service information and getting parts is near impossible. E-Wheels doesn’t answer email or return phone calls.
    About the only way of getting a working scooter, if… no when… you EW-36 fails, is to buy a new replacement.

    It’s a nice design, but very poorly executed and not supported at all.

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